Joni Lynn Nelson

Plano, Texas, USA

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Soar Coach since July 2018

About Joni Lynn

I inspire teams and individuals to ignite their passion and performance to rise high and FLY with Strengths! It's all about L.I.F.T.

Are you ready for your next level of greatness? Do you want more for yourself and out of life?

Being a lover of people, human development, and a strong sense of caring, Joni Lynn has always been fascinated with human behavior, personal development and a strong desire to lift others up to reach their full potential of peak performance. With the discovery of CliftonStrengths in 2014, Joni Lynn embarked on her journey of becoming a strengths coach - the career of her dreams! Her strengths coaching company, FLY with Strengths, was established with the belief that you can FLY – an acronym for Fully Leverage Yourself and/or Fully Love Yourself (and more).

As a strengths-based coach, Joni Lynn’s mission is to lift hearts one person at a time and to lift teams one company at a time by focusing on areas of greatest growth potential. For Joni Lynn, there is no greater joy than to see a family or a team come together, working in harmony in the service of others and in seeing an individual light up with an inner glow by discovering something beautiful and powerful from within that they can now share with the world!

Much like a hot air balloon transforms travelers from where they are to where they want to be, Joni Lynn inspires greatness in others so they can RISE High and FLY with Strengths.

Her greatest gift is the depth of how much she cares!

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People Acuity Specialist Strengths Strategy Optimal Performance Facilitator Strengths Strategy Coach Gallup Certified Coach Total Strengths Deployment Inventory Coach/Facilitator

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