Sharri Harmel

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Soar Coach since November 2018

About Sharri

Midlife & Beyond Women who are looking to design a fabulous next life stage!

Design Your MidLife & Beyond is right for you IF you are…. *Thinking of starting a business… after raising your children or following an involuntary retirement from a traditional career? *Contemplating re-entering the workforce but want a completely new career direction. *Planning an end date for your corporate career and uncertain of what’s next but you have folders filled with ideas. *Yearning for something more after trying out “retirement” but not sure what steps to take next.

EACH COACHING RELATIONSHIP IS CUSTOMIZED TO YOU, SO WE WILL FOCUS ON YOU AND YOUR SPECIFIC STICKY AREAS. TOGETHER WE’LL…. *Challenge any dysfunctional beliefs and ungrounded fears that you might hold for this stage of your life *Assess roles you’ve had in the past and determine what you need in your next role to be challenged, appreciated, and feel you are contributing. *Identify those strengths and talents you’ve always had and explore ways to use them in your new plan. *Explore those many next stage ideas you have, using design prototyping methods to determine your true fit and interest. *Explore whether your impact and engagement in the new direction is aligned with your values and lifeview. *Conclude with developing your own action plan for this next life stage.

Ladies, we are not our grandmothers or even our mothers. We are living longer, and as a result, have many more life stages. There is no longer a set age when we should sit back and consume experiences rather than actively contribute to the world around us.

Plus our talents and strengths don’t turn off when we reach a certain milestone. Happiness is generated when we continue to use our strengths to contribute to the community around us and engage in roles that energize and excite us.

Design Your MidLife & Beyond coaching makes the difference. Good design is never done in isolation and that is why coaching works. Working with me, you’ll have created and begin living your unique well-designed life that excites you and moves your happiness meter upwards.

Contact me if you want to learn more about getting started.

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