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Diessenhofen, Switzerland, Thurgau, CHE

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About Ralph

Using CliftonStrengths and Spiral Dynamics, I help people and companies to understand themselves and their culture.

I am a StrengthsFinder coach, helping people to find excellence in their work and life through knowing their individual talents and strengths, go-to strategies and blind spots. This helps them to know themselves better, find greater fulfilment and involvement in what they do, and leverage team work with much more success.

My own experience and unusual mix of strengths usually adds a fresh view point and helps to get things unstuck. Let me tell you a bit about this:

My top strengths are:

Ideation – I cannot stop coming up with ideas. I will not force them on you, nor will I implement them for you. Instead of giving you a fish, I will teach you to fish. I will connect the seemingly unrelated.

Learning – Give me something new, and I will research it for you with fervor. You can expect an in depth analysis of your problem.

Deliberative – I spot risks and implement things with caution. This is important, as most of the things I propose are "outside of the box".

Intellect – I love to exchange concepts with you as an intelligent person. This makes sure that the ideas and results I come up with do not stay in my brain or remain black box implementations for you. You will know in depth the why, how, and what. By the way: our brain is a gift of God and is to be used.

Futuristic – Not that I am a prophet, but I can imagine the place you want to be and go after it.

Let me put it in a formula:

As I see the future, I generate a ton of ideas about how to get there, think through them thoroughly and learn what is necessary to deliberately and carefully do it without leaving you behind so you can bring it about.

In addition, I am a certified Spiral Dynamics practitioner.

Humans evolve in their abilities cope with more and more complex ideas and problems. They see their world differently depending on their life circumstances. Spiral Dynamics allows you to understand others and yourself better.

Personally, I see the world as a mesh of divergent individuals and cultures with increasingly complex dynamics. In this world, the human being is a deep mystery. I fulfil the functions necessary to meet the needs of the situation, the person or organisation in front of me.

I adopt an overarching view of complex dynamic systems and can clearly understand and explain their essential operation. In seeking synergy, I am able to make my specific contribution in a manner that coheres with other people's contributions. I can let time work to my advantage and am capable of unconventional interventions and of actions that transcend my personal interests.

I am flexible, unorthodox, with an eye for how things interrelate, able to deal with uncertainties, able to find my way in complex and confusing situations, unafraid to exit situations in which I have no more contributions to make.

When the going gets tough I trust that crisis and chaos are a natural part of life that lead to renewal and if under pressure then I am the eye of the hurricane. In addition, I feel that in times of crisis, a society should be able to endure not-knowing.

Short Personal Bio

I worked as a computer programmer, software architect, project manager and CTO for more than 30 years. In addition, I am a life long learner. I studied history, math, computer sciences, artificial intelligence, and theology. My hunger for the new has left me with no formal title, but broad knowledge and interests.

Since 2012, I am a pastor-teacher in a local Christian church and an international network of churches.

I love to combine and connect concepts and tools, such as the vertical model of CliftonStrengths and the horizontal model of Spiral Dynamics.

My ideal is to be seen as an independent person who does what he has to do and breaks convention when needed. My ideal work environment is able to create breakthroughs through willingness to let go of old solutions to find radical and sustainable ones. I wish for a world in which everyone is equal but not the same and we treat people according to their needs, capacities and readiness.

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