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I am a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach for individuals, managers, leadership and teams also trained to BP10 for builder talents. As someone who was faced with a bit of a challenge to overcome in my formative years through the loss of my mom at the age of 8, I now see the world differently than most desiring to optimize every moment we have here. My working travels have also stirred a fire inside of me sparking great passion to help others succeed.

I hold a B.S. in microbiology and chemistry. I am a certified Paralegal. My professional journey now spans greater than 23 years in pharmaceutical, medical device, IVD, blood banking, API, biotech etc. As a Paralegal, before science, I specialized in legal writing, research, bankruptcy, divorce and corporations. I began my STEM career in the microbiology lab at Baxter in California moving over to immunology. I later assisted to develop and set up a lab helping to establish new assays and testing for latex antigens. My career has enjoyed roles as a QC Analyst, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Quality Systems Manager, Director of QA/RA and Sr. Validation Engineer. I have worked at a number of large pharmaceutical companies along with start up ventures. I have reported to VP and CEO leadership and now lead EM Colorado, LLC. I have held responsibility for presenting organizational metrics to executive leadership for all critical quality systems and have participated in advisory board meetings. I additionally spent time as BOD legislative chair to Business and Professional Women of Colorado.

Along this professional path it became evident that working environments are undergoing extreme stress resulting in ineffective teams and people are not engaged or happy. Observation of this high stress led me to seek a greater understanding and skill set related to corporate culture and how to create a healthy organization that is highly effective. After one particular job experience I embarked upon a learning endeavor in an attempt to fully understand leadership and organizational dynamics. I turned to each and every major thought leader on the subject that I could find purchasing CDs of books and listening to them in the car often multiple times over until the principles fully sunk in. I studied body language, influence, communication, read up on organizational studies and this ultimately brought me to Gallup. I'd been given the Gallup assessment at this job that I mention prior to being hired but nothing was done with it after that. So, I almost didn't take the Gallup coach certification. However, I knew that statistic don't lie and Gallup built their program on massive feedback and analytics. I trusted the statistics and now I am extremely happy that I did this. Now, as I observe individuals knowing their talents, gifts and strengths it shines a light in my heart of happiness understanding that the individual is doing what they were designed to do. This path helped me to really understand my own unique gifts and how best to serve others.

I initially took a coaching course that taught the use of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques and still continue to use this method. It is extremely effective to redirect old habits in to new positive actions and helped me to break barriers I never imagined before.

I believe we need to focus on building strengths through taking advantage of our God given talents. We are all uniquely designed simply by virtue of biological growth variation. Forcing someone to develop their weaknesses doesn't make sense to me but managing them sure does. I loved what I learned about my own strengths from Gallup because initially I would not have envisioned my strength taking me into a basement through incorrect or overuse.

In our coaching session I am able to provide many tools to help you find great success many of which are provided by Gallup. In addition to using NLP we can utilize mind mapping to help structure goals and a roadmap for reaching them. For teams, we can conduct analysis of staff unique and natural talents aiming them in such a way as to optimize performance. Due to the research I conducted at this one particular job I can bring a unique organizational view that speaks to natural human social dynamics. This would include social behaviors such as, for example, what they call Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing. This also includes Group Think and how it relates to humans as a social animal like a horse.

I am highly spiritual and certain that there is more on the other side for us. Because of this strong knowledge of spirit and our connectedness on that side of life, I feel it is critical that we should seek to build, train, teach, lift, include and approach with empathy and compassion. Our coaching journey is about helping you to become the best you can be and reach your highest potential. I do not bring religion into my work. My top strength is "Strategic" so I am a great accountability partner that can help you create alternative ways to proceed. I have a very high aptitude related to spotting relevant patterns.

I offer life coaching along with professional as there are times when they cannot be separated and it becomes important to look at both in order to move forward professionally.

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