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Mount Pleasant, Texas, USA

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You have superpowers. Let's unleash them.

Over the past few years, I have had the great honor to work alongside individuals who have decided to intentionally invest in their own lives, moving towards success as they define it. They decided it was time to stop apologizing for who they are and instead embrace it, invest in it, and unleash who they are on the world around them. This all begins through discovering their Strengths - the uniqueness that positions them to succeed in ways that are deeply satisfying to them and transformational to the world around them.

This same transformational work of empowering individuals has been done in teams and organizations who are seeking to define or strengthen their culture, enhance team effectiveness, recognize and invest in the talents of team members, and take massive strides towards making their mission a reality. I find incredible joy and deep satisfaction in becoming a partner in success with those who are embarking on a journey towards organizational empowerment.

What about you? Are you ready to unveil your Strengths? Are you ready to invest in and empower your organization? Let's do this.

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I am an experienced senior executive with a varied history of work in the non-profit and for-profit sectors. I have been a CEO and a volunteer, I've been an employer and an employee. I have worked in some amazing organizations and some whose culture needed a little help. These varied experiences have all contributed to growing a strong sense of purpose around building healthy organizations and healthy individuals within those organizations.

I am passionate about leadership development, the unique strengths of individuals, the development of strong and resilient communities, and the success of entrepreneurs, creatives, dreamers, and those who believe that the common good is worth fighting for.

I have a wonderful husband and two highly creative kids who keep our playroom in a constant state of chaos.

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