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Helping coaches increase their visibility in the marketplace to fill their coaching calendars and grow their practice.

If you’re a coach you’ve probably felt alone from time to time, like you have to do it all. You may have come out of training with your gold-lettered certificate from your coaching program, ready to launch your business and coach all of those amazing people and then… you start to realize that there’s more to launching a coaching practice than just hanging out your shingle.

You may have had a bit of initial success -- a client or two, a team or two, or an inside opportunity that you had in your back pocket. But frustration settles in pretty quickly when new business doesn’t just roll right in. That brings anxiety followed by blame and shame. You feel alone and start to question the vision you had when you embarked on creating a successful coaching practice.

Do you have what it takes? How do you find clients that pay? How can you do what you love and feed your family, too?

Many coaches quit or go get a job and give up on their dreams of helping people in the way they know they were born to do.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Coaches shouldn’t have to focus more on the business than on coaching. Every coach should feel confident telling people what they do and what they offer.

What you do matters.

If you’re a coach who is anywhere on that journey, then know that I’ve been there and understand the struggle. I’ve made stupid decisions that cost me money and made me want to throw in the towel and quit.

You could keep trying to figure it all out on your own. Or you could take a risk on another training program or distract yourself by pursuing another accreditation, only to end up with an empty calendar (and an empty bank account).

Or maybe you just need a “guide by your side.” Countless numbers of coaches have been where you are and have made their way through the struggle into vibrant, fully engaged coaching practices.

It’s a simple process to get started:

*Schedule a FREE Discovery Call (www.RhondaBoyle.com).

*We develop a personalized plan for you.

*We execute a plan to grow your practice.

Imagine what it will be like for you with a FULL coaching calendar! Imagine having confidence in promoting your coaching practice! See yourself winning more clients and having a vibrant, expansive business!

What you do is too important to give up. If we don’t get that from you, then who?

Send me a note through the box on the sidebar. Or schedule that call at www.RhondaBoyle.com.

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Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

Strengths Strategy Strengths Coach

Law of Attraction Facilitator Certification

Transformation training through:

Synergy Education

Landmark Worldwide


School of Hard Knocks

Nearly six decades of life!

Awards and Recognition

Host as Leader, Leadership Rhode Island

Best Selling Author of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation

Best Selling Author of Driven Success: Failures to Avoid and Wins to Go After

Highlighted in Documentary: Driven

Job History

1980-1993 - FedEx Corporation

1993-2011 - Homeschooling Mom, Teacher, Mentor

2011-2012 - BizGrow Networking Company - Business Development

2012-2014 - LegalShield Associate - Director

2014-Present - Coach, Consultant, Strengths Evangelist

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