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Bringing hope and clarity to women of all ages by helping to identify and unlock their unique brilliance through strengths discovery and development.

Hi Friend! I am so happy you’re here! What’s on your mind? Are you stuck? Uncertain about your direction? Are you looking for your unique brilliance? Are you wondering who God create you to be? Maybe you’re wondering what’s next? Or what else there is? Or where the heck your confidence went?

This noisy, weakness focused world is happy to give you the answers to all your questions. In fact, sometimes it feels as if the world can be so loud and persistent that we can’t hear or see our true selves and it leaves us even more confused! Your Personal Success Coach can help you find the answers that are specific to you – not what the world is screaming in your ear. You are meant to have a personal mission, distinct from anyone else, and Coaching can help you connect with that mission! Women of all ages have found clarity of direction and a renewed sense of purpose through the ESP coaching approach. ESP will take you on a journey where you will Explore, Strategize, and Play to your unique gifts and talents. You will explore who you are at your best, what you need to show up as that best self, and what might trip you up, causing you to show up as less than your best.

Through the use of several assessments, including the Clifton Strengths Assessment, we explore what makes you extraordinary. We look for evidence of who you are when you show up as your best self, what that looks like, and how you can bless your world with that brilliance! In addition to learning your strengths, you’ll discover what conditions need to be present for you to be at your best, and what might cause you to show up as “less than your best”. Next, you’ll be guided to create your personal plan, which includes specific strategies designed to, not only help you tap into your distinct genius and unlock your full potential, but also to mitigate your weak areas through effective strengths use.

Having discovered who God created you to be, and having developed some helpful strategies, it’s time for you play! Play to your brilliance, Play to your strengths! It’s time to bring what only you have, to the people you love, to your circle of influence, to the world! Are you ready to discover or re-connect with your God given purpose? Are you ready to see and embrace who God created you to be? Are you ready to bless your family, friends and the world in a way only you can? The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be!! Let’s do this!! Please contact me soon to start your journey! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Short Personal Bio

Hi There! Although I’d really rather hear about you, I realize you might like a little back ground on me, before you choose me as your personal success coach! So here goes!....

Professionally, for more than 25 years, my passion has been to empower and support women just like you, by helping you see and unlock your unique brilliance. When you discover your greatness, and tap into your full potential, you can live a life of meaning and purpose, while successfully navigating this fast paced, ever changing world. I am a Certified Life and Strengths Strategies Master Coach, and People Acuity Specialist, with additional certifications and licensing in, Effective Communication, Marriage and Family, Feminine Genius, Mother-Care, Mission – Woman, Boundaries, Spiritual Gifts, Spiritual Formation, SSOP, and Faith-based Community building.

Personally, I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 38 years (which seems to be a wonderous feat these days)!! and we’ve been incredibly blessed with 8 truly amazing and fascinating human beings, who have in turn blessed us with more little people! YAY! We’re up to 11 grandkids…. And we’re just beginning! You can imagine this crew provides LOTS of interesting moments!

Some other tid-bits you might like to know (I’d like to know them about you!). I love… The simple things, people, my family, deep meaningful conversation, brainstorming new ideas and possibilities, to travel and see my out of town peeps, camping, “being” over “doing” with family and friends, walks in the woods or along the beach, animals of all kinds, creating, dreaming, and I love getting to know and walk with women like you!!

My top five strengths are Strategic, Maximizer, Belief, Individualization, and Activator. I enjoy a strengths-based approach to life and would love to get to know you and help you unlock your God given strengths, so you can live your legacy and bless the world! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! Love, Ruth

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