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winnipeg, Manitoba

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Career | Business | Social Network Coach > I help people make positive change in their Careers and Businesses

I am a Coach, Consultant and Trainer who has helped 1000's of people gain insights into who they are and what they can achieve. If you want to develop actionable strategies to achieve more in your career, business, and life I can help you build and chart a path forward.

As a coach I can help you uncover insights and see things from a new perspective and gain a clearer view of your options. Once you begin to gain those insights I work with you to gather key information and coach you through the strategies you need to execute the change you need to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Over 20 years I have consulted with solo entrepreneurs / start-ups / small business leaders and 1000's of individuals. I have been featured as a writer in multiple publications talking about leadership and personal self-management, branding, social networking, career and job search, HR, recruiting and much more. I love helping people and businesses figure out what they need to figure out!

My specialties are wide ranging - I offer career identification, performance and transition coaching, from navigating the workplace to finding a new job or striking out on your own as an entrepreneur.

I have also worked with multiple entrepreneur's and businesses to enable awareness of company culture, improve communications and support employees and managers including offering UI (User Interface) and Beta testing feedback. I always have ideas and I am happy to share!

I take the coaching process seriously, but I know that life sometimes throws a wrench into our best-laid plans and we can't take life too seriously all the time. If you are looking for a coach who understands life is a journey and combines accountability coaching with compassion, humour and flexibility I just might be the coach for you.

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