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Certified Executive/Leadership/Career Coach (USA and International)
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An expert in inspiring excellence and advancing potential, Coleen McCray is a Certified Executive/Leadership Coach and is most passionate about developing emerging leaders and assisting seasoned leaders in path formation to their goals. Leveraging a unique blend of professional training in business, psychology and coaching with over 30 years of leadership experience in Information Technology (IT), Coleen works with clients to successfully adjust to a new position, obtain a promotion or change in desired career path and/or prepare for expansion of responsibilities. By asking thought-provoking questions and offering practical, real-world experience, she acts as a “thought partner” to help clients gain clarity, shift thinking and develop targeted strategies necessary to drive positive and measurable change in behavior in themselves, their organizations and their teams. Coleen coaches leaders from the Manager/Director level up to the C-level. She is a Founding Member of Powersource Coaching Program for Women In Technology International (WITI) and an Executive Coach with the CIO Executive Council.

In VP and Director roles in the financial services and law firm software industries, Coleen led the realignment of software development organizations to meet product demand and built trusted organizations that engendered cooperation and genuine alliances between IS organizations and their stakeholders needed to achieve maximized value-based results. At Republic Mortgage Insurance Company, Coleen’s leadership figured heavily in the transformation of the IS organization to a value-driven lean organization that succeeded against competitors tenfold in size. An expert bridge builder, Coleen has directed Acquisition Integrations at Inmar where she led a corporate wide team that thoughtfully worked to join acquired firms with Inmar and achieve exponential growth.

Coleen holds an MBA from Wake Forest University, an MS in Counseling from Stetson University and a BS in Economics from Duke University. She can be reached at or 336.486.7017.

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As a faith-based coach, I work with church leaders and their congregation to find their passion and purpose to successfully grow an engaged church.
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Clarion University

B.S. Communication

Concentration in Business

Certified in Advanced Biblical Studies (4 year program), University of Dallas

Certifications and Accreditations:

Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach,

Certified to lead CliftonStrengths Discovery Course,

Certified in Nonprofit Management, Brookhaven College,

Master Trustee designation, Servant Leadership, Texas Association of School Boards,

Blue and Gold Information Officer for United States Naval Academy,

Elected Office:

Elected 4 times, serving a total of 12 years on Coppell ISD School Board, 4 years as President

Awards and Recognitions:

Commandant Award from United States Naval Academy

Job History:

7 years - Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, Kathie Gautille LLC,

4 years - Vice President of Marketing and Development, CCA,

4 years - Marketing Coordinator, Dr. Frank Stich, III,

6 years - Product Manager, UCCEL Corporation


3 years - Stewardship Leadership Team

3 years - Chair of St. Ann Pastoral Parish Council

Coaching Clients:

Faith-based Organizations

Church Leadership

Ministry Team Members

Christian Nonprofits

Personal Development

Coaching Methods:



Company Name:

Kathie Gautille Strengths Coaching, Kathie Gautille LLC


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Maximizer, Arranger, Positivity, Strategic, & Futuristic
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Certified Public Accountant

University of Evansville, BS Business Administration

Society of Human Resources Association National faculty

Co-host, The JoyPowered™Podcast

SHRM-Senior Certified Professional

Gallup-certified Strengths Coach

National Speakers Association

State Council for Indiana SHRM

IndySHRM Professional of the Year

Strategic Planning committee chair of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Catholic church

Pass the Torch 500 Circle Club for Women

Board member for Forum Credit Union

Chairman of the Board of The O'Connor House

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As the founder of Freedom Coaching®, I help leaders, organizations and teams explore and discover their limiting mindsets and strengths so they can set clear goals and come up with a strategy that takes them to the next level.
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Seeking meaning, purpose and courage in your daily work? Let's talk!
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As a GALLUP-certified strengths coach, educator, higher education professional and licensed NC attorney with a heart to help others find and fulfill their purpose in their work and life, Taylor enjoys providing leadership expertise in career coaching and professional development training for individuals and teams in matters of diversity and the strengths-based approach to work and life. Meaning matters. Purpose matters. Work matters.

Taylor boasts nearly 10 years of career and professional development experience, including performing in variety of capacities at a variety of institutions. Taylor spends considerable time facilitating team building workshops around the StrengthsFinder assessment for a variety of organizations and serves as a purpose coach for individuals managing career transitions.

A scholar of the intersection between confidence, hope, purpose and the world of work, her strength-based research at UNCG gained national attention as a 2015 Member’s Choice Award finalist with the National Association for Colleges and Employers. In November 2015 she presented on the topic at the National Symposium for Student Retention in Orlando, Fla.

Taylor has presented at several conferences, both regionally and nationally on topics such as strengths-based education, coaching individuals towards meaningful work, and the effective collaborative and strengths-based approach between academic affairs and student affairs in student development. She is also a certified trainer in diversity of communication styles.

Taylor earned a B.A. in sociology from Wake Forest University prior to obtaining both a B.A. in Civil Law and a J.D. from Louisiana State University Paul M. Hebert Law Center .

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If we could meet over a cup of coffee instead of here online, I would be thrilled. Meeting new people is so much fun for me! One of my greatest joys and passions is connecting with people on a personal level. For now, though, we’ll settle for a virtual tour.

Here are a few quick facts about me:

I’m an author, speaker, and life coach whose goal is transformation of the mind, body, and spirit.

I'm an author coach that specializes in helping aspiring authors finally write their book, while simultaneously growing their platform so they have a ready audience once it is published.

I’m a book launch expert who helps authors connect with readers and maximize their reach by harnessing the power of social media.

I’m an avid reader whose personal growth journey has been shaped by an arsenal of books.

I'm a memoirist as well. My book, The Polygamist's Daughter (Tyndale, 2017) is in it's third printing!

I’m a mom to five grown kids with my first grandchild arriving in May 2019! I live in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

My name is Anna, pronounced "Awe-nuh" like the girl in the Disney movie, Frozen!

Now it’s your turn to introduce yourself and tell me how I can help you!

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As a lawyer life & leadership coach, I help ambitious but overwhelmed young professionals achieve their life, leadership, and career goals.
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Roberta Oluwaseun Roberts, Esq. is a full-time attorney and certified life and leadership coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team. She is also a certified Maxwell Method DISC Behavioral Analysis Consultant. Roberta earned her Juris Doctor degree from The George Washington University Law School, and her Bachelor of Science from the University of Florida (Go Gators!). She is a member of the District of Columbia and State of Maryland Bars.

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The Strengths Expert for Startup, Tech and Non-Profits.
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With over 10 years of experience working with Gallup’s strengths materials and training thousands of people, I’ve built a reputation as a master at helping individuals, teams and entire organizations align their talents and strengths to achieve peak performance. My bold and insightful coaching style helps individuals to not only maximize their strengths, but leverage the strengths of those around them. I help teams set aside stifling problems and generate possibilities that combine their unique strengths, achieving more than they imagined possible together. At the organizational level, I help leaders embed the strengths-based philosophy into their culture, management training and all aspects of the employee life cycle.

I desire to work with teams who are have a BHAG to change the world. Give me a team with a BHAG and I'll help you learn to master the talent game to reach your goals. My client list includes tech giants to budding success stories like Facebook, Google, Rackspace, VMware, WPEngine, Comcast, WP Engine and Salesboost. My heart for non-profit work jumped at the opportunity to work with groups from the education sector, like Texas A&M University, Trinity University, University of Texas San Antonio to community development organizations like Communities in Schools and City Year.

On a personal level, I passionately live out my strengths with my husband and three kids in our beloved state of Texas. We are five bookworms that love to travel, fish and yell for the Texas Aggies.

My Top 5 Strengths

Strategic – Idea Generator. I get a thrill out of discovering people’s ambition and helping them plan to make it happen.

Input – Born Collector. I have a crazy, good memory for people and their uniqueness.

Learner – Growth Minded. I love challenges that require me to learn something new. I often read > 3 books at a time and share what I learn with others.

Belief – Purpose Driven. I have a strong desire to see others leave a legacy of value and worth – to live a life that matters.

Maximizer – Talent Obsessed. Every person has excellence in them, I love to find it.

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Hi! My name's Missy, and I'm excited to work with you as a certified coach. I'm an educator by trade and a Christian minister at heart, so I'm thrilled to empower people from all walks of life fulfill their goals, dreams, and destiny. Because I've personally experienced the transformative power of coaching, I believe that everyone (including YOU!) can overcome obstacles in order to live the life they've always imagined.

Are you an educator or student?

I have a Master's of Education degree in higher education leadership and student development, with an emphasis in pastoral care. I'm also a few months away from completing my second master's degree in teaching.

This means that I love working with students and educators/administrators at all levels! I can coach you through 1) personal development goals, 2) career choices, and 3) any other life issue that you want to make progress with; I have extensive experience in this arena.

Are you a Christian?

I've completed two years of Bible school and am currently writing a book about how to hear God's voice. I've experienced radical healing from past emotional wounds, so I've walked the hard journey of freedom. I'm also a go-getter who's meandered through the confusion of discovering God's will for my life... and now I'm finally confident that I'm pursuing the dreams God's had for me all along.

I want to help you deepen your relationship with God as you work through any obstacles that are hindering you from hearing God's voice and fulfilling your destiny. I also want to help you discover your strengths and leverage them to achieve your goals. I can coach you through any issues related to your faith, life, and personal development.

Interested in coaching with me?

I'd love to schedule a 15-minute intro call with you to discuss your dreams and create a game plan. I can also answer any questions you may have. I'm excited to hear from you!

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Using a unique multi-cultural perspective paired with strengths-based coaching, I connect individuals, teams, and team leaders with the tools they need to multiply effectiveness, reach goals, and solve problems.
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I am the daughter of a Armenian-Syrian immigrant and grew up in the Los Angeles, California area. I bring a unique multi-cultural perspective with my bi-cultural background and over 25 years of international experience, having lived and worked in several countries (Suriname, Russia, Central and Southeast Asia) since 1992 with Mission Aviation Fellowship. I have been developing, and leading Strengths Seminars and workshops for non-profits and schools since 2008.

Top five talent themes: Input—learner—Connectedness—Activator—Ideation.


B.A. and M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Biola University, La Mirada, CA


Gallup-certified Coach

TEFL Professional Certificate


Career Staff, Mission Aviation Fellowship

Job History:

1991-2015 - Mission Aviation Fellowship

2003-2011 - Hinkson Christian Academy, Moscow, Russia: Head Librarian

2011-2014 - Lao Civil Aviation Flight Training Center, Vientiane, Laos: English Teacher

2016-2017 - The Joshua Institute (a.k.a. The Idaho Learning Center and Academy): Educational Therapist

2015-present - College of Western Idaho: ESL Teacher

Jan 2019-present - VIPKID: TESOL Teacher

2018-present - Varied Grace Strengths: Strengths Coach and Consultant

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I help individuals and teams develop their natural talents into strengths for success at work and home.
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I love to help individuals, families, and work teams connect using the Communication Cure, the CliftonStrengths assessment, and other powerful tools. I am particularly passionate about digital wellbeing, because of the key role that healthy tech habits play in our connection with others. I encourage you to connect through my coaching, retreats, social media and other communication channels.

As a coach and communicator, I draw from my many roles, including wife and mom, serial entrepreneur, home educator, and even a (no longer practicing) lawyer. I am of course drawn especially to the super mamas who long to keep their relationships close and real, while balancing all that we expect of ourselves. However, the solutions to that yearning can also engage and supercharge anyone from professional work teams, to students, to couples, to multi-generational families.

As a Soar Strengths Evangelist I help professional coaches scale their business and impact through community, masterminds. and workshops.

Let's schedule a chat soon!

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Experienced coach devoted to helping leaders, teams, and organizations
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Specialize as consultant helping business leaders and organizations seeking growth and revitalization.

Doctorate in transforming organizations with McCormick in Chicago (sister school of Princeton) and studies with faculty at Harvard Business School and MIT Sloan. Counselor and personal coach at Northern Illinois University.

Director of communications for national organization. CEO of national franchise.

Executive Research Engineer at Motorola.

Air Force Intelligence Officer. Russian analyst. Top Secret clearances.

Private counselor and consultant for individuals in business, government, medicine, security services, education, medical, and non-profits.

Presenter Experience

Keynote speaker at numerous company wide gatherings. Described as engaging speaker.

Engages workshop participants with real world exercises that empower team.

Works closely with team leader before, during, and after event.

Author of a half dozen books. Currently working with Gallup on media series on Strengths Finders.

Qualified with DiSC, Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, conflict resolution processes; and other resources enabling leaders and teams to maximize their potential.

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Helping people discover who they were created to be and creating strategy to achieve their goals.
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A little about me. I love to learn new things. I have a BA in Business from Calvin College. I have over 25 years of Human Resources experience. My passion is culture and people development within organizations. In 1996 after my first daughter was born I joined GVD Industries and have held various roles within that company. My family and I relocated to West Michigan in 2009 where I currently serve as Executive Vice President focusing on corporate culture & employee development. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years – there is power in our diversity. My strengths journey began in 2009 when my husband introduced me to the Clifton strengths assessment. I became a Gallup certified Clifton Strengths Coach in 2014. Since becoming a coach I have had the privilege of partnering with corporations and individuals to help them identify their strengths, set goals and find strategies to apply those strengths within their roles at work as well as in their personal life.

In 2015 I began the Soul Care certification program at the Soul Care Institute & Fuller Seminary Lifelong Learning Center. I completed my work with The Soul Care Institute in 2017. That experience allowed me to take care of my own soul equipping me to better encourage and develop others as they learn to discern the voice of their own heart.

I am passionate about helping people discover who they were created to be and how they can apply their strengths to help them achieve their goals. I am committed to walking with people on their strengths-based development journey. Help them identify what is possible and create a plan to convert possibility to reality. My goal is to encourage, develop and equip others as well as myself as we continue to grow as individuals.

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As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker, I can offer you workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding your personal and professional growth through study and practical application of John’s proven leadership methods. Working together, I will move you and/or your team or organization in the desired direction to reach your goals. My wife, Megan, and I are also the multi-club franchise owners of Anytime Fitness in Lincoln, NE. I have worked for Gallup over the past 17 years and currently serve as Gallup's U.S. Manager of Contract Service Advisors & Regional Business Division Managers.

With over 20 years of people and process management experience in both for-profit and non-profit organizations, I would enjoy the opportunity to meet, listen, learn and serve you in identifying, defining, planning, activating and achieving your personal and/or organizational goals and dreams.

I believe every person is uniquely created by a loving God who has placed within each person God-given goals and dreams He desires to see through faith become a reality. My personal mission and passion is to establish and build authentic relationships grounded in integrity and accountability with individuals and organizations serving as a trusted catalyst and coach to help…Identify…Define…Plan…Activate…and Achieve their specific goals and dreams.

Core Values:  Integrity ~ Service ~ Partnership

Integrity ~ Authenticity and honesty within a structure of accountability.

Service ~ Humility with the highest standards of attitude and quality.

Partnership ~ Unifying the diversity of human capital through relationships to achieve maximum potential.

Working from my core values of integrity, service and partnership, my vision is to maximize the lives and potential of individuals and organizations for the purpose of identifying and achieving their goals and dreams making a positive lasting impact on one's sphere of influence for eternity.

Take action now and contact my concierge today to start your journey moving you personally and/or your organization in the desired direction to reach your goals and dreams.

In Integrity, Service and Partnership,

Kirk A. Cox

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Cheryl helps executives and emerging leaders strengthen their skills to grow their businesses and individuals answer the question of "There's got to be More!"
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Cheryl helps business leaders, teams and individual clients maximize their potential for success, creates transformative and lasting results through her unique experience and insights in Strengths coaching, career development and life coaching.

If you are a business leader at a for-profit or non-profit organization:

Cheryl loves working with dynamic and innovative leaders who desire to elevate the performance of their organization and aren’t afraid to first examine their leadership and how that may be impacting their teams. Cheryl helps these leaders uncover their unique leadership style, gain clarity, dissolve belief systems that aren’t serving them or their teams, and build their organization through team-level workshops and individual coaching to drive big shifts and sustained leadership growth.

If you are an individual seeking life or career coaching:

Cheryl's passion is to help people just like you discover their unique talents, passion and purpose and create the life and career they want. With her unique background in Strengths coaching, career counseling, and life coaching, Cheryl combines the most powerful tools from these three disciplines to help each client experience greater joy and fulfillment by uncovering and expressing their unique brilliance in the world, whether that is expressed in their personal life, volunteer work or career.

Cheryl is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach. She holds a Dual Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She is the founder of Synergy@Work, LLC, a consulting and coaching group that was founded with a mission to build and support governmental and non-governmental organizations in creating communities of promise and choice by creating a synergistic approach through a host of services. The company’s operational concept is a consulting group that maximizes the collective gifts and talents of multiple individuals to impact results-driven projects. Simply stated, we accomplish more together than we can ever accomplish alone.

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Helping individuals and organizations around the world develop their innate strengths and maximize their unique talents.
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Experienced Program and Product Manager helping businesses and learning organizations through the digital transformation. Vision and expertise in programs and events, digital media (webcast, podcast, event capture), online learning experiences, event technology management, learning and development, emerging learning technologies, program, product and marketing management, technical readiness events, digital and social media strategies, streaming media, marketing and communications, community building, event content management, instructional technology and learning sciences and strengths-based coaching. Worked at Microsoft for over 18 years in Program Management. Connect on LinkedIn at

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I partner with faith and community leaders to leverage your strengths so you can change lives and transform communities.
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Do you believe that you have innate talents to make a difference?

Are all the changes around you leaving you feeling overwhelmed or confused?

Are you seeking to make a positive impact in your community that goes beyond the church walls?

Are you looking to transform lives?

I’m Sara Thomas, your leadership coach and missional strategist. I'd love to partner with you to leverage your strengths, build community and make a difference in your life...and the lives of the people you lead.

With over twenty years of leadership in higher education and the local church, I've faced a tremendous amount of uncertainty and change. Through it all, I've helped leaders use their talents to find the clarity and courage they need to lead people through change.

If you're ready to help the people around you lead with clarity and courage, I'd love to partner with you as a coach, speaker, or consultant.

Education & Certifications:

- ICF/ACC Certified Coach

- Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

- Doctor of Ministry, Missional Leadership, Fuller Theological Seminary

- Master of Divinity, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH

- Master of Science, College Student Personnel, Miami University

- BA, Communication Arts, Oakland University


- Pastor, Chief Strategist for Vital Congregations, and Asst District Superintendent, United Methodist Church

- Assistant Director of Orientation, Miami University


- International Coach Federation (ACC)

- Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

- Ordained Elder, United Methodist Church

Company Websites:

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I help individuals and teams maximize their strengths and teamwork.

I am passionate about coaching Executive Directors and Faith Leaders, as well as their staff members to work most effectively and efficiently together. After more than 20 years of experience in the financial and the human services arena, I led a non-profit, The Care Communities (TCC), for nine years. This non-profit was a pioneer in the utilization of volunteer teams to provide client services. Within the nonprofit realm, by coaching is strengths-based. Within faith communities, my coaching is spiritual-gifts-based. In both realms, I understand the myriad of stresses placed on a non-profit manager and am able to help turn challenges into opportunities.

As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, CPA, Presbyterian pastor, spiritual gifts coach and RN, my breadth of experience allows me to work seamlessly with all different kinds of managers, businesses and organizations. I have an MBA in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Chicago, an M.Div. from Princeton Theological Seminary, a BSN from SUNY Plattsburgh and a validated ministry as a Spiritual Gifts Coach from the PC(USA).

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I am and expert in executive effectiveness, team effectiveness, talent management, organizational culture, and sales effectiveness.
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Tony is an accomplished coach, consultant and executive with more than 30 years of success across the financial services, healthcare, and pharmaceutical industries. Leveraging extensive experience in go-to-market strategy and talent acquisition and retention, he is a valuable advisor for organizations and individuals seeking guidance in managerial effectiveness, cultural transformation, or building out successful sales teams. His broad areas of expertise include change management, public speaking, data analytics, organizational strategy, and executive leadership development.

Throughout his executive career, Anthony has held leadership positions with Highmark Health, ADP, and Gallup.

Tony has written two books about the use of Strengths in Sales roles and authored numerous articles. He has keynoted scores of meetings, and facilitated many transformative executive workouts.

Tony's knowledge of learning and development and creativity earned him Innovator of the Year honors from Saba and Learning Executive of the Year recognition from SkillSoft.

When not busy helping people grow and get better at leadership and management, Tony is an avid reader, culture vulture, and cook.

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I help people, organizations and companies develop emotional intelligence soft skills, navigate healthy transition change, and experience personal growth.
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I have over a decade of leadership experience with non-profits in East Asia, and my passion is to see people discover and live out their core identity and uniqueness, fulfilling their life purpose with vitality. Having overcome extreme adversity that led to clinical depression while living in Asia, I have found complete freedom and wholeness and am now known for my joy and vitality for life. I bring this same experience of breakthrough to my clients, helping them find joy and personal and professional development in the midst of the challenges and adversities they face.

I live in Tennessee now and will transition to Switzerland in July of 2019 with my wife and our four young daughters.

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I am your personal cheerleader: G-O YOU! You CAN and you WILL! Let's do it TOGETHER!
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Dr. Candice Johnson is the Founder and CEO (Chief EXCITEMENT Officer) of VisionSPEAK Consulting, LLC. VisionSPEAK exists to help others understand and operate in their God-given Strengths and Purpose through Education and Action with Kindness.

Johnson also serves as a Senior Outreach Counselor with Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority where she assists students and families in navigating the college access and financial aid process.

Dr. Johnson recently earned her Doctor of Education with a focus in Leadership from Spalding University in Louisville, KY.

Johnson is the mother to Miss Kyla Brooklyn Ford, a FUN, bright, and all around awesome pre-teen.

Most importantly, Dr. Johnson is a believer in Jesus Christ and is growing everyday with a hunger to be more like Him.

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Building Purpose-based-Performance for Individuals and Organizations all over the world ... one Genius move at a time!
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Taisja Laudy is a performance management expert who thrives on bringing out the best in companies.

A natural and intuitive communicator who speaks five languages, Taisja has spent more than 10000 hours in Strengths and Values-based client engagement: listening, motivating, influencing and putting people on a positive path while changing organizations.

Taisja combines her gift for consulting with her business background in developing and supporting the growth of large and successful sales teams. This gives her a unique ability to connect individuals to the collective goals and visions of companies.

Her results speak for themselves in a career that has taken her throughout Europe to New Zealand and Australia. Everywhere she’s worked, there’s been a measurable improvement in staff engagement, performance and company outcomes.

Taisja is a creator of GeniusFormula (the unique program on strengths, values, and strategies for success and fulfillment) and a President and Founder of TLnC Global company solely focused on bringing out the Organisational and Individual Genius founded in 2012 in Europe. Since then the company has grown rapidly and is now serving clients in Australasia and Europe sharing the inspiring message of strengths and genius around the globe.

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Cathie , knows what it is like to press through life’s challenges and overcome them. She has had many experiences that tested her mettle and her faith, but through each hardship and lesson she found herself sitting at the well and falling more and more in love with Jesus. These experiences, combined with her training and education, have made her passionate about coaching others how to lean on the Lord, in the midst of one’s crisis, to pick up their life when it seems their world has fallen apart, and get back on track pursuing their God-given purpose. She is active in her home church as a leader in Celebrate Recovery and is often seen coaching men/women through all of life’s ups and downs. Currently she is in seminary studying to be a Pastoral Care Counselor. She is a single mom to her three adult children and her little dog, Bossie. Cathie currently makes her home in Central Florida.

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StrengthsFinder coaching that unlocks and enhances the true talent of leaders and teams. Our goal is to help develop strong leaders and healthy teams while increasing engagement and productivity.
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18 years of professional church and non-profit experience

Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership from Bethel University

Gallup Certified Coach

Strengths Strategy Certified Coach

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I work with people who are ready to get MORE out of their life, career, or company!
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My practical coaching experience developed through a variety of roles, responsibilities, and transitions in an array of professional settings; specifically, pastoral ministry, technology sales, conflict reconciliation consulting, non-profit leadership, and academia as the Director of Leadership Development with the Executive Education Center at The University of St. Thomas, Minneapolis.

I hold a Master of Divinity degree, a graduate certificate degree in Executive Coaching from St. Thomas, and an ACC (Associate Certified Coach) credential with ICF – International Coach Federation. For non-profits, faith-based organizations and clergy, I offer a 50% savings on my coaching and training services.

Explore my coaching website, or call me at 612-816-9515.

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Are you a student or a parent who wants to minimize college debt by selecting an educational/career path that is a good fit based on your talents, interests, values, and personality?
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I come from an educational background and have an MA in Social Science with an Emphasis in Human Resource Development. I have lived cross culturally for 41 years and used my expertise to help those I trained as well as my four children. While overseas I served for two years in an international high school as the guidance counselor. I have been doing Career Advising full time in the US for the last five years. Because of my background, I have a good understanding of the concerns that parents have of bringing their kids to the US for college.

I would love to help young people and adults explore their options and engage in activities to find their ideal career and ultimately their dream job.

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As Certified Strengths Strategy Coach and Certified Behavioral Consultant (SSCC, CPAC, CBC) I help individuals and teams leverage their strengths to achieve Breakthrough results. Through group coaching, individual breakthrough coaching and delivering engaging workshops, I partner with individuals and organizations to see breakthrough results. I specialize in using a Strengths-based coaching approach to leadership development that results in sustainable change. Assessments can be used to measure results.

I am passionate about helping others achieve their dreams, increase their joy, discover their purpose/passion and live courageously.

Breakthrough Coaching Sessions are a targeted collaboration from which you will

- Gain clarity of focus

- Increase confidence, energy and joy

- Reduce stress and get out of the SPIN cycle

- Overcome obstacles that are holding you back

- Create a MAP (Manageable Action Plan)

Contact me today to set up a discovery session where we look together at your strengths, objectives, and timeline for creating change.

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I help young people and adults to find balance in life, so all of us can enjoy their strenghts. I promote the mental health. I have discovered that we can be truely alive and enjoy ourselfs despite the life difficulties and mental health challenges.
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My mission is to build understanding between people by showing how much we have in common, bringing out the best in people to create effective teams, communities and the true spirit of cooperation which may allow us to fulfil our dreams.

I offer walking coaching in Warsaw or outside. I did St. Jacob Way in April – May 2017. I walked over 600 km from Santander to Santiago de Compostela in Spain individually.

I love to listen to people and talk about future.

Myself I dream about the place, environment outside the town where we can relax, talk, be together and find our wellbeing. There will be a lot of different type of animals and lake or river or sea.

I work at university and I would love to support you with your educational decisions or graduation.

I am happy to talk to people who take care of their mental health or wish to do so.

Please feel free to contact me.

Moja misja polega na budowaniu porozumienia miedzy ludźmi poprzez ukazywanie jak wiele mamy ze sobą wspólnego, wydobywania tego co najlepsze w człowieku w celu tworzenia efektywnych zespołów, społeczności i prawdziwego ducha współpracy dzięki czemu może też udać się nam zrealizować marzenia.

Oferuję między innymi coaching podczas spacerów w Warszawie lub poza. W kwietniu - 2017 roku odbyłam Drogę Św. Jakuba. Przeszłam ponad 600 km od Santander do Santiago de Compostela w Hiszpanii w pojedynkę.

Uwielbiam słuchać ludzi i rozmawiać o przyszłości.

Marze o miejscu poza miastem, gdzie będzie można odpocząć, rozmawiać, być razem i znaleźć dobre samopoczucie. Tam będzie wiele różnych rodzajów zwierząt i jezioro lu rzeka lub morze.

Cieszę się na myśl rozmowy z osobami, które dbają o swoje zdrowie psychiczne lub chcą to zrobić.

Z racji pracy na uczelni zapraszam do kontaktu zwłaszcza osoby, które rozważają inwestycję w swoją edukację lub chciałyby dokończyć studia.

Zapraszam do kontaktu.

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Leadership Coaching for the Future
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I have been married to my wife, Christine, for eighteen years, have two daughters, Josie and Cate and reside in the Riverside, California area.

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I help leaders maximize their impact while maintaining their health as a top priority
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Chris worked in the non-profit space for 9 years. He founded, grew and developed a sustainable grass roots movement at the University of Georgia. He spearheaded creative team committees, managed student leaders, implemented logistics, and ensured the safety of thousands of students for over 200 events. Additionally, he interviewed, placed, mentored and managed influential students leaders to run the organizational activities and evaluated organizational efficiency and effectiveness to ensure the organization was operating within its vision and purpose.

Just like with any new business one learns how to step into many different roles. As a result, Chris understands the victory, the heartbreak, and what it takes to be innovative and creative in the non-profit world. He loves getting in the trenches and coming up with strategy and implementation to enable the non-profit long-term success. 

Additionally, Chris has a strong passion for the development of people because if the person isn't healthy the non-profit isn't healthy. Chris helps individuals come up with a strong life plan that can help them grow & develop so they have the foundation to thrive in their work and personal life.

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