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Miami Beach, Florida, USA

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If you are a business owner or a sales person please schedule your FREE business makeover today.

You know how business owner get too jammed up working in their business to work ON their business? Well in a free business makeover I help align the most important tasks with the business owners strengths. The result is a "shock" to their business resulting in a windfall profit followed by general overall happiness. Let's face it, everyone likes doing what they are good at especially when it results in more profits. To schedule your makeover just contact me here and I will respond right away.

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My coaching philosophy is to try before you buy. Yes, I use a strengths based approach and offer both business and life coaching. I offer a FREE makeover for either your business or your personal well being. I am one of less than 100 people world wide to have received an MBA in Strengths Based Leadership Development. This was a joint program offered through Gallup University, Oxford, The University of Toyota and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I graduated in 2005 and as a part of the program I also worked with a Gallup Executive Coach for 3 years after the program. My e-mail is and feel free to reach out to schedule your free 2 hour makeover for either your business or your life. Looking forward to meeting you soon.

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