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Annalee Ash

, North Carolina, USA
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With over forty years work experience I can say emphatically that knowing my innate talents and strengths has made the biggest impact on my life and is now my calling, both in business and personally. Knowing the how and why of my beliefs, actions, my talents and strengths has empowered me, even at this stage of life. It's never too late to gain insight and elevate one's recognition of self. With twenty-five years experience in design, real estate, sales and marketing, and twenty years in hospitality, I enjoy doing what I do best on a daily basis and I encourage others to do the same. Fifteen+ years working with Ritz-Carlton Gold Standards and my coaching experience with colleagues, clients and friends new and old, I preach life and employee engagement . It leads to customer engagement, working with a purpose and increased revenue. All of my real estate/ hospitality experience lends itself to exceeding the needs and expectations of clients, and customers, serving the community - and isn't this why we are here? To serve others. To transform something that is good to great, from strong to stronger, or to see a need and build a way to provide services needed. Personally I need to have fun along the way, and I lead with connecting others. In the past I've increased profits by over 115%, simply by doing what made sense - connecting, maximizing, having fun, being adaptable and empathetic. It works. And what a world this will be when families, educators, community and civic leaders, business and faith-based congregations can lead their lives from a position of knowing their unique innate talents and strengths.

Do what you love to do best every day. Imagine that. It's possible. Engage in every aspect of your life. Discover and deliberately live your strengths. Discover your talents and Live with purpose. It's my calling to assist you. Authentically. With caring and kindness.

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Brent Boeckman

Austin , Texas, USA
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I am a passion-driven individual who is focused on helping you develop exceptional employees, leaders, and high-performing cultures. My mission is to maximize organizational effectiveness by maximizing the people within it.

With over a decade of experience in talent development, sales, and sales enablement, I have a proven track record of unlocking individual potential. I was the winner of the Microsoft Global Sales Demo Award in 2013, 4x President’s Club achiever at Verizon, Microsoft, and Malwarebytes, as well as the recipient of the CLO Learning in Practice Award in 2018. I have worked closely with early-stage startups, small businesses, multi-billion dollar corporations, and individually with tech innovators such as Steve Ballmer (prior CEO of Microsoft).

I’m not only passionate about solving problems, but I’ve done it before. Let’s create lasting results that will help your business thrive.

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Aaron Perkins

Singapore , South East, SGP
I help people to transform
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Leadership trainer and coach with 10 years experience facilitating the transformation of individuals and teams during times of uncertainty and change.

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Tassadit Cherfaoui

Strasbourg , Bas-Rhin, FRA
Career Coach and Leadership Advisor
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Human Capital Development Consultant, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation – US, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Meditation Certified Practitioner. With my expertise in Human development by behavioral psychology and people management by leadership, I apply this approach both in business and in personal life.

I’m also an experienced trainer specializing in multi-level communication, leadership development and interculturel Facilator. I appreciate to support individuals and organisation in the field of human consciousness development, coaching and personal accompaniment.

The exceptional combination of passion, interpersonal skills, and management expertise have made me an outstanding nonprofit leader and coach. I’d be more than happy to support you in any situation or project be. Your interest is my priority !

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Joshua Bailey

Mesa, Arizona, USA
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As a business strategist, Joshua repeatedly demonstrates that he is a catalyst for innovation and breakthrough. Unrestrained by convention and driven by a desire to bring the best minds and talents together, Josh embraces his passion for empowering individuals and organizations by taking them to the next level.

Mr. Bailey works with Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Service Professionals, authors, speakers, and corporate executives to:

• Shorten sales cycles

• Open up closed doors

• Dramatically increase the number of referrals you get

• Accelerate revenue opportunities

• Attract bigger deals


Joshua James Bailey is currently the owner of the JJB Consulting Group, on the board of advisors for a Business Growth Firm, the Phoenix Business Cycle, based in Lehi, Utah. He sits on the board where he was previously a managing executive of Beverly Hills marketing and publicity firm Icon Builder Media, board member of a Manhattan-based publishing company Silver Torch Press, advisor and strategist for David T Fagan companies, co-founder CreativeFive catering & restaurant development company, co-founder digital marketing SAAS over 3,500 white label marketing agencies managing projects for its clients.

An online marketing solution and conversion specialist, he is passionate about revolutionizing how small businesses grow. He is also a master trainer and coach who specializes in educating businesses on integrating traditional and digital marketing, as well as how to leverage company assets to maximize marketing performance. Raised in an entrepreneurial family with experience and background in many industries from commercial construction, boat dealership, gun store, ranching, telecommunications and restaurants, he has been able to contribute and grow all sizes of businesses, from startup to enterprise.

His goals are to: empower people to create wealth, create better systems and automation to free up time for families and individuals and liberate them from the fear and frustration that these uncertain times can cultivate. He has and will continue to be part of profitable projects throughout his career, and he loves to connect people to what can help them accomplish their goals, projects, and dreams.

Joshua is deeply involved with Boy Scouts of America, the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints, and the communities in which he lives. He and his beautiful wife Tiffanie have a Girl Named Calypsi Rogue, a boy, Dublin Trail, a girl, Cairo Syrus, a boy, Stellar Jive, a girl, Golden Pixie-Clover, and hopefully more on the way.

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Teresa Devine

Flowery Branch, Georgia, USA
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I'm a passionate 18-year technology leader offering real-world C-level experience aligned with proven corporate leadership programs that drive high-performance fun. My passion is to accelerate servant leadership growth and people strategies that embrace the diversity of individual strengths, talents and viewpoints. When this cultural mindset is embodied, companies will see dramatic results with productive teamwork and customer service with a direct impact on improving the bottom line. Gain a long-term competitive advantage by investing in your greatest asset - the people who choose to walk through the front door of your company every day.

I am leading a movement of strengths-based servant leadership at all levels with our proprietary program LEAD LIKE HEROES. This leadership training program teaches the four values of a HERO mindset and how to activate them at work and in life.

As a technology veteran and real-world executive, I've walked in the shoes at the entry level to the C-level. I bring solid experience and a business point of view that 99.5% of leadership training companies just can't provide. I am armed with executive educations from MIT and Carnegie Mellon along with a Gallup Strengths Coach certification which are limited. Additionally, certified as a John Maxwell Team speaker, leadership trainer and coach.

Our agnostic approach to leadership training empowers our clients with the best thought leaders and methodologies to meet their specific goals vs. shoe-horning a company into one narrow approach or guru's opinion.

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John Money

Avon, Indiana, USA
I encourage and inspire more faith and more fullness.....Jesus wants to make us whole and holy in His love...I am here to help you flourish in your next phase of transformation.
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