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I help leaders create strong relationships at work and at home.

Hi, I’m Alyssa. I’m a personal and executive coach and a clinical psychologist. In my personal coaching practice, I specialize in helping high achieving men and women with big emotions create relationships of joy, ease, and purpose. Big feelings = experiencing emotions deeply and intensely! I support the successful, highly sensitive person in doing the inner work to address negative beliefs, to reinvent new relationship patterns, and to wrangle their inner critic in order to create meaningful lives and relationships.

In my executive coaching practice, I support leaders in improving their interpersonal relationships in the workplace and at home, increasing their emotional intelligence, and managing their inner critic. In a nutshell, there’s something you want - you don’t have it yet — and we create the roadmap to get there and address any bumps along the way. I help organizations improve teamwork by promoting positive interpersonal relationships.

Dr. Alyssa Adams is a personal and executive coach to the high achieving, highly sensitive person. Her practice is virtual and she is available to work with clients from all over the world. Her unique blend of leadership experience in the federal government, clinical psychology and coach training, extensive neuroscience background, and humor-driven, creative approach, make her a dynamic and effective coach.

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