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Susan Kearney

Falls Church, Virginia, USA

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Soar Coach since September 2018

About Susan

I Help Accomplished Women Professionals Become Successful C-Suite Executives

I am a leadership, organization effectiveness, and change management nerd who uses Gallup Strengths and Team Coaching International as the foundation of my coaching toolkit.

My top 5 Strengths are: Relator, Strategic, Ideation, Maximizer, and Self Assurance..

I live in the Washington, DC area and work with clients all over the U.S.

Short Personal Bio

Growing up as a professional in the technology industry I was generally the only woman in the room. While I was able to climb the management ranks to the C-Suite, it was a long slog with few female role models or mentors to help along the way. Unfortunately, things are not that different today. I want to change that, so I have developed the C-Suite Bound coaching program to help ambitious and accomplished women professionals leap from the ranks of middle management to the most senior executive levels and thrive while they are there. My special sauce is that I combine Strengths-based coaching with lessons learned in the trenches as a C-Suite leader to help women understand the unique thinking and behavior required of top executives.

I also practice as a Partner with Newport, a boutique advisory firm comprised of experienced senior operating executives and board directors that helps owners and CEOS of middle market companies grow, improve, and sell their businesses. My role with them is CEO advisor, board director, or interim executive. Of course, I use Strengths with all of my clients to help them develop more effective leaders, teams, and cultures.

I am also an advocate for equity in education, having spent 15 years as a member of my local K-12 school and community college boards. As a rookie children's book author I hope to help our youngest readers discover and fall in love with the critters that make the oceans and beaches special so that they will protect that ecosystem as they grow up.

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