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Hey! I’m Anugreh, an Indian born, Bahrain raised, Australia trained, USA based, certified Gallup Strengths Coach. I mentioned all the places I have lived so you know that regardless of what cultural background you come from, you can be assured that I can understand you and the unique issues you face. In Australia, I earned my BA in Theology, studied Leadership for two years and was mentored by World Class Leaders.

I specialize in helping people find their edge.

If you’ve ever wondered what makes you stand out. If you’ve ever thought what can you uniquely contribute to, whether it be your work team or society as a whole. Then I’m your guy, I can help you find your edge.

Years ago my mentor asked me to take the CliftonStrengths assessment (in short, its an assessment that helps you discover what you naturally do best) he then invited me into a group coaching session he was attending. I was floored. That coaching session was a significant moment for me. The next day I woke up keenly aware of what makes me unique and the value I bring to the table and you better believe I put myself to work! I looked for opportunities to use my strengths to be more successful and I have not stopped since. Now, I want the same for you!

When you operate out of your strengths and use it to help you win in whatever situation is right in front you, you will notice an immediate increase in productivity, engagement with work and life satisfaction. You will begin to dominate in your specific sphere and will reap the rewards of having a unique edge.

If this sounds like something you, your team, or organization needs to learn please contact me.

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