Pari Smart

Addison, Texas

Soar Coach since October 2018

About Pari

Helping People Discover Their Strengths and Leverge Their Possibilities

There are 2 main reasons people use me as their coach. The first reason is that they are a leader of teams and want to increase accountability, strengthen group morale, or improve team productivity. If this sounds like you, let me create a tailored program for you. Your program might be a 1/2 day team-building workshop or it could be a full day of development with follow-up sessions and individual coaching. It's your team, your goals, my passion.

The second reason people call me is they, individually, are ready to discover their possibilities for success. Using the Clifton Strength Finder's Assessment as our starting point we will uncover your Talent DNA and really understand what makes! From this place I help reach their goals- personally and professionally. Examples of goals we can reach using the Strength Finders include finding a job you are passionate about, improving your relationships, and creating strategies to take you to the next level of professional success.

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years, but time flies when you are having fun. I have been coaching and training since 1998 and have worked in corporate board rooms, the non-profit arena, institutions of higher education, and one-on-one with people all over the country. I have great insight and when my Empathy and Communication talents start working together clients frequently tell me that I am able to put their thoughts into the words they "just hadn't been able to find."

I am a life-long learner and hold national certifications through • The Gallup Association • Association for Talent Development (ATD) • Talent Smart • The Center for Teacher Effectiveness • Institute of Organization Development (IOD) • American Council on Exercise (ACE).

I have a degree in Broadcast Management from the University of Kansas and a MBA from Georgia State University. Here's a fun fact about me – I am a travel- adventure junkie and when it comes to food- the spicier the better. I am looking forward to working with you or your team to uncover your possibilities for success.

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