Jill Wesley

San Francisco, California

Soar Coach since September 2018

About Jill

I’m a speaker strategist and keynote coach committed to developing elite speakers who stand out in their industry as the "go-to experts" for major conferences and global events. I’ve worked as an executive coach, professional speaker and event organizer for over 25 years. As a corporate consultant, I’ve led over 2,750 professional development programs in public speaking, leadership and train-the-trainer to over 85,000 leaders and their high-performing employees at some of the world’s top companies (Panasonic, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google, Twitter, Square, Art.com, Lyft). I’m also Head of Speaker Coaching for TEDxSanFrancisco, one of the top TEDx events in the world.

I have a genuine passion for helping others and I only work with clients who are committed to making a difference in the world. I have a deep commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and decades of experience coaching and advising cross-cultural business ventures. I’ve delivered more than 300 keynotes at conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and I’ve worked in 25 countries for extended periods of time. I spent six years overseas living in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America and I continue to work across cultures today.

Some of my other experiences include teaching Networking and Business Development at Stanford Law School; and Communication, Management, and Global Effectiveness courses at California State University, Long Beach. I started my career working as an international recruiter and a Business Communication teacher and coach.

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