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“When you look for the good in someone; you’ll find it.”
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JW is a husband to Tiffany and dad to Michayla, Chase, SJ, and Montana.

He is also a business owner, Financial Advisor, Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach, and board leader. In these roles JW has had the opportunity to effectively coach clients by helping them discover, acknowledge, and embrace their deepest drivers of success; in other words, their strengths. He is often referred to as authentic, growth-oriented, and values-based.

JW is the founder and president of both Rayhons Financial and Joshua Development. Rayhons Financial is consistently ranked in the top 5% of investment firms within Voya Financial Advisors. JW has been honored with several awards including Gilbert’s 2015 Business Man of the Year and Gilbert’s 2016 Volunteer of the Year. He has served as Chairman of the Board for three organizations and has enjoyed coaching basketball for over 400 young athletes.

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If your'e a coach looking to grow your business, Soar can help
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You change lives and transform organizations through your coaching.

Your voice needs to be heard.

Individuals and Organizations need your help.

Join thousands of other coaches to accelerate a global movement - where millions of people can discover their unique value and become better versions of themselves.

To schedule a time to speak with me, use this

Calendar Tool

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Over three decades of mentoring thousands of the entrepreneurially-minded to accelerate focus and growth.
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Are you a high-performing individual that wants to maximize impact and results?

Are you a Founder CEO wanting to accelerate revenues, scale faster, and maximize your company’s value?

Are you an entrepreneur needing money for your business and would like help securing capital?

Are you a leader that needs an independent listener, advisor, or thinking partner to help develop ideas and strategies?

Are you a manager frustrated with underperforming teams and want to motivate your team to perform at a higher level?

Are you a creator with a big idea and want help figuring out your next best steps?

If any of these sound like you?… I’d love to talk to you and brainstorm the possibilities!

Hi, I’m Roger Andrus, and for over 30 years I have been helping startup entrepreneurs get the traction and the capital they need to accelerate growth. From incubators and accelerators to angel investing and SBA lending, I've helped fund more than a thousand startups and continue to mentor many to achieve accelerated traction. Since 2010, companies worked with have appeared more than 40x on the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies list.

What Others Are Saying

Roger is a great source for advice. I consider Roger a trusted advisor, and I highly value him as a friend as well as a mentor. Josh Case - CEO @ Energy Capital Group, LLC

Roger is one of the industry’s best when it comes to launching and accelerating startup’s growth. A few minutes of his time could provide a lifetime of valuable advice. David Przybyla, Marketing Professor at Utah Valley University

Roger is my hero for all the reasons that you also value. He keeps a very low-key profile and has a wicked-bright mind. Roger has launched, advised or invested in literally hundreds of startups. What makes Roger a role model for me is his humility and goodness. He has always extended a helping hand and advice whenever I have reached out to him. Roger is an honored member of the community and represents the values that build solid communities. Rajeev (Raj) Rawat - Author, Speaker, Consultant at Reverse the Chase Project

Learn more about me and my work:; LinkedIn

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Strengthening Your Financial Wellness
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I am a certified Financial Fitness Coach and Accredited Financial Counselor in Colorado Springs, CO. If I had a dollar for every time my mother told me I could do anything I set my mind to, I’d be a millionaire! The funny thing is, I now realize this insight is true for most people. And it’s this belief in clients’ dreams and goals that drives my work.

After graduating from college, I served for six years as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. I admit to a bit of wanderlust which aligned perfectly with life in the military as I’ve lived in nearly a dozen places!

Raised in a military family, married to a Veteran and a Veteran myself, I have a passion for teaching the basics of sound money management principals and have an understanding of the unique situations faced by many (military and non-military) every day. I get great satisfaction in helping my clients learn to finesse managing their finances, resolve financial problems and reach their long-term goals such as becoming debt free, saving for a child’s education, or buying a home.

I partner with each client, supporting him/her to achieve success. I'm a solutions finder and a problem solver and apply these skills while supporting and teaching my clients to develop the strategies and find the tools they need to build a solid financial foundation.

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Experience Financial Freedom
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With over 35 years of experience in financial coaching and consulting, Greg helps individuals, families and businesses understand what financial freedom is and how to attain it.

After graduating from South Dakota State University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Greg pursued his career as a financial coach. He has also taught money management and leadership principles at the college level and to military groups.

As the author of the book, “Financial Freedom, Finding What Works for You,” Greg has been featured in numerous interviews on radio and TV throughout the country. In addition to his financial coaching practice, he has been certified as a coach in Steven Covey’s, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective people.” Greg incorporates Covey’s core principles in helping clients establish healthy money habits and a positive money mindset.

Greg’s combination of formal education, experience, and independence from financial institutions allows Greg to serve his clients with objectivity and their best interest in mind.

Greg lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and family. He enjoys being an active member of his community.

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I help CEOs and business leaders to reach the pinnacle of excellence in all areas of life so they can easily build the business and lifestyle of their dreams.
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Master Coach of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TimeLine Therapy, and Hypnosis

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Exceptional Business Developer
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I've consulted with over 200 companies to create explosive growth and build phenomenal road maps to success.

Director of Way of Life Fitness Camps

Executive Producer and Consultant for Global Entertainment Management

Owner/Director of Pacific Funding Partners

Executive Director of Continental Mortgage Capital Inc.

Sports Physician for Holland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

Please feel free to contact me today: or 619-535-9835

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I help entrepreneurs start and develop their business and manage their finances
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Raised by a single mother in the 1980s, I grew up in a household below the poverty line. I joined the United States Marine Corps straight out of high school because I couldn't afford college and I had nowhere else to go. I managed to go to one year of college without accruing any debt, but quickly found it to be a waste of time and money for me. An IT professional by trade, I slowly developed my skills until I could start my own company in 2009. Over the last decade, that company has grown to employ a team of professionals that services our local community's IT needs. My wife also owns and operates a Surrogacy agency that serves clients all over the world by making couples' dreams of having children come true. Together, we also own a real estate investment company that provides affordable housing and investment opportunities to customers all over the United States. I also volunteer my time as a Financial Peace University facilitator and as an individual financial coach at a local non-profit organization and have done so for numerous years.

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I am a Prosperity Coach. I help individuals become financially free by overcoming their road blocks in the way of financial literacy and financial freedom
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Joel is a Prosperity Coach. He works closely with his clients to help identify and overcome the roadblocks standing in their way of personal financial freedom.

In 2018, he published Mindful Money Management: Memoirs of a Hedge Fund Manager, which immediately became a Best Seller. Joel is also an award-winning speaker and frequent podcast guest. He has spoken at numerous Rotary and Lion’s Clubs in the Metropolitan area as well as at the Infinite Possibilities Training Conference in New Orleans in March 2018.

In 2012, Joel launched his own hedge fund, SaLaurMor Capital (named after his daughters, Lauren and Morgan). This was a dream that Joel had had from the early 1990s. Since inception he outperformed the hedge fund index and in many significant down months, he was able to consistently generate positive returns for his investors. He shut it down in 2016 to pursue his current dream.

Prior to SaLaurMor, Joel was a portfolio manager at Citi where he managed a long/short equity and credit portfolio focused on insurers, asset managers, and specialty finance companies. Joel successfully grew that portfolio from under $100 Million in 2008 to $700 Million in 2011. In each full year as portfolio manager, he generated positive returns, including in 2008 when the market collapsed 40%.

Joel has spent over 20 years analyzing, rating, and reporting on global insurers. He has over a decade of experience investing in financial stocks and working at insurance and reinsurance companies.

Joel was designated a Fellow of the Society of Actuaries in 1992 and has been a Chartered Financial Analyst since 1995. He is also an Advanced Communicator Silver Toastmaster and President of Vanderbilt Toastmasters in Manhattan.

Joel holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Rochester where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in Mathematics and Statistics. He is also a Certified Infinite Possibilities trainer.

Joel Salomon is committed to helping people become financially free. Find out more at

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The Business Leader Coach
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Don Scott was an Arthur Andersen partner, Office Managing Director for a National trust company, and COO and CFO of an oil company. Along with 35 years in the business and financial world, Don added a Master’s degree in psychology. The real answers for meaningful change in your life, and your

balance sheet…lie just beneath the surface.

"I have spent the last 35 years working with complexity. Family businesses, high-net-worth families and executives all seem to face similar core challenges. If there is one thing I've learned, it is that you just can't go it alone. Well, you can…but it is so much harder than it needs to be. I work shoulder to shoulder with my clients to create powerful change that almost always shows up in their income statements and balance sheets. More than just financial success, it's really about the bigger things in life that make getting out of bed in the morning pure joy!"

Visit my website at

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I support professionals in accessing their essence to create a life by design
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I'm a graduate of the "Harvard of coaching programs", Accomplishment Coaching. I coach from a place of being versus strict facilitation and tap into the essence of each of my clients. I'm also a CPA who climbed the corporate ladder for 10 years before finding coaching. Coaching helped me create a career that is better aligned with my natural gifts, passions, and purpose in life. I love supporting other professionals in their career transitions too.

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I have the pleasure of helping people uncover their special talents. Through one-on-one coaching and creative techniques, I facilitate my clients’ personal and professional growth. And I enable organizations to evolve and prosper by enhancing the effectiveness of their leaders and team members. The work isn’t transactional – it’s transformational.

My approach is customized and multi-dimensional, combining 10 years of entrepreneurial experience with certification in organizational effectiveness and strengths coaching.

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