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Portland, Maine, USA

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Soar Coach since November 2018

About Kat

I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach for new "grownups" who need help discovering who they are and where they are going.

Attention soon-to-be graduates and new "grownups"! There is no better time to start your new life armed with the knowledge of what your top strengths are and in which direction you would like to head. Not sure of this? I can help!

I know how hard it is to land on your feet after college.

That’s why I am offering discounted coaching sessions to new college graduates!

Together, we will work to make sure you have a professional RESUME that reflects the true you, with a description of the strengths and skills you have acquired up until now, as well as desires that are uniquely YOURS.

NOW is the time to sell yourself to hiring managers that represent jobs that match YOUR dreams and talents.

Need even more help? Together, we can go deeper to uncover a career that best matches your unique talents using the following tools:

CliftonStrengths | Listening Sessions
 | Morning Pages | Journaling
 | Mind Mapping | Other free personality assessments

My goal is for you to truly understand yourself (strengths, weaknesses, and all) and be able to show others the best version of who are now. I look forward to getting to know that person!

Coach Kat 

 LEARN your unique talents at www.katfrati.com/learn-your-talents

LOVE your unique talents at www.katfrati.com/love-your-talents

LIVE with your unique talents at www.katfrati.com/live-your-talents

Short Personal Bio

Are you curious about what your Top 5 talents are according to the CliftonStrengths Assessment? Knowing mine has been SO useful in my career, marriage, and parenting. I use my STRATEGIC to create plans (and alternative options), IDEATION to add creative spice into our lives, LEARNER to grow my skills, ACTIVATOR to get things started quickly, and FUTURISTIC to create and focus on a beautiful vision for our days ahead. These are my strongest talents and by using them over and over again everyday I am turning them into my “superpowers”. Reach out to me and I will send you instructions on how you can get a Top5 CliftonStrengths Assessment Code for just $15.

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