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Kathie Gautille

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA
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Kathie Gautille, international, best selling author of Turning Talents into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation. She is a Christian, faith-based coach, who works with leaders and teams in the nonprofit, corporate, church and faith-based sectors. She has held many leadership roles that have given her a depth of knowledge and experience to develop best practices in coaching leaders and organizational teams. She's an expert at helping leaders discover their passion and purpose.

Kathie is high-energy, clear communicator, and possess exemplary interpersonal skills. She can command a large room of leaders or congregation for team building workshops or presentation, as well as confidently coach individuals one-on-one to help them discover how to be the best version of themselves. Kathie coaches one-on-one in person and via video chat platforms.

In her 30+ years of service to the community, her church, and other organizations, Kathie has looked for purpose and meaning in her work. She found her purpose as a faith-based coach. Kathie lives with passion and purpose and wants others to experience the power in using their talents and strengths to enhance their work and day-to-day lives. Her genuine warmth and distinctive approach has made her an "in demand" Strengths Coach both domestic and abroad.

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Jill Monaco

Chicago , Illinois, USA
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Hi, I'm Jill. I'm the founder of a non-profit, a speaker, author, and marketing specialist. As an ACC certified life coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), I'm passionate about helping you find the FREEDOM you desire. I developed and trademarked Freedom Coaching®, a model that blends prayer and coaching tools. My first book, The Freedom Coach Model®, contains over 20 self guided coaching tools and went to #1 on the Amazon bestseller list.


ENTREPRENEURS - If you want to start or build your business, we come up with a strategy to meet your goals. We start by auditing your brand, mapping out a plan, tackling your mindset and clarifying your life message. I will come alongside you as you set your goals and offer my expertise along the way. This can be a mix of coaching and consulting.

GOAL GETTERS - You are the kind of person that wants to achieve goals – in your personal life, career or relationships. If you are looking for a focused time of goal setting and want to maximize your life, we can work together to come up with a plan to help you fulfill your calling, pursue your passion, discover your purpose or move on to the next stage of life.

FREEDOM SEEKERS - You know you were created for more but something holds you back. You need help discovering what it is and a plan to get where you want to be. Freedom Coaching® blends ministry exercises with coaching tools. We focus on different areas of your life; uncover lies you believe, heal soul wounds and help you hear God’s voice for yourself.

* Discover your strengths

* Gain confidence so you can pursue your dreams.

* Get clarity on your passion, calling and purpose.

* Overcome obstacles that are in your way to success.

* Overcome fear and live courageously.

* Set new goals and live your dreams!


- Goal Getter 90-Min Intensive Coaching – This coaching session is for the person who wants to get clarity, confidence, and courage in one 90-minute power session. We tackle your ideas, dreams or questions and come up with do it now solutions. I’ll review your pre-session goal assessment questionnaire before our call so we can spend our time working on your goals.

- VIP Coaching – Maximize your time and accelerate your breakthrough by meeting with me in person for an entire day. The VIP Coaching Day can focus on relationship coaching, business coaching or goal setting. Clients who invest in the VIP Coaching package receive a full day of private coaching, lunch, and 2 follow up coaching calls.

- Relationship Coaching - Based on the successful group program From Looking To Loving that is only offered a few times a year. It is an intensive 1:1 coaching program for singles who want to go after their breakthrough for marriage in a short time, and who are willing to do the work outside of session appointments. This includes four hours of individual coaching, a workbook, take-home activations and eight hours of recorded teaching.

If you still have questions, I’d be happy to jump on a 15-minute FREE discovery call with you. We can explore your dreams and come up with a plan to get you to the next level. It’s time to accelerate and advance the Kingdom of God!

It would be my honor to walk alongside you during this journey.

Learn more at

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Anna LeBaron

Corinth, Texas, USA
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If we could meet over a cup of coffee instead of here online, I would be thrilled. Meeting new people is so much fun for me! One of my greatest joys and passions is connecting with people on a personal level. For now, though, we’ll settle for a virtual tour.

Here are a few quick facts about me:

I’m an author, speaker, and life coach whose goal is transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

I'm an author coach that specializes in helping aspiring authors finally write their book, while simultaneously growing their platform so they have a ready audience once it is published.

I’m a book launch expert who helps authors connect with readers and maximize their reach by harnessing the power of social media.

I’m an avid reader whose personal growth journey has been shaped by an arsenal of books.

I'm a memoirist as well. My book, The Polygamist's Daughter (Tyndale, 2017) is in it's third printing!

I’m a mom to five grown kids with my first grandchild arriving in May 2019! I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

My name is Anna, pronounced "Awe-nuh" like the girl in the Disney movie, Frozen!

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself and tell me how I can help you!

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Kala Taylor

Durham, North Carolina, USA
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As a GALLUP-certified strengths coach, educator, higher education professional and licensed NC attorney with a heart to help others find and fulfill their purpose in their work and life, I enjoy providing leadership expertise in career coaching and professional development training for individuals and teams in matters of diversity and the strengths-based approach to work and life. Meaning matters. Purpose matters. Work matters.

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I help individuals and teams develop their natural talents into strengths for success at work and home.
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I love to help individuals, families, and work teams connect using the Communication Cure, the CliftonStrengths assessment, and other powerful tools. I am particularly passionate about digital wellbeing, because of the key role that healthy tech habits play in our connection with others. I encourage you to connect through my coaching, retreats, social media and other communication channels.

As a coach and communicator, I draw from my many roles, including wife and mom, serial entrepreneur, home educator, and even a (no longer practicing) lawyer. I am of course drawn especially to the super mamas who long to keep their relationships close and real, while balancing all that we expect of ourselves. However, the solutions to that yearning can also engage and supercharge anyone from professional work teams, to students, to couples, to multi-generational families.

As a Soar Strengths Evangelist I help professional coaches scale their business and impact through community, masterminds. and workshops.

Let's schedule a chat soon!

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Keith Dorscht

Colorado Springs, ,
I create enjoyable, satisfying, lasting relationships. Watch your marriage and family turn around as I guide you through a brain based heart level process that can create immediate positive change and set you on course to experience healthy relationships.
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Tell me what you are looking for and I will help you (re)discover it. Faithfulness, communication, trust, fun, passion, closeness, forgiveness... I have helped thousands of marriages and families experience these and more.

Keith Dorscht is a registered psychotherapist specializing in marriage and family relationships. Keith has lead 500+ marriage intensives and coached an additional 20,000hrs with families. Keith is a pioneer in multi-generational counseling working with entire families across generations.

Keith's clientele has included professional athletes (NFL, MLB, Olympic), high profile lawyers, psychologists, mega-church pastors, business leaders and the likes of you and your neighbors.

Few can claim to have the amount of experience helping marriages and families that Keith has had. This means he has likely seen situations a lot like yours 50-75 times.

Keith is the creator of The Communication Cure/Meaningful an online resource that builds strong relational connections through guided face to face conversation. Meaningful Talk has been used in the Army, Air Force, County, schools and churches with great success as an at-home tool that creates therapeutic results.

Because of his success and unique resources, Keith has been interviewed on national television, in Oprah Magazine, ABC online, local television and numerous radio and internet programs.

Keith has an office in Colorado Springs, CO. He delivers a large portion of his counseling services online (Zoom) using techniques for connecting clients with each other without the need of his physical presence. Keith also travels to clients if necessary to provide the most effective counseling for their situation.

Keith Dorscht is a husband of 23 years and the father of six children. He is a Canadian now a US resident living in Colorado. In Canada, Keith worked in children and adult mental hospitals as well as churches. He is an ordained minister with a Master of Theology degree.

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I partner with faith and community leaders to leverage your strengths so you can change lives and transform communities.
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Do you believe that you have innate talents to make a difference? Are all the changes around you leaving you feeling overwhelmed or confused? Are you seeking to make a positive impact in your community that goes beyond the church walls? Are you looking to transform lives?

I’m Sara Thomas, your leadership coach and missional strategist. I'd love to partner with you to leverage your strengths, build community and make a difference in your life...and the lives of the people you lead.

With over twenty years of leadership in higher education and the local church, I've faced a tremendous amount of uncertainty and change. Through it all, I've helped leaders use their talents to find the clarity and courage they need to lead people through change.

If you're ready to help the people around you lead with clarity and courage, I'd love to partner with you as a coach, speaker, or consultant.

Education & Certifications: - ICF/ACC Certified Coach - Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach - Doctor of Ministry, Missional Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary - Master of Divinity, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH - Master of Science, College Student Personnel, Miami University - BA, Communication Arts, Oakland University

Experience: - Pastor, Chief Strategist for Vital Congregations, and Asst District Superintendent, United Methodist Church - Assistant Director of Orientation, Miami University

Associations: - International Coach Federation (ACC) - Gallup Certified Strengths Coach - Ordained Elder, United Methodist Church

Company Websites:

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Lissa Qualls

Edmond, Oklahoma, USA
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Lissa Qualls has devoted her time and talents to serving leaders through one on one and group coaching as well as curriculum and leadership development. Lissa brings to the table her unique strengths as well as her experience of training leaders locally, nationally and internationally. Over twenty years, Lissa served as a missionary with Youth For Christ. While on staff, she served as Executive Director, National Teen Parents Director for YFC USA, Americas Area Training Director, International Training team member and Caribbean Regional Director. In each of these roles, Lissa oversaw staff development and training.

In 2000 Lissa opened the first coffee shop in her local community. Lissa has the ability to connect with her clients on multiple levels. Her background gives her a unique perspective. Whether her clients are solopreneurs, small business owners or large corporation, there is always an area of common ground.

In 2006 Lissa become a certified Life Coach through CoachNet Global and in 2015 she received certification as a Strengths Strategies Coach. Lissa has also been trained as a Narrative Coach Enhanced Practioner as well as in Conversational Intelligence. Lissa has coached people and trained coaches from several nations around the world. She is a member of the International Coaching Federation and holds an ACC with them.

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Kirk Cox

, Nebraska, USA
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As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals. My wife, Megan, and I are also the multi-club franchise owners of Anytime Fitness in Lincoln, NE. I have worked for Gallup over the past 17 years and currently serve as Gallup's U.S. Manager of Contract Service Advisors & Regional Business Division Managers.

With over 20 years of people and process management experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, I would enjoy the opportunity to meet, listen, learn and serve you in identifying, defining, planning, activating and achieving your personal and/or organizational goals and dreams.

I believe every person is uniquely created by a loving God who has placed within each person God-given goals and dreams He desires to see through faith become a reality. My personal mission and passion is to establish and build authentic relationships grounded in integrity and accountability with individuals and organizations serving as a trusted catalyst and coach to help…Identify…Define…Plan…Activate…and Achieve their specific goals and dreams.

Core Values:  Integrity ~ Service ~ Partnership

Integrity ~ Authenticity and honesty within a structure of accountability.

Service ~ Humility with the highest standards of attitude and quality.

Partnership ~ Unifying the diversity of human capital through relationships to achieve maximum potential.

Working from my core values of integrity, service and partnership, my vision is to maximize the lives and potential of individuals and organizations for the purpose of identifying and achieving their goals and dreams making a positive lasting impact on one's sphere of influence for eternity.

Take action now and contact my concierge today to start your journey moving you personally and/or your organization in the desired direction to reach your goals and dreams.

In Integrity, Service and Partnership,

Kirk A. Cox

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Katy Kloosterman

Holland, Michigan, USA
I am passionate about helping people discover who they were created to be and how they can apply their strengths to help them achieve their goals.
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A little about me. I love to learn new things. I have a BA in Business from Calvin College. I have over 25 years of Human Resources experience. My passion is culture and people development within organizations. In 1996 after my first daughter was born I joined GVD Industries and have held various roles within that company. My family and I relocated to West Michigan in 2009 where I currently serve as Executive Vice President focusing on corporate culture & employee development. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years – there is power in our diversity. My strengths journey began in 2009 when my husband introduced me to the Clifton strengths assessment. I became a Gallup certified Clifton Strengths Coach in 2014. Since becoming a coach I have had the privilege of partnering with corporations and individuals to help them identify their strengths, set goals and find strategies to apply those strengths within their roles at work as well as in their personal life.

In 2015 I began the Soul Care certification program at the Soul Care Institute & Fuller Seminary Lifelong Learning Center. I completed my work with The Soul Care Institute in 2017. That experience allowed me to take care of my own soul equipping me to better encourage and develop others as they learn to discern the voice of their own heart.

I am passionate about helping people discover who they were created to be and how they can apply their strengths to help them achieve their goals. I am committed to walking with people on their strengths-based development journey. Help them identify what is possible and create a plan to convert possibility to reality. My goal is to encourage, develop and equip others as well as myself as we continue to grow as individuals.

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Cheryl Magee

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
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Cheryl helps business leaders, teams and individual clients maximize their potential for success, creates transformative and lasting results through her unique experience and insights in Strengths coaching, career development and life coaching.

If you are a business leader at a for-profit or non-profit organization:

Cheryl loves working with dynamic and innovative leaders who desire to elevate the performance of their organization and aren’t afraid to first examine their leadership and how that may be impacting their teams. Cheryl helps these leaders uncover their unique leadership style, gain clarity, dissolve belief systems that aren’t serving them or their teams, and build their organization through team-level workshops and individual coaching to drive big shifts and sustained leadership growth.

If you are an individual seeking life or career coaching:

Cheryl's passion is to help people just like you discover their unique talents, passion and purpose and create the life and career they want. With her unique background in Strengths coaching, career counseling, and life coaching, Cheryl combines the most powerful tools from these three disciplines to help each client experience greater joy and fulfillment by uncovering and expressing their unique brilliance in the world, whether that is expressed in their personal life, volunteer work or career.

Cheryl is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. She holds a Dual Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She is the founder of Synergy@Work, LLC, a consulting and coaching group that was founded with a mission to build and support governmental and non-governmental organizations in creating communities of promise and choice by creating a synergistic approach through a host of services. The company’s operational concept is a consulting group that maximizes the collective gifts and talents of multiple individuals to impact results-driven projects. Simply stated, we accomplish more together than we can ever accomplish alone.

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Michelle Haarer

Novi, Michigan, USA
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As Certified Strengths Strategy Coach and Certified Behavioral Consultant (SSCC, CPAC, CBC) I help individuals, leaders and teams leverage their strengths to achieve Breakthrough results. Since launching Global Edge Consulting in 2006, I've facilitated over 850 interactive personal development workshops to improve performance, increase productivity, and team engagement. In working with organizations, I specialize in using a Strengths-based approach to leadership development that results in sustainable change. Assessments are used to measure results.

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are a targeted collaboration from which you will

- Gain clarity of focus

- Increase your energy and joy

- Reduce stress and get out of the SPIN cycle

- Overcome obstacles that are holding you back

- Increase your Confidence

- Create a MAP (Manageable Action Plan)

Contact me today to set up a discovery session where we look together at your strengths, objectives, and timeline for creating change.

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Cathie Gerhart

Oakland, Florida, USA
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Cathie , knows what it is like to press through life’s challenges and overcome them. She has had many experiences that tested her mettle and her faith, but through each hardship and lesson she found herself sitting at the well and falling more and more in love with Jesus. These experiences, combined with her training and education, have made her passionate about coaching others how to lean on the Lord, in the midst of one’s crisis, to pick up their life when it seems their world has fallen apart, and get back on track pursuing their God-given purpose. She is active in her home church as a leader in Celebrate Recovery and is often seen coaching men/women through all of life’s ups and downs. Currently she is in seminary studying to be a Pastoral Care Counselor. She is a single mom to her three adult children and her little dog, Bossie. Cathie currently makes her home in Central Florida.

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Mailin Young

Columbus, Ohio, USA
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Mailin is originally from California but lived in Turkey for almost a decade. Dr. Edward Anderson, who co-authored StrengthsQuest with Dr. Donald O. Clifton, was her personal mentor while she was an undergraduate at UCLA. Through Chip's influence, she went through her own paradigm shift on how people grow, succeed, and thrive.

After completing her degree in Microbiology/Molecular Genetics, she worked with university students in campus ministry, and later completed a master’s degree in Global Leadership through Fuller Theological Seminary.

After working with undergraduates at UCLA, she had several years of focusing on black and Latino students from inner city LA. From there, she then moved to Turkey, where she had the privilege of training students, young adults, team leaders, and managers all throughout Europe.

Mailin loves helping individuals, teams, and organizations learn to thrive by focusing on their personal and collective strengths. Her longevity and exposure to this tool being used in a wide-array of settings gives her flexibility and eagerness to see it positively applied to even more arenas!

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Kari Rauh

Peoria, Illinois, USA
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Drawing on my expertise and the latest research in body-soul-spirit wellness, I intentionally connect clients and colleagues to the people, talent, innate skills, and educational resources that enable them to develop and grow. My experiences as a practitioner in healthcare, business and educational contexts have been motivated by a hunger to equip others to thrive. We are stronger together, and I consider it one of life's greatest blessings to see others rise and become the people they were created to be!

I utilize tools and strengths-based perspectives to help clients "find their flow". I love using CliftonStrengths, the VIA Character Inventory, DiSC, and the Enneagram. I also have a special interest in nutritional psychology and optimizing the health of the central nervous system (brain/gut) for peak performance. Life is too short to be any less than who you were created to be, and I love helping people feel AWESOME as they carve out their "place" in the world. I also am crazy passionate about Lindy Hop swing and think that social dance might be the key in resolving most of the world's problems.

t's time to shine!

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Ralph Rickenbach

Diessenhofen, Switzerland, Thurgau, CHE
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I am a StrengthsFinder coach, helping people to find excellence in their work and life through knowing their individual talents and strengths, go-to strategies and blind spots. This helps them to know themselves better, find greater fulfilment and involvement in what they do, and leverage team work with much more success.

My own experience and unusual mix of strengths usually adds a fresh view point and helps to get things unstuck. Let me tell you a bit about this:

My top strengths are:

Ideation – I cannot stop coming up with ideas. I will not force them on you, nor will I implement them for you. Instead of giving you a fish, I will teach you to fish. I will connect the seemingly unrelated.

Learning – Give me something new, and I will research it for you with fervor. You can expect an in depth analysis of your problem.

Deliberative – I spot risks and implement things with caution. This is important, as most of the things I propose are "outside of the box".

Intellect – I love to exchange concepts with you as an intelligent person. This makes sure that the ideas and results I come up with do not stay in my brain or remain black box implementations for you. You will know in depth the why, how, and what. By the way: our brain is a gift of God and is to be used.

Futuristic – Not that I am a prophet, but I can imagine the place you want to be and go after it.

Let me put it in a formula:

As I see the future, I generate a ton of ideas about how to get there, think through them thoroughly and learn what is necessary to deliberately and carefully do it without leaving you behind so you can bring it about.

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Dr. Carl S. Moore is currently the Assistant Chief Academic Officer at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). He also serves as Certificate faculty in Temple University’s Teaching in Higher Education Certificate program.

Carl is committed to continued growth as a leader. Which has resulted in him being well versed in positive psychology and certified as a StrengthsFinder Coach and to administer the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI). He is continuously drawing from and polishing his skillset as a frequently an invited speaker and consultant on inclusion, leadership, and faculty development and teaching and learning related topics.

Carl has a Doctorate in Urban Education from Temple University and a Masters of Arts from

The Ohio State University in Higher Education Administration. His dissertation investigated how exemplary college faculty employ Universal Design for Learning principles in their teaching practices. Carl has been teaching for over 15 years. Along his path he has served as maintained appointments across the faculty classification gamete serving in Instructional, Adjunct, and Tenure-Track faculty roles. He has also created and instructed a variety of courses in education at The Ohio State University, Temple University, Cabrini College, and Arcadia University in both face-to-face and online formats.

For the past several years Carl has dedicated his career to advancing the field of faculty and leadership development. He has done so by serving as a Department Chair at UDC, Assistant Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at Temple University, Co-Chair of the POD Network Conference, and as a Middle States Commission on Higher Education peer reviewer. Alongside his career in academic affairs Carl has also served in a number of student services leadership roles charged with enhancing student success. These roles entailed work in advising, retention, multicultural affairs, and TRIO programs. As a self-described "techie" and advocate for institutional innovation, the sum of his passions lie in discovering hi-tech and/or no tech ways teams and institutions can increase alignment for greater innovation and effectiveness.

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George A Garza

San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Serial entrepreneur. In business for over 30 years. Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Clients include:


Chamber of Commerce

Small to Medium Business

One on One C-Suite Coaching

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Juontonio Pinckney

Fort Mill, South Carolina, USA
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I am someone who is committed to life-long learning in order to maximize my ability to help individuals discover their unique talents and teams appreciate one another’s strengths for better collaboration. I have more than 15 years of experience in the education and financial technology industry encompassing HR consulting and training, international financial services, portfolio management, public school administration, and school counseling. I enjoy working with students, business and non-profit teams, managers, and individuals (professional and personal goals).

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Payal Karnik

Singapore, South East, SGP
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With over 10 years of experience in the Talent Development industry with international luxury brands like Conrad Hotels and Marina Bay Sands under LVSC, Payal has worked with thousands of people in areas of self-mastery, team interactions and leadership effectiveness. As a life coach, she has partnered with individuals spread across industries like Hospitality, IT, Shipping, Media, Casino, Medical and more via in-person and video conversations in the area of personal and work efficiency, career guidance, mid-life crisis/finding life purpose, relationship harmony and conflict resolution.

Payal leads individuals and corporate professionals to strategically aim their natural talents in the direction of achieving best results, and further guides them to build a strong team culture of highly engaged and productive professionals. She focuses on removing the internal blockages to re-introduce her clients to their best version and soar greater heights. Her approachable persona coupled with consistent and firm guidance fosters a safe environment for individuals to be transparent and action-driven in their interaction.

Payal’s additional credentials as a Pranic Healer, Specialist Diploma holder in Business Psychology and a Degree in Hospitality adds on to her ability to connect with people by understanding human mind and behavior. Her optimistic energy and persuasive quality is known to inspire and influence positive change in others. Find out more about the solutions offered at to leverage your untapped potential and thrust your way forward to success.

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Taylor Halverson

Springville, Utah, USA
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Dr. Taylor Halverson accelerates learning for individuals, teams, and organizations.  He finds joy in innovatively creating value for others.  He is a prolific author of more than 200 articles and books.  Learning materials that he has developed have been used by hundreds of organizations throughout the world inspiring and empowering hundreds of thousands of individuals.  Dr. Halverson is an engagingly enthusiastic networker and connector.  He has worked for many years in the professional development industry advising high-powered individuals and organizations to identify who they are, where they want to be, and how they’ll get there.  Dr. Halverson is an entrepreneur who has consulted with dozens of early-stage companies and served on the executive committees of several non-profits.  His creative output includes launching the BYU Creativity, Innovation, and Design group, an organization of more than 80 faculty members, and founding a technical team that creates 3D immersive visualizations of important historical sites.  He regularly teaches inspiring design, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship courses and workshops.  Dr. Halverson holds PhDs in two separate fields (World civilization; and technology, design, and learning), giving him unusual interdisciplinary depth and breadth.  He listens intently and synthesizes complex material to make it understandable, engaging and applicable.

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Jenequa Eldridge is an acclaimed luminary in the area of personal development. As a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, Jenequa is dedicated to discovering and developing what’s right with people- becoming a lead specialist in strength-based ministries and corporate teams alike.

Jenequa holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Organizational Management and a Bachelors of Arts degree in Education and Public Policy both from Ashford University. Furthermore, she is a Registered Texas School Business Administrator (RTSBA) with the Texas Association of School Business Officials (TASBO).

She has a passion for school business and served the Denton Independent School District in the Administrative Services division for ten years. As an award-winning project manager, she has been a requested speaker for the Texas State Library and Archives Commission at the state capitol, Austin, Texas. She has also been summoned by the Texas Association of School Business Officials and the Texas Women’s Empowerment Conference to conduct training events and workshops.

Jenequa is dedicated to the empowerment and enfranchisement of individuals through self-discovery. She provides inspiration, motivation, and cultivation to every person she meets. One of her nurturing quotes of inspiration is, An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backward. So when life is dragging you back with difficulty, it could very well mean that it’s going to launch you into something great.

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Matt Goebel was a pastor in a church of over 3000 people for 10 years. It is there he learned that the hope of the world rests in non-profits and churches. It was also there that he learned life change happens one person at a time and attempting to change people before they are ready always has negative outcomes. Talents such as recruiting volunteers, community outreach and patience were deeply ingrained into Matt.

Now working at a YMCA with a membership of 13,000, Matt uses his skills which include being a Certified CliftonStrengths Coach, public speaking and staff development to push the needle towards the greater good in his community. At the end of the day, Matt sees staff development as the number one key to helping an organization streamline its bottom-line and in a similar fashion connecting community minded organizations is key to enhance a society.

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Jeff Flowers

Marble Falls, Texas, USA
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30 years experience in talent acquisition/organizational development and Situational Leadership

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John Augusto

Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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I am life coach who believes in walking with the client through life's transitions. Looking to coach individuals on their strengths and how they share their strengths with others. Experience coaching college students, university faculty and staff learn and appreciate their Strengths. In addition, I have worked with coaching individuals and church staff with Strengths and using Strengths in their faith. My coaching looks at holistic wellness starting with career, personal and physical well being and how we make our way through the world.

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Jennifer Scott Mobley

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
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Jennifer Scott Mobley is an award-winning educator, researcher, and career strategist. She is committed to helping people build fulfilling career journeys and thriving organizations. Informed by 12+ years of progressive experience as a higher education leader and career educator, she creates a compelling case for building and scaling strengths-based approaches to career and organizational development along with empowering individuals at all levels to discover their talents and be a driving force in creating positive organizational change.

Jennifer's teaching, research, and consulting focus on the nexus between higher education and talent development, and she is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of high-achieving millennials and Generation Zers discover and optimize their natural talents. Her approach has been shaped by her career pivots, ranging from a project manager for a National Endowment for the Humanities center to an associate director of a career services office. Currently, she is an assistant dean of service learning and director of a program development grant from the Network of Vocation in Undergraduate Education (NetVUE).

Jennifer is passionate about equipping people with the mindsets and the skill sets needed to find meaningful work and to lead holistic lives. Her work on career and civic readiness has been published in the Journal of Applied Communication Research, Christian Higher Education, Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, and Communication Studies, among others. She serves on the editorial board of Management Communication Quarterly, Partnerships: A Journal of Service-Learning and Community Engagement, and the International Journal of Business Communication and on a special task force for the National Association of Colleges & Employers.


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