Jan Makela

Sykesville, Maryland

Soar Coach since July 2018

About Jan

I help teams and organizations improve their performance by focusing on strengths of the team.

I experience 1st hand using strengths. I let a group that put over 650 people in our organization through Strengthfinder and I know not only how well it can work and the tangible results, In addition, I know the problems that can arise when Strengths are implemented without clear communication. I am a former U.S. Army company commander and I enjoy helping Veterans find and take advantage of their strengths. As a strength coach, I have worked with nonprofit, government agencies as well as for-profit organizations. I have coached individuals for career success and finding out what they do best and helping them discover their own unique talents. I wrote the book Cracking the Code to Success with Brian Tracy and in that book I wrote a chapter titled "Be the Manager People Won't Leave". Much of that chapter comes from my experience managing people, my strength training and my experiences with Gallup. I look forward to helping your organization reach new levels of success.

Author of the Amazon published top-selling book Be The Manager People Won't Leave. Teach management topics from the perspective of strength-based leadership. Featured in Forbes Magazine, USA Today and over 40 newspapers, business journals, and magazines. Winner of the Quilly Award by National Association of Outstanding Authors & Speakers, for the book I wrote Cracking The Code To Success with Brian Tracy. I will make a difference in all levels of your organization. I strongly believe in building on strengths and coaching employees to success. Best known for my solid track record of increasing profitability by improving employee engagement and job performance through strengths-based leadership. Wouldn't be great to have employees: Who engaged at work and come to work every day and deliver quality results Who come to work and don't want to leave you for the competition or another industry Who brag to their friends and family about how much they enjoy working with you and the outstanding results they produce. Who actively recruit people to come to work at your organization They have fewer sick days and you have less unwanted turnover from people leaving your organization They have a special bond with their manager Provide tools for you to see your performance gaps and how you and I can wage war against the mundane, status quo and "this is the way its always been done" mindset, and win turning your organization into one that stands out in the marketplace. Peter Drucker said 'What gets measured gets done'. I provide the tools so you can measure the meaningful change as you increase productivity through your organizational strengths. These are some of the things delivered to you when we work together to increase performance through working from strengths

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