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Brent Boeckman

Austin , Texas, USA
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I am a passion-driven individual who is focused on helping you develop exceptional employees, leaders, and high-performing cultures. My mission is to maximize organizational effectiveness by maximizing the people within it.

With over a decade of experience in talent development, sales, and sales enablement, I have a proven track record of unlocking individual potential. I was the winner of the Microsoft Global Sales Demo Award in 2013, 4x President’s Club achiever at Verizon, Microsoft, and Malwarebytes, as well as the recipient of the CLO Learning in Practice Award in 2018. I have worked closely with early-stage startups, small businesses, multi-billion dollar corporations, and individually with tech innovators such as Steve Ballmer (prior CEO of Microsoft).

I’m not only passionate about solving problems, but I’ve done it before. Let’s create lasting results that will help your business thrive.

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Paul Lessley

Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA
I help individuals with addiction issues navigate the recovery process that works for them.
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It all started in August of 2010. My recovery that is. I had just been released from a hospital in Mesa Arizona after spending three days there getting my cardiac enzymes back in order. I was just 35.

As I was walking back to my rented room in what used to be a sober house I felt like I was on top of the world. I hadn’t felt this good in a long time. I don’t know if it was the Ativan they had been giving me in my IV but for the first time I didn’t have a case of the jitters. I distinctly remember thinking that I would never drink again, after all what kind of a person calls 911 on themself because of a mixture of vodka and stifling heat, and drinks again?

Not 2-hours later I had another pint of cheap vodka in my hand. Although I hesitated to break the seal and take that first sip, I did it anyway. It made me gag, followed by a little breakdown. What in the hell was I doing? I had just gotten out of the hospital because of the clear poison that I clearly drank too much of. Insanity!

Then I did something I had never done before, I called an old friend and asked for help.

Although he lived an hour away he promised to make a few calls and come pick me up. A couple hours later, he did just that. And then he took me to the county detox center. What a hell-hole that place was. It smelled of vomit and a variety of other bodily fluids, but apparently that’s where alcoholics like me belonged.

They wouldn’t take me because the breathalyzer they gave me after hours of waiting in the lobby read all zeros and I’d only had one tiny sip of vodka in the past three days. They did however, hook me up with a sober living “home” and my recovery began.

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John Money

Avon, Indiana, USA
I encourage and inspire more faith and more fullness.....Jesus wants to make us whole and holy in His love...I am here to help you flourish in your next phase of transformation.
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