Heidi Convery

Garland, Texas

Soar Coach since August 2018

About Heidi

I help small to mid-sized businesses bridge generational communication and mindset gaps between a largely Millennial employee base and more seasoned leadership team.

As a CEO with a team dominated by Millennials, have you ever thought to yourself, "I cannot figure out what exactly it is that they need to be happy here?"

Millennials are now the bulk of the workforce, taking on management roles and leadership positions within organizations. So, understanding your Millennial employees is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. My master’s degree was rooted in understanding the needed challenge and support of this unique generation, and I have found such extreme success in using CliftonStrengths to achieve it, including noticeably lower attrition rates specific to this group. I’m also always invited to clients’ holiday parties, so something must be working?

A very important attribute within this generation is their need for purpose in their work - and defining that purpose is most often the missing piece. Through a Strengths-based approach, I use one-on-one coaching and team workshops and trainings to help all levels of employees and managers better understand their individual contributions to the team, as well as more intentional and productive communication amongst one another.

CliftonStrengths gives you a vocabulary, and I teach you how to use it.

As a high Learner®, find confidence in knowing my desire to truly learn about the unique needs of your team runs deeply. Is communication the biggest barrier? Do your managers need individual coaching? Does your Millennial team need a more outlined purpose? Let’s figure it out, craft a plan, and get to it.

Heidi Convery is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and founder of Flourish LLC, a strengths-based coaching business focused on putting purpose back in the workplace. Through high energy retreats and intentional one-on-one coaching, Heidi hits the ground running within your organization - igniting purpose and value in your team where complacency has taken the lead. Her expertise and energy soar when given the opportunity to introduced Gallup's CliftonStrengths philosophy to an organization for the first time.

With a previous career in university administration, Heidi has an incredible depth of experience in motivating Millennial employees who often feel purposeless in their organizations. In turn, she is able to offer a communication approach for C-Suite team members of more seasoned generations to better understand their employees and bridge generational communication gaps for a more engaged team. In addition to organizational clients, Heidi maintains a selective number of executive clients for management-based Strengths coaching - understanding how an individual's Strengths motivate and discourage the growth of his/her business and people.

Heidi is a co-author of the Amazon International Best Seller, "Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformations." She holds a B.A. in French, an M.Ed. in Higher Education Administration, and CliftonStrengths Coaching Certification from Gallup, Inc.

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