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San Francisco, California, USA

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Head of Speaker Coaching for Soar

I’m a speaker strategist and keynote coach committed to developing elite speakers who stand out in their industry as the “go-to experts” for major conferences and global events. I work with leaders who have a track record of results and are committed to making real impact. My mission is to help people find common ground and work together to find solutions to the world’s biggest challenges. If you want to deliver the right message on the right stage, connect with me.

“Behind most great speakers is a great coach. Jill Wesley has been the coach for some of the very best. Jill is a force of nature. Her mission is to coach us to tell our stories in the most powerful way. Her flexibility and range are astonishing. She provides exactly what we need, when we need it. She looks you in the eye and helps you know “You’ve got this!” She guides and coaches until you are touching hearts and minds with your story. She understands the “science and soul” of speaking. She truly is a master at her craft. I feel so lucky to be learning from Jill.”

— Paul Allen, Founder, Soar.com and Ancestry.com

I’ve worked as an executive coach, professional speaker and event producer for over 25 years and I’ve led over 2,750 professional development programs in public speaking, leadership and train-the-trainer to over 85,000 leaders and their high-performing employees at some of the world’s top organizations (Panasonic, LinkedIn, NFL Players Association, Salesforce, Stanford Law School, Google, Twitter, Square, Art.com, Lyft). I’m also Head of Speaker Coaching for TEDxSanFrancisco, one of the top TEDx events in the world.

I use a strengths-based approach to coaching and I have a deep commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I have decades of experience coaching and advising cross-cultural business ventures. I’ve delivered more than 300 keynotes at conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and I’ve worked in 25 countries for extended periods of time. I spent six years overseas living in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America and I continue to work across cultures today.

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What I do:

Are you a successful business leader, entrepreneur or expert who speaks at industry conferences and corporate events? I’ll help you develop strategic positioning, refine your content, and amplify thought your leadership.

Are you a pro athlete, influencer, actor, producer or director who speaks as a brand ambassador, for charity and nonprofits, or at major events? I’ll help you create powerful keynotes and prepare you for speaker panels.

Signature Keynote Accelerator:

This is designed for true experts who do speaking for major impact, visibility and long-term business development. We also work with professionals at a “Pivot Point”in their careers— after a proven track record of success in one industry, you’re shifting gears and pursuing another area of work. We provide expert coaching on positioning, identifying your most marketable content, refining your talks and developing strategy to help get you on the right stages at higher fees.

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