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I am a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach who also uses NLP techniques.

I hold a B.S. in microbiology with minor in chemistry. I am a certified Paralegal as well. I have worked professionally for over 23 years in pharmaceutical, medical device, IVD, blood banking, API, biotech and before this time with attorneys as a Paralegal. I started my STEM career in the microbiology lab at Baxter in California moving over to immunology. I later assisted to develop and set up a lab helping to establish new assays and testing for latex antigens. My career has enjoyed roles as a QC Analyst, Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, Quality Systems Manager, Director of QA/RA and Sr. Validation Engineer. I have worked at a number of very large pharmaceutical companies and experienced start up ventures. I have reported to VP and CEO leadership and now lead EM Colorado, LLC.

As my career has traveled this journey it became evident that working environments are undergoing extreme stress resulting in ineffective teams. This high stress called for a greater understanding and skills set related to corporate culture and how to help it become more effective. I initially took a coaching course that taught the use of neurolinguistics (NLP) techniques and still continue to use this method. It is highly effective and helped me to break barriers I never imagined before. However, I turned to learn coaching through Gallup due to their extensive research. You simply cannot argue with statistical information based on inquiry in the millions. This then lead me to take training with Gallup for builder talents via their BP10 system. Further, I am dedicated to helping women in STEM find great success!

I believe we need to focus on building strengths through taking advantage of our God given talents. We are all uniquely designed by virtue of biological growth variation. Forcing someone to develop their weaknesses doesn't make sense to me.

I am highly spiritual but not religious. I am certain that there is more on the other side for us. Because of my strong knowledge of spirit and our connectedness on that side of life, I feel it is critical that we should embrace this truth in our collective interactions. So, to put it simply...we must work to build each other up and not tear each other apart. So, for me, it's about helping you become the best you can be and reach your highest God given potential. My top strength is "Strategic" so I am a great accountability partner that can help you create alternative ways to proceed. I have a very high aptitude related to spotting relevant patterns and issues. Not to toot my own horn but at one time I was tested just under genius level as it relates to abstract thinking. This means that I am very strong at being able to visualize in my head the entire picture and see it either put together and/or visualize what may be more difficult for others to see.

To see my full resume and Gallup report(s) log into LinkedIn at the link below. Please connect with me.

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Author under pen name J Hughes Books include: 1. Brad's Omen (A ghost story) 2. Blood, Sweat & Tears, Inc. (Event analysis on leadership in crisis - bullying/mobbing) 3. Women In STEM/A (What women need to know in the USA)


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