Bob Van Baren

Homewood, Illinois

Soar Coach since August 2018

About Bob

I help churches develop strong leaders, healthy teams, and engaged members

Bob holds a Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership from Bethel University and is a double certified strength-coach through Gallup and Strength Strategy.

During his 18 years of professional church and non-profit career, along with his personal-life, Bob has learned how strengths could dramatically impact leaders, teams and organizations.

His clients experience results through engagement, energy and empowerment! Valuing reliability and commitment, Bob is a master communicator who incorporates excellence into his work with profound effect.

We offer team workshops (virtual or in-person) and leadership coaching that will be structured to fit your context.

Beliefs of Vision 2-10: - Everyone has God-given talents. - Frustration with self and others is often the result of a misunderstanding of strengths. - Leaders are not born but developed, and this world needs more leaders who work from their strengths. - Self-awareness of talents is just the first step in talents becoming strengths. - Focusing on strengths over weaknesses produces greater results. According to the Corporate Leadership Council production is -26.8% when the focus is on weaknesses. - A well-rounded leader equals an ineffective leader, but a well-rounded team equals production and health. - Organizations can only go as far as the health of their leadership and their teams. Teams that focus on their strengths are 12.5% more productive (Gallup).

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Gallup Certified Strengths Coach
Non-profit Coach
Workplace Team Coach

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