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About Bianca

As a Team Performance Specialist and Strengths-based Human Potential Coach, I strengthen Leaders and their teams to improve results, relationships, and revenue. I facilitate strengths-based culture shift, including diversity & inclusion initiatives.

As a USAF Veteran, and after spending 20 years in sales as a Financial and Wealth Advisor, I understand teams and the corporate environment where performance is rewarded. I redesigned my work to more fully align to with my strengths to advise, coach, lead and facilitate collaborative results. I founded Capo Integrated Strengths and became a Strengths-based Human Potential Coach and Trainer.

I now specialize in how to access your (personal and/or team's) "superpowers" and facilitate the development of Strengths-based Integrated Whole-self Leaders™, interdependent diverse collaborative teams, and company-wide strengths-based culture shifts.

I am able to evoke the potential in individuals and teams by helping them discover their unique roadmap to their highest self and the "how" to have more satisfying relationships, careers, and increase physical energy and well-being. It is all connected, it works, and it's science-based.

Short Personal Bio

My secret sauce? Yep. I have one...

1- My team strengths and expertise in different areas.

2- My leadership training and employee development programs consider the symbiotic nature of the mind-body connection and its impact on performance, leadership, and decision making. Because of this, I can guarantee that transformation in relationships, results, and revenue will happen.

3- I have learned how to access my "inner-tools." As a Mindfulness practitioner and my own personal journey to enhance my health, energy, and performance, I understand how to "hack" our biology and psychology to meet the challenge of living a "productive" life, fight back the effects of stress, and self-lead to become an effective leader. I bring those tools to a robust and whole-self training program that will shift a person and a workplace environment.

All training, coaching, and retreats for Strengthen-TheTeam™ | StrengthenHER™ | Strengthen-TheLEADERSHIP™ | Strengthen-TheSalesTeams™ and LeadershipBIOHACKING™ integrate evidence-based strengths psychology, emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing principles, alongside the neuroscience of multiple brain integration, and mindfulness.

My business mission statement: To provide our corporate and individual clients with an innovative, science-backed and applicable strengths-based development program improving ROI, relationships, and well-being to boldly influence, execute, and purposefully live.

Bottom line: I facilitate a more effective leader, interdependent collaborative team, and company-wide strengths-based culture shifts, including diversity and inclusion initiatives, that improve engagement, retention and a happier more productive workplace environment.

I am certified as:

Gallup Strengths Coach

Bulletproof™ Human Potential Coach

Strengths Strategy Inc., Certified Strengths Coach

Institute for Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach

ChFC®, Chartered Financial Consultant®

mBIT Certified Coach, (Multiple Brain Integration Technique)

Mindfulness Practitioner and Facilitator

Capo Integrated Strengths Company is a minority and Veteran owned business. ** I have powerful testimonials, not on this platform. Contact me for the PDF at bianca@strengthentheteam.com.

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