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Focused on the performance development of individuals and their organisation through a strengths approach.

I am passionate and enthused about the benefit that I have seen through strengths based coaching with my clients. I have coached business leaders, education leaders and teachers, third sector leaders and private individuals. All of which have found strengths coaching to be insightful, transformative and impactful. I have skills and experience developed from a rich range of interesting working environments before coaching and now a range of clients experiences to draw upon form my coaching. My own strengths speak to the natural fit that strengths coaching is for me and I am commited to you achieving the objectives you wish to pursue through strengths coaching. My abilities as a coach are rooted in my own strengths understanding and utilisation, here is a brief description of my leading strengths: 1. Strategic – It enables me to find the best option. It is a distinct way of thinking, a perspective that sees patterns and possibilities, where others simply see complexity. 2. Communication – I like to explain, describe, present, and write. This strength is why my communication piques peoples’ interest, sharpens their world, and inspires them to act. 3. Activator – I find that action is my best device for learning. I make a decision, take action, and learn. It keeps my thinking fresh and holds my reputation not by what I say or think, but by what I get done. 4. Connectedness – Some may call it the collective unconscious. I gain confidence from knowing that we are all part of a larger picture. My awareness of these responsibilities creates a value system, making me a bridge builder for people. 5. Individualisation – I am intrigued by the special and distinct qualities of each person. I instinctively observe each person’s style, motivations, relationships. I tailor my style to accommodate other people’s strengths and draw out the best in them.

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Richard is an experienced and successful coach, working with business leaders, education leaders, students and parents. He uses a strengths-based approach to see how we best operate when we know and utilise our talents and strengths, as opposed to our deficiencies and weaknesses. Richard’s career began as a youth worker, running youth provisions and services and then as an education and employment specialist for serious and prolific offenders in the youth justice system. This was followed by moving into central government, working in the Department for Education, Department for Work & Pensions and Public Health England, developing and implementing national policy. In recent years, Richard has been offering his consultancy services to the education sector on issues such as, emotional wellbeing and intelligence, pastoral and behavioral strategies, staff welfare and leadership development. This ultimately led to training and accreditation, through Gallup, as a strengths based coach. Richard is passionate about coaching individuals towards being the best version of themselves, with the expressed intent to find near perfect performance and effectiveness of their teams. Having worked with many clients, across different sectors, the outcomes and benefits have been significant for both the individual and their organisations.

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