Susan Boush

Epsom, New Hampshire

Soar Coach since December 2018

About Susan

I help students & parents minimize college debt by selecting an educational/career path that is a good fit based on the students' talents, interests, values, and personality.

Who, What, Where, When, and Why!

Who: Mainly high school students who don’t know what career path to follow or college students who find they are not on a good career path. I can also help adults that want to make a career transition.

What: I use assessments to help clients understand their talents, interests, skills, values, and personalities so they can select a good career fit. These include MBTI, Strong Interest Inventory, SkillScan, and Talent2Strength. I am professionally certified in all of these.

Where: I work virtually using Skype or Zoom to conduct sessions with students and/or their families.

When: I am available for client sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Some Saturday sessions can be arranged. The first session of 30 minutes is free to see if we are a good fit. Depending on which assessments are used we could meet for 75 minutes once a week for 2-4 weeks.

Why: I have a deep concern for students that go into serious debt in order to finish college and try to find a job they enjoy. If majors are changed, college years can be extended and debt increased. This debt can be very burdensome and affect people for many years. By doing these assessments first, most students will select a good career match, finish college in four years or less and have less debt.

I come from an educational background and have an MA in Social Science with an Emphasis in Human Resource Development. I have lived cross culturally for 41 years and used my expertise to help those I trained as well as my four children. While overseas I served for two years in an international high school as the guidance counselor. I have been doing Career Advising full time in the US for the last five years. Because of my background, I have a good understanding of the concerns that parents have of bringing their kids to the US for college. I would love to help young people explore their options and engage in activities to find their ideal career and ultimately their dream job.

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