Cristen Colleen

Global Capacity: Chicago/Windsor/Detroit, Michigan, USA

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Soar Coach since January 2019

About Cristen

Empowering GLOBAL organizations (Groups and C-Suite Execs) working within a multicultural world.

Author, Social Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker and Community Engager. (Rule breaker and game-changer mindset).

Leader in global workforce training, diversity, and talent development.

Subject Matter Expert in foreign language acquisition and building cross-cultural/intercultural competencies.

Proven ability to negotiate across cultures to create access and build key strategic relationships with fast-track efficiency.

Core Identity: Public speaker/Corporate trainer Community Engager and Activist CrossCultural/Interculturalistist Global Diversity/Inclusion enthusiast POLYGLOT, GLOBAL CITIZEN and forever WANDERLUST! Linguist. Knowledge of 10 languages at varying proficiency levels.

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