Mary Claire Klooster

Cumming, Georgia

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Soar Coach since January 2019

About Mary Claire

I desire to empower people to live to their full potential and create a community of love and acceptance in marriage, family and business.

Are you living up to your full potential? Is something missing? Not feeling the fulfillment you hoped to feel at this point in your life? Maybe work is good, but relationships suffer, or vice versa. Are you going through a time of transition? Changing jobs, or empty nest, a new career, or even retirement?

I especially love to work with people and watch them become empowered by who they are! Exploring your unique strengths and talents is especially liberating and empowering. I was once asked what my talents are and I thought, "I don't know. What am I good at?" I knew what I could do, but I'd forgotten what I loved to do, what I wanted and what I am passionate about.

Once you begin to know who you are and what your unique strengths and talents are you can move confidently into relationships, personal and/or business with a renewed confidence and ability to work interdependently with others. You can begin to answer the question "what do I want?" And formulate a plan to get it.

Are there people in your life who drive you crazy? No matter what you do or say they just don’t get it, or they really aren’t listening anyway. They always have to do it their way or they stonewall and won’t get on board doing it at all. You know that every time you have to deal with them it’s going to be a problem. They are going to be a problem. Yes, basically they suck the life out of you. Are you ready to make a change? No, I don’t mean time to quit your job, your relationship or your life! It’s time to understand what it is that is really driving you crazy. You may be surprised. You will learn how to respond to the behavior that drives you crazy in a way that empowers a change in the behavior. You will learn about yourself, your talents and strengths, your needs and your triggers. What is really triggering you, really driving you crazy? Guess what? This awareness alone has an amazing impact. It can empower you to be the best you, while allowing others to be their best selves too. Does this sound good? Let's get started!


BA Rutgers University

Majors - Economics, Accounting

Minor - Computer Information Systems


Strengths Strategy Certified Coach

Strengths Mastery Certification


Board Member, Atlanta Theatre-to-Go

Site Coordinator, Regnum Christi Family Missions

Team Leader, Walking With Purpose - Good Shepherd Church

Job History:

1994-Present Actor - Theatre, Film & TV, Commercial, Industrial, V/O

2001- Present Nebula Performing Arts - Director/Instructor

2015-2018 Cornerstone School - Technology & Drama Teacher

2012-2014 St. John Bosco Academy - Teaching Assistant

2003-2011 Pinecrest Academy - Technology& Drama Teacher

2000-2003 Holy Redeemer School - Teaching Assistant

1996-2000 Norcross First Baptist Preschool - Teacher

1989-1996 McBurney Corporation - Systems Analyst/Project Manager

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