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Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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Soar Coach since July 2018

About Jillienne

I empower high achievers to surpass self-doubt and interrupt the pattern of Impostor Syndrome that's holding them back from their full potential, and the life and career they dream of.

Listen, I know there are a countless number of coaches you can choose to work with. So why choose me?

I’M CERTIFIED. Coaching is currently unregulated, which means it can be a bit like the Wild Wild West. I’m highly trained and committed to serving you at the highest level. I earned my Certified Life Coach (CLC) designation from an ICF-accredited coaching program. I also hold multiple certifications from the Human Capital Institute and Society for HR Management, meaning that I’m professionally trained in bringing the BEST out of people.

I’M EXPERIENCED. The skills I’m sharing with you aren’t just head knowledge. They get real women real results. Read what my clients have to say about our work together here - https://aspiredly.com/client-love-1/.

I’VE CLIMBED THE LADDER. I get you. You’re a high achiever, and I understand everything that goes along with that mentality. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of Iowa, then my Master’s Degree in Human Resources from Western Carolina University. For more than a decade and across a number of industries, including software/technology, energy, aerospace/defense, and public accounting, I served in high-level Talent Development and Human Resources leadership roles. As an entrepreneur, I founded aspiredly. I've gone through my own battles with self-doubt, fear of failure, holding myself back and worrying that others may find out I'm not as talented as they think I am. I know the type of stress you’re under and how you question yourself and your abilities, which uniquely positions me to help you eliminate the frustration you feel.

I CARE ABOUT YOU PERSONALLY. In additional to being a professional, I’m also a wife, daughter, sister, friend, dog-mom, and travelaholic. I understand that there is so much more to your life than just your J-O-B. It’s my life’s work to help you create a life where you are achieving both your professional and your personal goals.


Short Personal Bio

Jillienne (Jill) Reggiannini is a Confidence & Success Coach who expertly supports ambitious women in overcoming self-doubt, self-negativity, unworthiness and impostor syndrome so they can have more influence, earn more income and make more of an impact.

Jill is passionate about guiding her clients to a place of confidence in their capabilities, so that they can bravely and boldly be their authentic selves and attain the success they desire - not what the world pre-defines for them.

Prior to founding aspiredly, Jill spent over a decade in corporate human resources, talent development and leadership roles. She’s worked across varied industries with high-achieving software startups, public accounting firms and multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Jill holds her Certified Life Coach (CLC) accreditation from the Life Purpose Institute, as well as certifications from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and the Human Capital Institute (HCI). She earned her M.S. in Human Resources from Western Carolina University and B.A. in Communication Studies from The University of Iowa.

A native Iowan-turned-North Carolinian, she, her husband Anthony and their Cavapoo Oliver recently began a new adventure with a move to London, UK.

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