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Lewisville, North Carolina, USA

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Soar Coach since December 2018

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Career Mastery Coach

I am an executive coach and business advisor interested in helping others move beyond the maze of Human Resources, interviewing networking to master their career vision & execution. Whether you are early in your career, returning to the workforce, wanting a side gig or seasoned in the role you in execute in everyday, career mastery can partner with you to the shift to next level!

This is a place to make a huge pivot in your career, move your performance to levels you have dreamed of and add LIFE back into your days while you shift!

Our program based in integrated health, stress mastery and neuroscience-based performance will lead you to conversational intelligence in your daily interactions that showcase your abilities and contributions.

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Maybe you are a shy sensitive person like I was early in life and you want to have balance in external demands and quiet renewing time? Or maybe you are more driven by a clear vision of the way things should be like my dear twin sister is? How you show up is how you will be welcomed everyday at Career Mastery Coaching. Our program meets you right where you are to begin building bridges to your career mastery.

I began my career in finance as a trader on a NASDAQ desk but it was always the People I was most fascinated about at work. How they interacted, showed up each day and who was successful? I made my career steps to Human Resources adding Mediation then Executive Coaching & Leadership Development some years later. I have loved coaching others in their career for over 10 years. It is the conversations that happen in the ordinary everyday at work that I have seen mold and grow amazing careers. I would like to share this career guidance with you as well. Join our Career Mastery program today

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