Debby Rauch Lissaur

Randolph, New Jersey

Soar Coach since October 2018

About Debby

I dial up workplace engagement through team and individual assessments, & through strengths-based executive coaching & leadership development

WHAT I BELIEVE: I believe when we are clear on our natural talents, our confidence is bolstered, and we become more willing to take risks in service of that which is more important to us than our irrational doubts and fears.

...Because we all have doubts. ...Even highly confident people do. We are, after all, only human.

I believe barriers and conflict between people melt away as they begin to truly appreciate their own unique talents as well as seeing value in the natural gifts of others.

I believe that maximized talent appreciation and workplace application of those talents exponentially increases our impact -- both individually and as a collective.

First and foremost, I believe in positivity, kindness and personal responsibility.

MY BACKGROUND: I spent nearly 30 years in the corporate world, in both the advertising and pharmaceutical sectors prior to officially becoming a strengths-based executive coach and leadership development facilitator.

I know what it's like to be an advertising professional servicing clients, as well as what it's like to wear the client-side hat, and the challenges that come with each. I also understand that the pharmaceutical industry comes with unique challenges due to FDA regulation and restriction, having worked on both OTC, DTC and animal care product initiatives. I have worked with brand management marketing professionals to help them up their own professional game, and have helped to develop their staff to become stronger, confident leaders.

While not a requirement, I think it's a tremendous benefit to work with a coach or leadership development facilitator who has firsthand experience in the day-to-day and/or bigger picture challenges of their clients for two reasons: 1) Minimal time will need to be spent explaining the client's environment, and, 2) The coach/facilitator will likely to engage with their client in a much more relevant, contextual way.

Major companies with whom I have worked include: Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Coca Cola, Molson Breweries, Lever Brothers, JVC Electronics, ZenithMedia, Saatchi & Saatchi, Moxie USA, Ogilvy Healthworld, and have had significant interaction with media companies such as Hearst, Meredith, Conde Nast, Gannett, ABC/Disney among others,

I have also been hired directly for private coaching engagements by a wide range of professional people looking to take their already solid performance to the next level..

CERTIFICATIONS: I am passionate about finding tools which enlighten people about their fabulous selves.

CLIFTONSTRENGTHS® (formerly called StrengthsFinder®) is my favorite, as no two people's results are alike! Tailored for the workplace, real-world application is easy. Results encourage people to develop the highest impact version of themselves, especially if they have access to a Gallup-certified coach who can interpret simple results with surprising depth!


Because I have a passion around learning and general self improvement, my certification quest will probably never end. There are always new, exciting things to learn, absorb and teach the world. It's in my DNA.

WORKSHOPS: THE BIGGER GAME EXPERIENCE™ - I am a Certified Trainer of this unique, energizing workshop offering a strategic framework to address any issue - either work related or not. It's simple, fun and innovative, allowing for both linear and non-linear thinking, and by using this framework, you will never be "stuck" again! Teams generally respond enthusiastically to this material.

IGNITEDNATION@WORK - I am the Co-Founder of this powerful in-person nine-month women's leadership initiative, designed to inspire women leaders to be the confident, creative, collaborative and conscious.

CLIFTONSTRENGTHS® DISCOVERY COURSE (1/2 or full day) - I have been certified by the Gallup Organization to conduct this great introduction to the world of talent appreciation.

GALLUP Q12 ENGAGEMENT SURVEY: I have also been trained by Gallup to administer this survey to teams in order to identify areas in which managers might elevate engagement (and thereby increase productivity and profit)

I am happy to customize training based on the needs of your organization.

EDUCATION:: -I was graduated cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania -I was certified by both the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the International Coach Federation (ICF) for my coach training. (I have also had training by ORSC™ - Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching, and Team Coaching International.)

ACHIEVEMENTS: *BEST-SELLING CO-AUTHOR of the collaborative book called Turning Talents Into Strengths:

*GUEST BLOGGER for the Gallup Organization:



CONTACT ME TO CREATE A SOLUTION THAT'S RIGHT FOR YOU! Whether you represent a company, looking to develop your employees*, or you are an individual seeking professional development, let's discuss how we might unlock and elevate all that potential. Because there's so much in there!

(*Note: Just because you are a small company, doesn't mean you can't have access to world-class employee development! We can bring in turn-key workshops and strengths-based executive coaching requiring virtually no work by you!)

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