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Bloomington, Minnesota

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Soar Coach since July 2018

About Todd

My name is Todd Maas and I am the Founder of Relatus Consulting in Minnesota. As a Strengths coach, I specialize in Relational StrengthsFinder Experiences for Individual and Teams. You can visit for more information.

StrengthsFinder History:

I was introduced and started working with StrengthsFinders in 2001. Ever since that time, I have been using StrengthsFinders as a way to help students, adults, co-workers, and organizational leaders realize their greatest opportunity for growth and success is understanding their talents.

When it comes to my coaching:

At one point, I thought I was good at taking people from Point A to Point B. Then after watching me work another StrengthsFinder Consultant said:

You don't take people from Point A to B. You take them from Point A to Point F. You see people exactly where they are and then where they can go in the future!

I think it is my Relator Talent Theme that has popped in and out of my Top 5 that colors the type of experience people receive when they work with me. I look forward to the honor of working with you.

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