Brent Dillinger

Missouri Valley, Iowa, USA

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Soar Coach since September 2018

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I help leaders make the most impact. I am a trusted leader and coach with a proven track record of success with Fortune 500 companies and in the nonprofit sector. #executive #coach #leadershipdevelopment #capacitybuilding

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Brent Dillinger Gallup CliftonStrengths: Maximizer, Responsibility, Positivity, Relator, Communication

"I love relating with people! From my 18 years in leading people and teams in two Fortune 500 restaurant/coffee companies, to my 10 years (and counting) as CEO of a nonprofit social services company, my whole career is centered around leading and developing individuals and teams to accomplish some amazing things.

I started Peakfully to bring my unique perspective and experiences to a broader audience through executive coaching and consulting. I want to help you and your team reach your peak and make lasting impacts in your own life, your company and the communities you serve and call home. "

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CEO. Coach. Consultant.

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