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Elevating engagement and confidence of high-performing/high potential professionals, by capitalizing on each person’s unique talents.

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FOR INDIVIDUAL PROFESSIONALS (Strengths-based Executive Coaching):

>Are you an enthusiastic corporate professional looking to dial up your workplace impact? >Do you seek to better navigate the intricate “web” of interpersonal workplace politics? >Do you wish to position yourself as a stronger, more confident and effective leader? >Ever wonder what unique talents you might have which could to elevate your work performance?

FOR HR AND TEAM LEADERS (Strengths-based Executive Coaching & Workshops, & Team Engagement Inventory:

>Do employees know their unique talents, and are they confident on how to apply them for greater impact? >Are your teams truly engaged? Because engaged teams will outperform disengaged teams nearly every time! >Do you have a validated tool to confirm your answer to the above question to ...provide consistent results over time and across teams? ...identify specific areas which might be suppressing engagement? ...inform which actionable steps will drive up engagement and, therefore, results?

Because we’ve all been there. Thinking we know what will engage our teams only to learn we guessed wrong. Or realizing that what once was the most important issue to the team, has imperceptibly morphed into another, more pressing challenge. You need a common understanding of what engagement is, and how to break it down to actionable strategic plan. There are so many factors that can influence engagement, even the savviest leader simply can’t guess their way through the employee engagement maze. And, you need to really understand the unique talents of your team members to put those strengths to work for maximized performance!

OUR SERVICES: >Strengths-based executive coaching for high performing/potential employees (6 or 12mo’s) -Includes one or more assessments relevant to the specific individual -Employee-led development plan designed to elevate talents -Bi-monthly coaching sessions -Coordination with HR/Management (if contracted by employer, versus direct engagement) -Leadership Executive Summary Report (if contracted by employer, versus direct engagement)

>Team Engagement Inventory for team leaders -Engagement Assessment deployed to team members -Summary report findings to team leader -Strategic discussion with team leader on how to debrief team & develop a concrete action plan to impact engagement

>Strengths-based workshops to empower professionals to harness their unique talents to maximize workplace performance -Strengths-based Assessment, deployed to participants well in advance of workshop -One-on-one debriefs conducted prior to workshop -1/2 or Full day Strengths Discovery workshop -Follow up participant engagement to engrain learning; format customized to client need

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