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Lawrenceville, New Jersey

Soar Coach since October 2018

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Young people are in trouble today - Anxiety, Stress, Loneliness, Broken Relationships, Depression. - and too often resulting in Suicide. Success Coaches for Students guide young people along The 3 Pathways to a Successful Life.

Young people are facing some daunting challenges today - anxiety, stress, loneliness, broken relationships and too often ending in suicide. The suicide rate among children ages 10-14 has increased 100% over a 5 year stretch in this decade. Such despair and lack of hope is hard to fathom, but I get it. For 6 months in 2018, I was in the pit of despair dealing with severe anxiety and depression. It was horrible, but now I can relate. There is a way to successfully navigate the road to adulthood, but it involves getting off the main highway and onto some steep and dangerous pathways. These pathways are not simple or easy, but they will get you to your destination. You will need a guide, friend, coach to go with you and even lead the way at time. The 3 Pathways (T3P) are 1) Soar With Your Strengths, 2) Meaningful Connection and 3) Character Development. Success Coaches for Students are now being trained to work with young people. Reach out to me and I'll gladly help you find a coach. If you're interested in becoming a Success Coach for Students, let me know that as well.

T3P is a company on a mission to empower teens to be their best selves and one that is also led mostly by teens.

It was a very intense, back and forth wrestling match. The calls by the ref were pretty questionable that day. My young wrestler was getting more and more frustrated as the match went on and when he lost in the last few seconds, he blew up. He failed to shake hands with the other wrestler's coach, stormed off the mat and chucked his headgear across the gym. His dad and i glanced at each other and I said, "let me work with him on this." First you need to know that this young man is a fiery and tenacious competitor. He is driven to win. Affirming this strength was the place to start. We met once a week for about a month; talked about emotions and developed an a plan for his growth in being more under control. He decided on the elements of the plan and I coached him through teaching, demonstration, observation, evaluation and encouragement. We modified the plan every week and I was able to give him feedback from his matches each week. This young man used his strengths to compete effectively, he also gained greater control over his emotions.

Being a good father, husband and follower of Jesus Christ are important values in my life. My wife Joanne is the co-founder of Effective Parenting and we have 2 adult children, Dave and Tim. Dave is married to Amanda and they have 2 young children, Madison and Nathan. My most effective coaching has been and is being done with these folks!

I've also invested 30+ years in coaching young people in sports, youth ministry and leadership development on campuses around New York and New Jersey. (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) I've spent the past 6 years training and coaching parents to effectively work with their children. I now plan to invest the rest of my life in coaching teens, tween and the adults who love them through Soar.com and The 3 Pathways.

Education: BAAS from the University of Delaware Graduate Study at Regent College Vancouver Graduate Study at Princeton Theological Seminary

Certifications and Accreditations: Certified Parent Coach with Dr. Scott Turansky Prof. at Concordia University

Job History: 1978-2012: Campus Minister, Area Director and Assistant Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship 2012-2018: Director of Development, National Center for Biblical Parenting 2014-2018: Parent Coach 2016-Present: Full-Time Coach and Evangelist with Soar.com.

Coaching Clients: Teens and Tweens Parents Families Leaders

Coaching Methods: One-on-One Families Intergenerational Experiential Events

Company Name: The 3 Pathways Website: www.The3Pathways.com

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