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Herriman, Utah, USA

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Soar Coach since August 2018

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Audra M. Hajj is a passionate and unique business owner that has earned a phenomenal reputation for her innovative concepts and savvy business approach. In 2014 she was nominated for the prestigious Top Woman in Business Award given by the Orange County Business Journal. Why is this unique? It is unique because she worked diligently to make a solid career out of being the tough guy.

Change is often a difficult thing to deal with for many people, but for the last 12 years Audra has created a proven formula for change within her agency. She gives her clients the ability to become the good guy, while she takes on the more difficult role of change in a established business. What does this mean? It means that when employees complain about changes the business owner can be a sympathetic ear rather than the bad guy causing the change. If employees see that a paid professional is controlling the changes, they will be much more receptive to the changes that are taking place.


Over the last decade, Audra has built a highly reputable agency that has over 300 employees. Her proven methodologies are the key to her success. She delivers niche expertise in areas that are needed for companies to succeed both on and offline. She has served over 3000 clients since 2006 , some with business already existing while others come to her in the beginning to avoid common mistakes other new business owners make, in the early stages.

People who meet Audra instantly feel her drive, passion, and energy. It is evident that she truly wants to help business owners succeed, both established business and startups alike. When asking her if she enjoys what she does, she states "I almost feel guilty getting paid, I love my job more today than yesterday and yesterday at work was the best day of my life!" Audra is currently the CEO of Phoenix Business Cycle, and a speaker and author. Her latest book is The Internet Ignition, a book about how to build a profitable online engine. She is in the process of writing her second book titled: The CEO Hostage.

Audra recently stated, "The most precious thing in a business owner’s life is their time. They can do what no other person can in their business, but many times I meet with business owners doing 3-9 employee jobs. Things that are necessary but not good for them to be doing. I want to free the business owners who are trapped working in their business and have them start working on their business. This is where they can grow their business and start to dominate their industry. With the proper support staff that is customizing, systematizing, and actualizing their business needs, they regain time. "

Her strengths are: Strategic / Achiever / Relator / Self-Assurance / Positivity

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