Allyn Bader Barclay

Elizabeth, Colorado

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Soar Coach since July 2018

About Allyn

Discover what is right with you, soar with your strengths.

Coach, Consultant and Trainer. I customize programs to help individuals, managers, teams and organizations discover their talents, focusing on what what is right about them, leading them to soar with their strengths.

My best clients are:

1. Small businesses: We'll create a Strengths Culture to help you and your employees grow themselves and your business.

2. Non-profit organizations: Creating a Strength Culture, we'll develop your staff, your board, your volunteers, creating a positive environment for achieving your mission.

3. Schools: Creating a Strenghts Culture we'll develop your teachers, adminstrators, counselors and students to focus on what is right with each individual, creating a positive, supportive learning environment.

Individuals: Together we will discover your talents; develop your strengths. I help individuals who: - Mid-career and needing to make a career change - End of their career and want to discover what a personally fulfilling retirement looks like.

Strengths Workshops for: - Inspiring your employees - Special events or meetings - New employees - Manager and Leadership Development - Sales development

I have coached and mentored individuals and teams for over 25 years. I'm passionate about helping individuals develop their personal goals and working together to develop strategies for you to achieve those goals.


With over 25 years of management experience I strive to help individuals become trusted and empowered leaders of others. Being a manager or team leader makes such a dramatic impact on individual contributors. You have the power to make people's jobs enjoyable or miserable. I work with new and seasoned managers helping them develop positive and successful teams.


As an experienced trainer of employee and leadership development programs I offer multiple workshops from Leadership Development to Sales Development all based on Clifton Strengths. My workshops are customized for each organization based on their employee development needs.

Project Managers:

As a Certified Project Management Professional, I work with project managers to develop and strengthen their teams using Clifton Strengths. Successful projects are based on strong teams and Clifton Strengths is a perfect foundation for new and existing teams to appreciate team members individual strengths and to build and become successful teams.

Certifications: - Project Management Professional - Certified Clifton Strengths Coach - Human and Animal Behavior - Corporate Communications

Trained in: Helping others Succeed, Leading Technical Professionals, Crucial Conversations and Crucial Accountability.

Mastermind Facilitator for the Alliance of Professional Women

Volunteer with: Freedom Service Dogs, Dress for Success

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