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Jay Hidalgo

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
Helping You and Your Organization Move From Where You Are to Where You Can Be.
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Throughout my career, I’ve had the privilege to coach and consult companies such as Herman Miller, Michelin, Eloqua (now part of Oracle), Ariba, General Motors, Medtronic, NCR, Harte-Hanks, Toshiba, Rubbermaid, Act-On Software, Nationwide Children’s Hospital, Haworth, and Pitney Bowes. Although the details change from engagement to engagement, the objective is always the same: Help organizations and individuals get to where they can be.

Certified Five Capitals Coach; Certified StratOp Implementer and Facilitator

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Jill Monaco

Chicago , Illinois, USA
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Hi, I'm Jill. I'm the founder of a non-profit, a speaker, author, and marketing specialist. As an ACC certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I'm passionate about helping you find the FREEDOM you desire. I developed and trademarked Freedom Coaching®, a model that blends prayer and coaching tools. My first book, The Freedom Coach Model®, contains over 20 self guided coaching tools and went to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list.


ENTREPRENEURS - If you want to start or build your business, we come up with a strategy to meet your goals. We start by auditing your brand, mapping out a plan, tackling your mindset and clarifying your life message. I will come alongside you as you set your goals and offer my expertise along the way. This can be a mix of coaching and consulting.

GOAL GETTERS - You are the kind of person that wants to achieve goals – in your personal life, career or relationships. If you are looking for a focused time of goal setting and want to maximize your life, we can work together to come up with a plan to help you fulfill your calling, pursue your passion, discover your purpose or move on to the next stage of life.

FREEDOM SEEKERS - You know you were created for more but something holds you back. You need help discovering what it is and a plan to get where you want to be. Freedom Coaching® blends ministry exercises with coaching tools. We focus on different areas of your life; uncover lies you believe, heal soul wounds and help you hear God’s voice for yourself.

* Discover your strengths

* Gain confidence so you can pursue your dreams.

* Get clarity on your passion, calling and purpose.

* Overcome obstacles that are in your way to success.

* Overcome fear and live courageously.

* Set new goals and live your dreams!


- Goal Getter 90-Min Intensive Coaching – This coaching session is for the person who wants to get clarity, confidence, and courage in one 90-minute power session. We tackle your ideas, dreams or questions and come up with do it now solutions. I’ll review your pre-session goal assessment questionnaire before our call so we can spend our time working on your goals.

- VIP Coaching – Maximize your time and accelerate your breakthrough by meeting with me in person for an entire day. The VIP Coaching Day can focus on relationship coaching, business coaching or goal setting. Clients who invest in the VIP Coaching package receive a full day of private coaching, lunch, and 2 follow up coaching calls.

- Relationship Coaching - Based on the successful group program From Looking To Loving that is only offered a few times a year. It is an intensive 1:1 coaching program for singles who want to go after their breakthrough for marriage in a short time, and who are willing to do the work outside of session appointments. This includes four hours of individual coaching, a workbook, take-home activations and eight hours of recorded teaching.

If you still have questions, I’d be happy to jump on a 15-minute FREE discovery call with you. We can explore your dreams and come up with a plan to get you to the next level. It’s time to accelerate and advance the Kingdom of God!

It would be my honor to walk alongside you during this journey.

Learn more at

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Maggie Harris

Looking at what's great about people to grow successful Marketing organizations
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We are all familiar with the phrase "When a door closes, a window opens." For many, it’s just rhetoric - usually from some well-meaning friend or family member. For me, it is the absolute truth that led me to become an inspired and transformational coach.

I’d always been that kid in whom others could confide and I remember being astonished when people would share their fears and insecurities. I saw (and see) so much in people – things they don’t see are haven’t ever realized. And I told them so!

Fast forward to college where I majored in Communications and then onto a career in Advertising and Marketing. Somewhere along the way, I realized that the part of my job that I loved the most – and where I was most successful – was in relationship building and talent development. In fact, it sometimes felt as if I was the only person who realized how critical the people were to the success of the organization.

So, in 2016 I left a 29-year career in Marketing and Advertising and decided to do what I loved more than anything and I became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Consultant.

I was first introduced to Strengths in 2002 when I was part of a team who brought it to the Advertising agency where I worked. I fell in love. I worked with Strengths for the next 14 years and when I left the agency world in 2016, I knew that it was my calling.

My consulting and coaching focus is in three areas:

1. Leadership (Individuals): I work with leaders of organizations to understand their talents and help them turn those talents into Strengths. Each client is different and requires different approaches. Strengths is the cornerstone, along with creating positive habits and incorporating the principles of Emotional Intelligence. 2. Leadership (Teams): The very best leaders know their strengths and their limitations. The most effective leadership teams are made up of individuals who complement each other and are not only self-aware but know how to self-regulate. The beauty about working with Leadership teams is the positive effect the work can have on an entire organization. 3. Organizations with 10-150 people: From my early years of working with Strengths, I have been worked with teams. Team dynamics is one of my passions and I have been successful at working to identify team strengths and how people can not only be aware of what others bring to the table but accept and embrace the differences. I help create highly engaged teams which lead to higher productivity, positivity, and profit.

My 30 years in Marketing and Advertising provide me with a perspective that many companies appreciate because I have first-hand experience of what many of them face daily. Organizations that are highly creative, high-energy and matrixed are among my most successful clients.

I have worked with Marketing, Advertising and PR companies as well as manufacturing, non-profit and higher education. I prefer small and mid-size companies where I can really get the know the people and understand the mission.

My top five Strengths are Harmony, Positivity, Maximizer, Developer, and Connectedness. I love what I do, and I am fortunate to do what I do best every day.

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Jo Self

Lima, Lima, PER
Get it Right Before it Goes Wrong! Talent & Idea Accelerator to get you there... faster!
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Driven to create lasting, positive results for coaches and other service-based business providers. I am most deeply motivated by and inspired to work with disruptors, innovators and creative leaders to realize their potential, solidify their brand and to create a contagious message that will connect with those who need to hear it most. By using innovative strategies and cutting edge talent tools, we take the blinders off, remove the barriers standing in your way and accelerate you to your success.

As a Talent & Idea Accelerator, I have developed a system designed to get you toward your business goals... faster. Each 4-week program is designed to give you the fundamental building blocks you need to create a strong brand and contagious messaging, a message that aims your talents where they will gain the highest personal fulfillment and the most profound and meaningful impact in the world around you.

1st. Strengths Unleashed: Recognize & embrace the YOU at your very best, unleashing your unique voice and brand in the process 2nd. Branding Basics Masterclass: Develop a memorable elevator pitch and personal story which connects to your ideal audience 3rd. Visual Branding Masterclass: Create a defined style guide, logo, and stockpile of photos on which to build your brand visually 4th. Idea Acceleration Masterclass: Build a well-defined signature program or packages as well as a plan for growth 5th. 360-degree Content Marketing Masterclass: Create one solod article from which you can build a 30 day marketing plan, then lather, rinse & repeat

The question I am most often asked is, "Why do I do what I do?" The most honest response I can give is that I wish there had been a me for me when I was starting out as an entrepreneur back in 2007. I spent a lot of money on all the wrong things thinking it would magically give me the answers – or at least get me a bit closer to success. Frankly, it was frequently the opposite. And even though I knew my CliftonStrengths, I wasn’t making the most of them or using them to their advantage.

In 2015 I had a revelation. I was 42, still no closer to knowing what I wanted to be when I grew up. Couple that with a cancer scare along and a one year old little boy and whoa! It was my wake-up call, my big A-HA! I knew I had to make a change. With a good bit of reflection and honesty (with myself most of all), I realized the one thing that had stayed constant was my love for Strengths. I picked up the phone, called Gallup and 8 weeks later was in Mexico City certifying (in Spanish!) as Peru’s first and only Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

I dream of creating a world where everyone can live to their full potential, talents aren’t wasted and happiness is contagious. As a mompreneur and expat living in Peru, I understand the challenges and rewards that both entail. When I’m not helping others boost their confidence, craft their message and create extraordinary lives, I am often found at the sewing machine, at the movies, enjoying a glass of wine with friends or horsing around with my terribly precocious little boy, affectionately known as O.

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Coleen McCray

Clemmons, North Carolina, USA
Executive/Leadership/Career Coach for Technology Leaders and Attorneys/Lawyers
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As a Certified Executive Coach, Certified Mentor Coach and Certified Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) Practitioner, my style of coaching utilizes assessments, involves asking the right questions, listening carefully to what my clients tell me, identifying their resources (experiences and qualities), assisting them in clarifying their goals, helping them to overcome blocks to success, identify personal standards and develop a high degree of self-care. I use a step-by-step strategy and l help them to continually evaluate their progress. Sample client coaching agendas: • Enhance leadership capacity • Improve negotiation, conflict management and/or influencing skills • Readying leaders for expansion of responsibilities • Exploring change in career path or acceleration of career trajectory • Acclimation to a new undertaking • Succeeding while adjusting to a transition • Building and leading effective teams • Mentor Coaches for ICF credential renewal (I am a Certified Mentor Coach)

Available Assessment Services: • Meyers Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI), FIRO-B • California Psychological Inventory 260 (CPI 260), Campbell Leadership Inventory (CLI), DISC • EQI 2.0/EQI 360, Strengthfinders, Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) • Center for Creative Leadership Assessments – Benchmarks, Executive Dimensions, 360° BY DESIGN, Prospector, SKILLSCOPE • Founding Member of Powersource Coaching Program for Women In Technology International (WITI), Executive Coach with CIO Executive Council (Pathways).

Please contact me at or 336.486.7017.

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Pia Jansson

Woodland Hills, California, USA
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Hey, I’m Pia, your Possibility Coach!

Do you feel like you've lost your mojo in your business or life?

Are your relationships floundering instead of thriving?

Haven't you waited long enough to be the very best you?

You know that there's a gap between what you want and see for yourself, and where you are right now, -- yet you can’t seem to can’t put a finger on how to bridge that gap and it’s frustrating you, isn’t it?

For more than 30 years, I’ve helped build and reorganize entrepreneurial businesses and startups. Building a business from scratch and reorganizing business areas takes experience. As a strategic partner and executive coach, I bring knowledge and insights of what can be created and an understanding of how important it is to tune within to achieve success. When you understand how unique and powerful you are, you’ll engage in life on a different level. You’ll see new possibilities where none existed before. After working with me, you’ll know how to bring your "A Game" to your business, resulting in increased performance, leading to higher profits and scalability.

And isn’t that what you really want?

A business is only as strong as its people. Giving people strategies to become their very best is a win-win for a company or team. A thriving business includes engaged employees who understand who they are and what they bring. We work together to brainstorm, strategize, design and your next steps so you can get clear on where you’re going an how to get there.

For three decades, I’ve invested in myself so that one day YOU could benefit. I’m a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and trained in the Builder Profile, designed to identify your strongest business talents. I’m also an Access Bars® Practitioner, playing in the energy field of Infinite Possibilities.

Isn’t it time for you to discover YOUR possibilities?

Coaching successful men and women who've lost their mojo is what I do! If you want to identify the cause, get clear on what actions you can take to achieve higher levels of success, let’s talk.

I’ll help you rediscover your natural talents so you can improve your performance, become the best version of yourself, and win in every aspect of your life.

More info can also be found on LinkedIn or my website

Connecting People to Possibilities - Rediscover your natural talents. Become the best version of yourself. Re-engage in business and life.

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Denise Keyes Molly Harden

District of Columbia, United States, District of Columbia, USA
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We believe in the art of listening to facilitate individuals and groups in finding their own answers and truths.

All of our engagements are based in deep listening and powerful questioning.

The goal is to unlock your ideas, and overcome any barriers that may be holding you back. This type of change in individuals and teams can be transformational. We create an opportunity to build greater self-awareness, and ultimately emotional intelligence—one of the most sought after traits in employees and leaders.

A few of our favorite things...

Introspection, listening, sparking creativity, clarity & execution through coaching, and a healthy dose of imagination and humor.

We invite you to learn more about us:

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Gregg Frederick

Windermere, Florida, USA
Gregg uses strengths, leadership development and mindset in his proprietary Emerge Coaching program to propel clients to the top 2% in their profession.
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Gregg Frederick, CSE, MBA | CEO G3 Development Group, Inc

Learner | Relator | Competition | Achiever | Responsibility

• University of Nebraska – Gallup Leadership Institute – MBA in Executive Leadership Development • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – B.S. Aviation Business • Certified Peak Performance Mindset Trainer – Mindset Science • Certified Sales Executive – Sales and Marketing Executives International • Certified Gallup Strengths Trainer 2008 • Giant Bicycle, Inc – Director of Sales and Business Development, used Strengths to grow sales $40M in 3 years • Current Coach to C-Suite Executives, Olympic Athletes, World Champions, and International Champions. • Coached, trained and presented strengths to over 2,000 individuals • Owner/President of G3 Development Group and Corazón Communications • Advisory Board of Directors, Sales and Marketing Executives International, Orphancared International

G3 specializes in implementing a strengths-based approach in sales and athletics. We use Strengthsfinder in our Emerge Coaching program, which focuses on strengths development, leadership development, and mindset coaching. G3 Development Group's proprietary coaching method, Emerge Coaching, helps you build self-awareness through strengths (EQ>IQ), effectively trains you to be a leader in your organization through our leadership development programs and prepares you to be in the top tier of your profession with professional peak-performance mindset training. The results of the Emerge Coaching program have been amazing!

As a former Director of Sales, I used strengths as a catalyst to grow sales 42% ($40M) in 3 years at the world's largest bicycle brand. Mapping the strengths of the management and sales teams (50+ employees) and aligning the execution of the strategic objectives around the team members strengths, allowed us to profitably grow revenues 42%, increased employee engagement and motivated the team to outpace the industry. All records for the company at the time.

I thrive with high-achievers with high expectations.

Gregg Frederick, CSE, MBA G3 Development Group, Inc.

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Mark Mangrum

Dallas, Texas, USA
I help entrepreneurs and organizations solve strategic challenges.
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Your journey is like a fascinating puzzle to me. My favorite challenge is helping entrepreneurs in startup or turnaround mode. I love to help clients ideate, connect and plan strategy using my 3 decades of startups, networking and growing careers that can help you change your world.

My wife Madlin is my Gallup Certified Strengths coaching partner, so you can get access to 2 hearts and minds for the price of 1!

As a Soar Global Strengths Evangelist I help fellow coaches scale their practice with tools and community.

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Stephanie K. Eberle

Stanford, California, USA
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I offer over 2 decades of expertise in Higher Education, Psychology, and Business. Through teaching, coaching, and executive consulting, I have additional specialization in: Academia, Biotechnology, Communication, Management Consulting, Finance, Law, Policy, Scientific Research, and Technology. Finally, I am especially recognized for my work on human factors in the workplace, assertiveness, and public speaking.

How can I help you and/or your team thrive?

Through executive coaching and individual career counseling, I empower people to get out of their own way so that they may define who they are and where they want to go. I approach each client as the individual they are, leading them through discussions and exercises to set and follow goals effectively. Finally, I create inclusive environments for all races, genders, ethnicities, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Issues we can address together:

- Executive Coaching: change management, team building & cohesion, conflict resolution, team communications & values clarification, goals clarification, executive branding, diversity training, and strategic planning. This includes presentations, 1:1 coaching, team coaching, retreat planning, and any combination of the these with any-sized team.

- Individual Counseling: self-esteem issues, public speaking, TED talk preparation, interview preparation, personal branding, social media presence, identifying ideal careers & workplaces, preparing for reviews, resume/CV review, and negotiation.

Education, Training, and Experience

Masters: Community & Agency Counseling; Bachelors: Psychology/Sociology double major

Training: MBTI and Strengths Finder certified; Interpersonal Dynamics coursework, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Experience: job development programming at nonprofits; 18 years at Stanford career communities; executive coaching with tech, nonprofit, and science organizations.

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Nathanael Small

SYDNEY, New South Wales, AUS
I help leaders at all levels improve their productivity, projects, performance and wellbeing.
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30+ years experience in public speaking

25+ years experience in leadership development - coaching, facilitation, training and mentoring

20+ years experience in sales and marketing development

20+ years consulting experience

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Rachel Bassignani

San Francisco, California, USA
I support leadership development for executives, rising stars, entrepreneurs, creatives/makers, and public figures.
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As a leadership coach and consultant, I am fully committed to supporting leaders and teams in every effort to increase individual and organizational efficiency and effectiveness. I bring a unique and engaging presence to every engagement, where my goal is to imbue both clarity and compassion with steady persistence in mitigating blind spots and identifying key areas for growth; enabling my clients to leverage their strengths in order to successfully facilitate individual and organizational change objectives.

Have twenty years scaling early-stage organizations and teams across the US and Asia, focused on roles in L&D (training) and operations. I have a formal education background in Business Management, Finance, with graduate level studies Organization Behavior and The Psychology of Leadership. I am also a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) through the Coaches Training Institute and have been a Certified Yoga and Mindfulness Instructor for over a decade.

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Audra Hajj

Herriman, Utah, USA
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Audra M. Hajj is a passionate and unique business owner that has earned a phenomenal reputation for her innovative concepts and savvy business approach. In 2014 she was nominated for the prestigious Top Woman in Business Award given by the Orange County Business Journal. Why is this unique? It is unique because she worked diligently to make a solid career out of being the tough guy.

Change is often a difficult thing to deal with for many people, but for the last 12 years Audra has created a proven formula for change within her agency. She gives her clients the ability to become the good guy, while she takes on the more difficult role of change in a established business. What does this mean? It means that when employees complain about changes the business owner can be a sympathetic ear rather than the bad guy causing the change. If employees see that a paid professional is controlling the changes, they will be much more receptive to the changes that are taking place.


Over the last decade, Audra has built a highly reputable agency that has over 300 employees. Her proven methodologies are the key to her success. She delivers niche expertise in areas that are needed for companies to succeed both on and offline. She has served over 3000 clients since 2006 , some with business already existing while others come to her in the beginning to avoid common mistakes other new business owners make, in the early stages.

People who meet Audra instantly feel her drive, passion, and energy. It is evident that she truly wants to help business owners succeed, both established business and startups alike. When asking her if she enjoys what she does, she states "I almost feel guilty getting paid, I love my job more today than yesterday and yesterday at work was the best day of my life!" Audra is currently the CEO of Phoenix Business Cycle, and a speaker and author. Her latest book is The Internet Ignition, a book about how to build a profitable online engine. She is in the process of writing her second book titled: The CEO Hostage.

Audra recently stated, "The most precious thing in a business owner’s life is their time. They can do what no other person can in their business, but many times I meet with business owners doing 3-9 employee jobs. Things that are necessary but not good for them to be doing. I want to free the business owners who are trapped working in their business and have them start working on their business. This is where they can grow their business and start to dominate their industry. With the proper support staff that is customizing, systematizing, and actualizing their business needs, they regain time. "

Her strengths are: Strategic / Achiever / Relator / Self-Assurance / Positivity

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Patrick Mork

Redwood City, California, USA
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Patrick works with technology marketing executives to help them create powerful stories for their companies and their careers. Over the past 20+ years he has held multiple Chief Marketing Officer roles and led and built marketing teams from scratch at a number high profile, venture-backed startups including GetJar and Course Hero.

While at Google, he built and led the marketing team that launched Google play and helped scale that business to over $2.5bln in annual revenue from $700m in under 2 years. Patrick was a two-time platinum award winner for his contributions in marketing at Google and won a Bronze Lion at Cannes for his teams’ creative work launching the Google play brand.

Patrick has coached executives from Google, Facebook, Tanium, and Wine Access and been an active board advisor to multiple successful founders including those at Onavo (Acquired by Facebook), Distimo (Acquired by App Annie), and more recently Zently.

A charismatic and visionary leader, he has spoken at numerous conferences including Google IO, CTIA, South by SouthWest, Ad:Tech, MWC, Omma Digital and the MMA Forums and is a recognized thought leader on the topic of startups, marketing and career management on the INSEAD Knowledge blog, Business Insider and Medium.

Patrick has his own blog and produces and hosts the Mad Mork Stories Podcast where he has interviewed well known tech executives including Stephane Kasriel, CEO of Upwork, Andrew Malcolm CMO of Evernote and Reid Genauer, CMO of Magisto.

He has an MBA from INSEAD, a BS from Georgetown and a coaching degree from the Coaches Training Institute.

Multicultural at heart, Patrick speaks four languages fluently and has worked across Europe, South America and the United States.

Originally from Brussels, Belgium Patrick is an avid fan of history, psychology, career management, yoga, cycling and electronic dance music (EDM). For more please visit his website and blog at

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Matthew Randall

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, USA
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Have you ever wished for a coach with the ability to make things simple and the heart to walk you through the process?

My promise is to help you to identify and leverage your strengths in a way that is authentic and provides immediate value.

I know my stuff. I get to know you and your career trajectory, and ask lots of questions. I listen well. I like clarity, simplicity, and practical solutions.

My superpower is creating structure and order out of chaos. I am easy to work with, and I love what I do.

Benefits of working with me:

- Clarity on goals, objectives and priorities.

- Building an enduring personal brand that propels your career forward.

- Making fewer mistakes.

Specialties: executive coaching, personal branding, career strategist, instructional design, presentation and facilitation, sponsor relationship development, coaching, managing multiple priorities, work life balance, clarity, accountability

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Joshua Bailey

Mesa, Arizona, USA
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As a business strategist, Joshua repeatedly demonstrates that he is a catalyst for innovation and breakthrough. Unrestrained by convention and driven by a desire to bring the best minds and talents together, Josh embraces his passion for empowering individuals and organizations by taking them to the next level.

Mr. Bailey works with Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Service Professionals, authors, speakers, and corporate executives to:

• Shorten sales cycles

• Open up closed doors

• Dramatically increase the number of referrals you get

• Accelerate revenue opportunities

• Attract bigger deals


Joshua James Bailey is currently the owner of the JJB Consulting Group, on the board of advisors for a Business Growth Firm, the Phoenix Business Cycle, based in Lehi, Utah. He sits on the board where he was previously a managing executive of Beverly Hills marketing and publicity firm Icon Builder Media, board member of a Manhattan-based publishing company Silver Torch Press, advisor and strategist for David T Fagan companies, co-founder CreativeFive catering & restaurant development company, co-founder digital marketing SAAS over 3,500 white label marketing agencies managing projects for its clients.

An online marketing solution and conversion specialist, he is passionate about revolutionizing how small businesses grow. He is also a master trainer and coach who specializes in educating businesses on integrating traditional and digital marketing, as well as how to leverage company assets to maximize marketing performance. Raised in an entrepreneurial family with experience and background in many industries from commercial construction, boat dealership, gun store, ranching, telecommunications and restaurants, he has been able to contribute and grow all sizes of businesses, from startup to enterprise.

His goals are to: empower people to create wealth, create better systems and automation to free up time for families and individuals and liberate them from the fear and frustration that these uncertain times can cultivate. He has and will continue to be part of profitable projects throughout his career, and he loves to connect people to what can help them accomplish their goals, projects, and dreams.

Joshua is deeply involved with Boy Scouts of America, the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints, and the communities in which he lives. He and his beautiful wife Tiffanie have a Girl Named Calypsi Rogue, a boy, Dublin Trail, a girl, Cairo Syrus, a boy, Stellar Jive, a girl, Golden Pixie-Clover, and hopefully more on the way.

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Marsha Engstrom

Woodland, California, USA
I support professionals to help them navigate the rough waters of career transition.
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I love helping clients find clarity around what a challenging career would look like for them, and how they can leverage their unique strengths and experience to find a renewed sense of purpose.

With 20+ years experience in the careers industry, I’ve successfully placed thousands of professionals at all organizational levels—and helped them find the clarity of their own unique career fit. I am committed to helping professionals succeed with their career goals.

I hold over 20 certifications in essential career management areas, and my expertise and writing have been featured in such prominent publications as Woman’s Day, The Sacramento Bee, and the award-winning career blog, Career Director’s International.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development from John F. Kennedy University and am a Certified Career Management Coach through The Academies. I also hold a coaching certification from the University of California at Davis, Extension and an ACC credential through the International Coaching Federation.

In addition to my passion for coaching, I love to travel (having been to six of the seven continents) am a voracious reader (I’m in three book clubs and read over 90 books last year) and love music of all kinds (I performed at Carnegie Hall a few years back—and received a standing ovation). I also enjoy hiking through the foothills and boating on the lakes of Northern California while drinking in the peace and fresh air of the great outdoors.

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Tara Orchard

winnipeg, Manitoba, CAN
Career | Business | Social Network Coach > I help people make positive change in their Careers and Businesses
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I am a Coach, Consultant and Trainer who has helped 1000's of people gain insights into who they are and what they can achieve. If you want to develop actionable strategies to achieve more in your career, business, and life I can help you build and chart a path forward.

As a coach I can help you uncover insights and see things from a new perspective and gain a clearer view of your options. Once you begin to gain those insights I work with you to gather key information and coach you through the strategies you need to execute the change you need to go from where you are to where you want to be.

Over 20 years I have consulted with solo entrepreneurs / start-ups / small business leaders and 1000's of individuals. I have been featured as a writer in multiple publications talking about leadership and personal self-management, branding, social networking, career and job search, HR, recruiting and much more. I love helping people and businesses figure out what they need to figure out!

My specialties are wide ranging - I offer career identification, performance and transition coaching, from navigating the workplace to finding a new job or striking out on your own as an entrepreneur.

I have also worked with multiple entrepreneur's and businesses to enable awareness of company culture, improve communications and support employees and managers including offering UI (User Interface) and Beta testing feedback. I always have ideas and I am happy to share!

I take the coaching process seriously, but I know that life sometimes throws a wrench into our best-laid plans and we can't take life too seriously all the time. If you are looking for a coach who understands life is a journey and combines accountability coaching with compassion, humour and flexibility I just might be the coach for you.

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Hugh Lorch

Scottsdale, , USA
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I am the owner of Luxury Home Sales Training. My mission is to be brutally honest with you about what works and what doesn't work. To keep you on the cutting edge of Sales, Technology and Social Media as it relates to you and your Real Estate Business. I love teaching and training Realtors through the hands on experience I have gained over the years..

Luxury Home Sales Training

Over $100 Million Sold

20+ Years Experience

Social Media & YouTube Expert

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Lindsey Morales

Overland Park, Kansas, USA
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You are strong-minded, strong-willed, and have made something out of nothing several times over in your life. People often are intimidated by your success, but you don't understand why. You may feel pretty good with what you’ve accomplished so far, but deep down inside you know you’ve outgrown your current state of living. YOU WANT SO MUCH MORE! You want that ABUNDANT LIFE! You're sick of FEAR, GUILT, & SHAME running your life, you want FREEDOM. I coach women entrepreneurs on how to finally balance their crazy lives. My coaching results in gaining vision clarity, busting out of your comfort zone into your zone of genius & taking action. I want you to know you are not alone and there is a way out of the frustration, loneliness, & confusion that comes with being a TRAILBLAZER. I have helped several women just like you, define their passion, designate their purpose, and dominate their particular industries by doing what they love the most in the world. I will help you do the same!

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Greg Heaps

South Jordan, Utah, USA
I'm an entrepreneur and business builder helping startups get launched and on their way to crushing it!
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I love building rewarding businesses with small groups of talented people, creating positive change, and maximizing returns. Over the last 25 years I've been a part of building various businesses in different industries generating multiple successful exits. Through this I've developed a repeatable formula for launching a successful business, and it works! With clear focus, hard work & commitment, any business minded person can do it.

Specialty areas include: • Strategy & Execution Planning • Company Infrastructure • Team Building • Brand Building • Digital Marketing • Customer Acquisition • Closing Deals and Driving Revenue • And carving deep powder on remote mountains.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." -Steve Jobs

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Marsha Berkson

San Diego, California, USA
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I have the pleasure of helping people uncover their special talents. Through one-on-one coaching and creative techniques, I facilitate my clients’ personal and professional growth. And I enable organizations to evolve and prosper by enhancing the effectiveness of their leaders and team members. The work isn’t transactional – it’s transformational.

My approach is customized and multi-dimensional, combining 10 years of entrepreneurial experience with certification in organizational effectiveness and strengths coaching.

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James Frandsen

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
What do you do guaranteed?
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More to come.

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April Holmes

Kissimmee, Florida, USA
Gold Medal winner, empowering clients and teams to train for their transition and win their "Gold Medal Moment"
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Raised with a hard work ethic, which she has honed with a will of steel, April Holmes has redefined what it means to be disabled. April was involved in a train accident in 2001 which resulted in the loss of her left leg below the knee. While she lay in her hospital bed, a doctor told her about the Paralympic Games and three goals were firmly implanted in her mind. She desired to wear the USA uniform. She wanted to break world records. She was determined to win gold medals.

Since her career in Paralympic track & field began in 2002, Holmes has continued to succeed, improving each and every step of the way. Over her astonishing career, April was honored to wear the USA uniform at every major championship 2002-2016. She has put together several undefeated seasons, broken IPC World Records fourteen times and American Records eighteen times in the 100, 200, 400 meters and the long jump, won 3 Paralympic medals (1 Gold, 2 Bronze); and 5 World Championship medals. With a commanding lead over the growing field of competitors, Holmes had a way of captivating track enthusiast with her grace and style.

Off the track, Holmes runs the April Holmes Foundation, Inc. a non-profit organization assisting people with physical and learning disabilities with scholarships and medical equipment. Having completed her MBA in Marketing, Holmes uses her education to improve the awareness of people with disabilities. April was named by the International Paralympic Committee’s “Top 10 Women in Paralympic Sport”, NCAA 2015 Inspirational Athlete of the Year, US Anti-Doping Ambassador, assisted First Lady Michelle Obama on the “Let’s Move” Campaign, and recently spoke at the United Nations Sport & Social Impact Summit.

April is a well-sought after corporate and motivational speaker and enjoys opportunities to share her life, medals and journey with others. She has electrified audiences with messages of motivation, diversity, leadership, and marketing. Some of her clients include Wal-Mart, Disney, Dow Chemical, Hartford Insurance, and BMW. April also assists companies in Olympic-themed sporting days to enhance the core values of teamwork, determination, discipline, and goal setting.

Ms. Holmes is the Learning Experience and Elite Athlete Marketing Consultant at EY. She is also a Leadership Success Coach. April recently co-authored her first book entitled, “The Winning Way” with Brian Tracy, fulfilling her dream to become a published author. The book hit Amazon’s Best Sellers List. April is currently working on her second book, while also sharing messages promoting personal development, accountability, leadership, and empowerment on her podcast entitled “Run Your Life with April Holmes.”

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Eric Williams

Toledo, Ohio, USA
Understand Your Strengths | Improve Your Performance | Develop Your People | Clarify Your Message
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As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and experienced Marketing and Communications professional, I use the power of story and proven methods backed by the Gallup organization to develop and implement messaging and leadership development strategies that help individuals and teams do what they do, better. Whether it is an onsite workshop, a motivational keynote, or ongoing coaching - I can help you get that extra degree you need to turn your potential into action.

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