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Are you a new expat wife? I can help you thrive and find fulfillment with your relocation! Are you struggling to keep your blood sugar and pressure levels in line? I can help you reach optimal levels! Come now, let’s discover a new healthier & positive you

Shahani is the creator of Honey & Queen, a lifestyle blog dedicated to expat wives like herself, discussing food travel and motivation- to reinvent, rediscover and encourage expat partners to follow their dreams. Recently she ventured into a new adventure with her health and wellness blog- healthy hive, sharing tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle, with her background in medicine and passion for holistic health and wellness, she is keen to help and motivate anyone who needs that extra push to achieve healthier life goals.

Many call her “sunshine- her positive energy and compassion shining through,” and Shahani herself likes to describe herself as a dreamer – “You can make anything happen if your heart is in the right place.“

Short Personal Bio

She is currently pursuing her dream of becoming a doctor at the Kotalawala Defense University Sri Lanka, and wants to start her own center specialized for children with special needs providing both medical and educational help. While studying she has also volunteered in many health camps around Sri Lanka to help those in need of medical service. She is also an enthusiastic teacher who loves children and has been teaching both in Sri Lanka and Hong Kong helping young children explore their creativity and potential.

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