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Are you at a stage of life where you are asking "What now?" 'What next?" and wondering who it is you are becoming?

I am Hannah Starobin, a licensed Psychotherapist, Coach and Co-Founder of Twisting The Plot: New Possibilities for Women Over 50. A program to help women write a future filled with possibilities.

Women over 50 are often inundated with change whether we want it or not. Maybe you are experiencing a loss of identity and purpose as a result a divorce, an empty nest or agism at work. Or maybe the story you have been living doesn't fit any more and you find yourself dreaming of something new. As a Psychotherapist and Coach I have helped hundreds of women learn to ignite their imaginations, harness their strengths, and create lasting change. I have training in Positive Psychology, Social Learning, Gallop Strengths Training and spent ten years working as an Advanced Clinical Social Worker for New York Presbyterian.

I also spent many years working in the theatre, both on and off Broadway, where I developed impeccable skill in innovation, perspective and active problem solving.  It is this unique blend of science and are that I bring to my work helping women of all ages in turning their lives into page-turners.

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