Liz Foster, AFC, FFC

Calhan, Colorado

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Strengthening Your Financial Well-being

Is your financial puzzle out of alignment? Do you have employees who struggle with their financial well-being? Do you know that according to a recent study, employees who are stressed about their financial well-being are almost five times more like to be distracted at work, spending three to five hours of work time a week taking care of financial concerns? Financially distracted employees can cost your company in the form of increased absenteeism, wage garnishments, payroll taxes and delayed retirement. A strengths-based approach can help you and/or your employees move from misalignment to alignment; from instability to stability; from uncertainty to planning and moving forward.

Discover your inner talents and how they can help you build your financial well-being through improved money management skills. Using simple discovery tools, coaching and education, you and your employees can align your intrinsic values and inner strengths to make your money attitudes and habits work for you!

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