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Toronto, Ontario, CAN

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Are you the best version of yourself? What about your team? What might they both look like? Let me show you.

I am an enthusiastic investor in people. Driven by a desire to see individuals and teams become all they can be, I motivate others to recognize their natural talents and amplify those talents into strengths. With the knowledge of their unique value and special contribution to the world, everyone can realize the power, passion, and meaning that will bring to their life and work.

I am the co-founder and Chief Engagement Officer of EmergentStrengths Consulting + Coaching, an accomplished workshop facilitator, and a keynote speaker. I offer deep insights gained from over twenty-five years of experience in entrepreneurship, social marketing, corporate communications, and public relations in both the public and private sectors. I am a Gallup-certified Coach, Certified Professional Coach, and a Certified Life Purpose Coach.

More than 90% of Fortune 500 companies have learned to harness what their people naturally do best – their talents, and focus on them for the greatest growth and the greatest impact. Organizations are discovering each person has a unique blend of attributes. Part of the challenge is most people don’t realize what their talents are and how to best put them to use. And they don’t realize that this how we are ‘wired’ from the earliest stages of their lives.

Through a variety of customized group programs, workshops and activities, along with individual coaching, I work with organizations to leverage these talents and turn them into strengths. Strengths that will not only benefit their work life but also their personal relationships to find genuine happiness.

Short Personal Bio

I am passionate about the power of positive psychology and believe in the inherent goodness of people. I've seen first-hand what a difference it makes when we focus on what is right with people rather than what is wrong with people. The inspiring possibilities of human potential drives me and I love helping others tap into their unique excellence.

I was introduced to CliftonStrengths in 2016 when I completed Gallup's online assessment and attended a workshop for ministry leaders at my church. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked!

Seeing the potential for personal growth and team empowerment, I introduced CliftonStrengths to my workplace. I guided more than forty people through a series of workshops and personal coaching sessions with incredible results! We saw improved teamwork and collaboration through a greater appreciation of one another. This resulted in more productivity, less “workplace drama,” and a noticeable increase in personal satisfaction as people came to realize the unique value they brought to the table.

My wife and I now co-facilitate workshops for the Strengths Ministry in our church. We consider ourselves a strengths-based parish with more than a hundred and twenty-five people taking part in the assessment and workshops.

It would be an honour and a pleasure to work with you, too.

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