Javier R. Alfonzo

Providence, Rhode Island

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Soar Coach since November 2018

About Javier R.

I help Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs of all ages discover and develop their innate Builder Talents.

As a visual thinker, Javier provides graphic recording and facilitation services to improve learning and communication effectiveness within Team meetings and Training Programs. Using BP10 (Gallup Builder Profile Talent tool) Javier helps entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs increase self awareness and understanding of their unique talents for success in their builder’s journey, and he guides them to identify the right networks and resources to improve their chances for success. Javier BP10 talents are: Delegator | Relationship | Disruptor | Knowledge

Javier is also a spiritual thinker, and a Dharma teacher (a facilitator in the practice of Zen meditation). He brings his knowledge of mindfulness techniques and principles of wellbeing to InnateFive, a company he Co-founded, helping participants use these methods to improve their professional and personal lives.

Visit us at InnateFive.com to learn more about our approach to strengths and wellbeing.

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