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Helping you to grow stronger, more fulfilled, and reach peak performance by having your successes and strengths clearly in mind.

How organizations manage a growing team, and provide the right experiences to keep their star employees, will determine their employee engagement and morale. According to Gallup, only 13% of employees are engaged at work. Worldwide, actively disengaged employees outnumber engaged employees by nearly 2 – 1. The most unhappy unproductive at work are 24% of employees, who are liable to spread negativity to coworkers. Meanwhile, according to the Career Fitness Program data, most Americans are changing career paths at least 4 or 5 times in their life span.

Success comes from 1) understanding your strengths, values, and purpose and 2) valuing each employee’s unique contributions – a clue to their strengths - towards the organization’s overall mission. When everyone’s unique strengths are appreciated, each individual has a clear “why” part of their morning to start their work day. They return the next day and start melting away silos. Silos lead to duplicate work, inefficiency, and generalized employee disengagement. Employees lose sight of the big picture, and may google for a different work opportunity.

Backed by more than five decades of research, Gallup reports that people who know their strengths and have the chance to use them at work are SIX times as likely to be engaged in their job. People who know their strengths and have the opportunity to use them at work are more than THREE TIMES as likely to report having an excellent quality of life. A minimum of 8% productivity is increased when people use their strengths every day. CliftonStrengths coaching creates lasting results to improve morale, well-being, and productivity in teams and individuals. I employ CliftonStrengths, Myers Briggs Type Indicator, and Strong Interest Inventory to deliver these results based on 1) the power and edge of your talent themes and 2) the four basic needs of followers. I’d love to hear from you to share how this approach creates a lasting, positive impact for you and your work environment.

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I am a career coach certified in both the CliftonStrengths and MBTI. I coach professionals in the healthcare industry and college students to leverage their unique talent themes to reach their professional goals with clarity and productivity. My expertise is twofold. With certifications in other career assessments, I help clients who feel stuck in their current careers and need to clarify a more fulfilling career path. With changing life roles, our values may have shifted, which need clarity while considering given marketplace trends (as shown on www.O*Net). I also maximize individual and team talent themes for meaningful success and well-being.

While innovation and technology are influencing all sectors of the economy, my mission is to help teams and individuals maximize the best of who they already are and deliver their unique contributions to build a trusting and effective community engagement. I believe innovation is most valuable when the the outcomes deliver a positive impact for humanity, not just individuals. To achieve this, I help individuals develop their raw talents to a mature level of performance that's beneficial to all.

I have been honored the 2016-2017 Woman of the Year Award with NAPW because of my commitment and leadership to my profession.

My deep passion to become a CliftonStrengths coach evolved from my first career as a school psychologist. As a school psychologist, I routinely saw students disengaged from their educational programs, which resulted in my concern for their transition to college and later employability. Therefore, to help all professionals increase engagement and students to attain their educational goals, I furthered my education in Career Education and Counseling. I also became certified in CliftonStrengths, MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory to create the most positive impact in my coaching sessions with professionals and students. I should also note that I am an avid painter.

With Maximizer being my first theme on the StrengthsFinder, I am hard-wired to leverage on your talent themes. I am energized by helping both professionals and students achieve professional breakthroughs through the lens of Strengths. This insightful discovery occurred when I received a customized report, igniting a transformation in my personal development, my career, and my purpose. I look forward to your transformation with CliftonStrengths.

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