Brian Kelly

Herndon, Virginia

Soar Coach since July 2018

About Brian

I develop current and next-generation business leaders to advance diversity and human leadership

I develop current and next-generation business leaders and your teams to improve your performance and relationships so you may fulfill your human potential and interdependently thrive.

I develop strong, diverse, human leaders and teams who create better business and people results. The best clients for me are those leaders and teams committed to being and developing more diverse, inclusive leaders. I invite you to schedule your 30-minute discovery conversation with me if you are committed to improving one or more of the following: leadership, engagement, teamwork, performance, productivity, diversity, and energy/well-being.

My business mission statement: To develop current and next-generation business leaders who more fully see and live your human greatness, celebrating your uniqueness as you create the soul-fulfilling story for your life reflected in your thriving relationships and impact on others.

My personal talent contribution statement is: "I am like a wind turbine, purposefully and powerfully lifting you up and forward. I shine the spotlight on your unique brilliance, and inspire new levels of energy and performance within you, as you joyfully, confidently embrace who you are and boldly actualize your human potential and your dreams."

Typical areas of growth for clients leading to better results and relationships are:

- Self-awareness - Self-confidence - Self-acceptance - Relationship with yourself - Relationship with others - Understanding your needs and others' and how to meet them - Influencing others - Clarity of purpose - Capability (and willingness ) to be more vulnerable - More effectively applying your strengths

Human Leadership™ is at the heart of my work. Human Leadership™ is: - humble - inclusive - strengths-focused - interdependent - confidently vulnerable - abundant - driven by a larger, shared purpose beyond profits - values and cultivates each person's uniqueness and contributions - accepts and celebrates our differences and our shared humanity - strives for excellence and creates the space for belonging by modeling interdependence.

Specialties: - Developing Inclusive, Human Leaders - Leadership Development - Career Advancement - Career Navigation and Transition - Team Development and Performance

Credentials: ICF Certified Coach (ACC) Strengths Strategy Certified Coach People Acuity Certified Coach C-IQ Enhanced Practitioner (Conversational Intelligence)

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