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Vicki Haverson

Dubai, Dubayy, ARE
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Can you imagine what it would feel like to discover that you have SUPERHERO powers?

You do! And once discovered, these superhero powers can be applied to help you create your very best life!

And how do I know? Because for seventeen years, I’ve partnered with teams and leaders like you in organizations across Europe and the Middle East. And in every case, discovering talents and recognizing strengths has created amazing impacts in increased productivity, improved relationships, and greater happiness and well-being.

Discovering strengths is the missing piece of the puzzle!

I’ve followed a similar path to make my own discoveries in my search to be more, do more and have more. I’m a Certified Coach and Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. And in 2015, I was certified in strengths application through Strengths Strategy. Through the process of my own journey, I’ve had amazing shifts in my own life and have been able to connect the pieces to who I really am and what I need in order to be my very best.

After coaching more leaders like you, it has become clear that discovering your talents and strengths is critical to take you to the next level in your business and relationships. And unlocking your potential will increase your energy and confidence and allow you to soar to new heights.

Isn’t it time for you to discover YOUR superhero powers? Let’s work together to create what you want and get you there!

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Jim Ball

Hampton, New Hampshire, USA
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I have a passion for developing talent, creating leaders, and bringing out the best in people. With over 15 years leadership experience, I have successfully transformed cultures, built sustainable leadership networks, and consistently delivered outstanding results.

With a background in leading production and engineering operations, site strategy, new product introduction, team leadership, performance management, and employee career development, my experience brings a real-world perspective to organizational development, executive coaching, and leadership training.

As a Gallup-Certified Strengths coach, I’ve logged over 200 hours of coaching and delivered over 1,000 hours of training to bring out the very best in people, create highly engaged teams, and achieve top-tier performance for my clients to gain a competitive advantage in their industries. By focusing on natural talent and strengths, I’ve partnered with leaders to reach that new level of performance. I've completed Advanced Clifton Strengths Training and Builder Profile 10 (BP10) training to help entrepreneurs, small business owners, and ‘intrapreneurs’ innovate and create customer energy.

Finally, with experience as a US Army Ranger, Company Commander, and Infantry Officer, I thrive in a high-stakes environment where successful performance leads to meaningful impact, and know how to coach others to perform under pressure.

My ideal clients include: 1. Leaders in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries 2. Small business owners or growing entrepreneurs 3. Veterans who are planning or going through a career transition in to Corporate America 4. People seeking coaching in major life changes or new career paths

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Arnold Allred

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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I am intrigued by culture and have spent a large portion of my career in an international setting. I have consulted in Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Philippines and the Caribbean and find great joy in meeting new people. I firmly believe that there is great joy in life, and understanding talent gives us the keys to become better versions of who we already are. My talents have blessed me with developing skills for working with people, helping them to find their potential and reach it.

I feel great about life when I can train, instruct, or tutor an individual or a group. I love being aware of others’ feelings, thoughts, and needs to guide them into and through partnerships. I consider various ways to sustain the connections between individuals and groups helping them discover reasons to support one another. I have a passion for educating and helping people discover what they do best in life.

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Nathan Sheranian

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA
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As a talent strategist and coach, Nathan has worked with countless executives and leaders across the globe, in a wide range of businesses from start-ups and mid-sized companies, to large global organizations.

He is an expert in organizations, leadership, culture, and individual/team performance. He's particularly passionate about purpose-driven work.

The following are a sample of the offerings Nathan provides:

-Executive and leadership coaching

-Cultural transformation consultation

-Identifying your organization's true purpose

-Organization design

-Talent strategy

Whether you need coaching to help you as an individual succeed in your current role, or you need some insights how to lead in tact teams or highly complex organizations, Nathan has the expertise to help you capitalize on your unique strengths to excel.

More information can be found about Nathan's professional and education background at:

Follow Nathan on Twitter:

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Tomi Smith

Park City, Utah, USA
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As an Women Entrepreneur Coach my passion is keeping you sharp while you move on to the next level. Death, Divorce, Illness, and or Finance Debt from a venture gone wrong; any one of these would take you down at any moment and is what keep Entrepreneur's up at night. I had all happen one after the other and still here to tell about it. I want to help you focus on your resiliants and emotional muscle. So that when life hits you as an Entrepreneur your business is not effected. I have a 90 day program with weekly excerise and one on one coaching/accountable to make sure you get back on top if you have hit some bumps or before those bumps even come.

As a business owner of several companies for over 15 years; I have experience dealing with a team building of 1 to 50. I have created strategic building blocks to bring you to the next level. Breaking it down step by step by raising your SPIRITUAL, PHYSICAL, AND MENTAL energy so you are ready to face the challenges that life will through at you.


As a keynote speaker I am passionate about talk and educating employees about being an INTERPRENEUR. To many young employee do not understand the huge advantage of allowing others to take the liability; while learning business and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. This is a great key note for companies that want to build a self govern employees that buy the company first in every decision they do. Ask me about specials that are running until December 31, 2018. Let build your company together.


Ask about Year-End Special if Booked by Dec 31, 2018

Based on Brendon Burchard "7 Habit of Highly Productive People" lets put the energy back into your team.

Workshop Includes:

Workbook/Homework Assignments /Bendon Burchard Book "7 Habits of Highly Productive People"

Raised Employee's Awareness of:







About me

I am CEO/owner of SES Energy, LLC, a single mom of two, and a coach that understands the really day to day issues that you are facing, because I have been there.

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Katy Kloosterman

Holland, Michigan, USA
I am passionate about helping people discover who they were created to be and how they can apply their strengths to help them achieve their goals.
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A little about me. I love to learn new things. I have a BA in Business from Calvin College. I have over 25 years of Human Resources experience. My passion is culture and people development within organizations. In 1996 after my first daughter was born I joined GVD Industries and have held various roles within that company. My family and I relocated to West Michigan in 2009 where I currently serve as Executive Vice President focusing on corporate culture & employee development. One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years – there is power in our diversity. My strengths journey began in 2009 when my husband introduced me to the Clifton strengths assessment. I became a Gallup certified Clifton Strengths Coach in 2014. Since becoming a coach I have had the privilege of partnering with corporations and individuals to help them identify their strengths, set goals and find strategies to apply those strengths within their roles at work as well as in their personal life.

In 2015 I began the Soul Care certification program at the Soul Care Institute & Fuller Seminary Lifelong Learning Center. I completed my work with The Soul Care Institute in 2017. That experience allowed me to take care of my own soul equipping me to better encourage and develop others as they learn to discern the voice of their own heart.

I am passionate about helping people discover who they were created to be and how they can apply their strengths to help them achieve their goals. I am committed to walking with people on their strengths-based development journey. Help them identify what is possible and create a plan to convert possibility to reality. My goal is to encourage, develop and equip others as well as myself as we continue to grow as individuals.

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I believe we all have greatness in us. That's why SkyLimit Coaching's tag line is "Find Your Greatness!" But what exactly does that mean?

Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing it is stupid." You have the answers in you to overcome any obstacle, change any situation and reach every single goal you have wanted to accomplish. Let me help you discover your best self and find your greatness. I promise it's there!

As a coach, I work with people to help them discover and use their strengths, to find their power and to believe they can make a difference in this world. I'll be your thought partner, accountability partner and encourager.

I am a Gallup-certified strengths coach, CAPT-certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) administrator, Center for Creative Leadership-certified Benchmarks for Managers administrator, graduate of Accomplishment Coaching's Coaches' Training Program, and am a certified speaker and coach for the John Maxwell Team. Additionally, I am credentialed (ACC) through the International Coach Federation.

I believe we are all in this wild, unpredictable world together. Let's combine the power of our strengths, and we can change the world! Let's start with yours.

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Jennifer Miller, PhD

Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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High energy, innovative Talent leader with excellent knowledge of current trends and practices across Talent Management/Human Capital. Builder of impactful talent processes in multiple industries; strategy expert.

Track record of accomplishments developing/executing strategies that strengthen organizational capabilities to ensure business leaders have the right talent at the right time. Proven success with designing selection and assessment strategies that identify and deliver qualified candidates who are closely aligned with culture, mission and values across skill levels ranging from staff to C-Level positions. Workplace coach who excels at spotting individual talent and developing people/teams.

Candidate, employee, and customer focused hands-on leader who sets the bar high, builds strong working relationships across organizations and challenges the status quo to influence outcomes. A quick learner who is flexible and rapidly adapts to changing environments, requirements, and project deliverables.

Passionate about Employer Brand development, assessment and selection methodologies, and driven by both data and process improvement mindsets. Skilled at ATS optimization and leveraging technology to ensure efficient recruiting, onboarding and talent management processes.

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Shari Chapman

Scottsdale, Arizona, USA
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"Genius is a few talents realized." Don Clifton

Do you know your genius? Using the research-based CliftonStrengths Assessment, Shari will work with you to understand the language about what is right with you – your talents, your genius, and how to apply them in your professional and personal life.

Shari’s commitment to the strengths-based development approach is grounded in her own strengths journey and the highly impactful experiences of her clients. She helps clients gain self-understanding, overcome challenges and successfully achieve their goals.

A vibrant facilitator, coach and organizational consultant, Shari has over 15 years of professional organizational experience in a variety of Fortune 500 industries where her focus is on helping clients to deepen their understanding of their talents and to develop them into strengths. She also partners with leaders toward maximizing their team’s talents, and she helps leaders to cultivate their leadership, communication and conflict resolution skills.

Shari founded Inlustro Consulting based on the Latin definition of the word Illuminate. Inlustro means to enlighten, give glory, illuminate, light up and to make clear. Through her coaching and facilitation process, Shari will help you become enlightened and gain clarity about what you do best and to maximize your greatest potential to transform relationships, produce positive results and achieve your goals.

Shari has a bachelor’s degree in Sociology from University of San Diego, a master’s degree in Counseling/Career Counseling from Chapman University and is a proud Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach. She is also a certified Reiki II Practitioner.

Shari’s CliftonStrengths top five talents are Empathy, Futuristic, Positivity, Strategic and Connectedness. Through her extensive knowledge of CliftonStrengths, her intuition, her life and corporate experience, Shari will help you know and realize your genius.

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Tracy Bullock

Tempe, Arizona, USA
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Tracy Bullock brings 30 years of business development experience to her Sandler Training business. She builds and delivers programs for companies of all sizes in Tempe and across Arizona, spanning multiple industries, from Construction Trades, Medical, Restaurant, IT/Software, and Consumer Product Goods.

During her 30-year career with Procter & Gamble in business development, she developed Sales & Management teams, grew individuals’ performance, and coordinated cross-department strategic planning with top customers in the U.S. and globally. Her experiences add depth and connection to the needs of our local businesses, as well as the owners, executives and individuals she coaches.

Tracy is currently on the Boards of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and iCommand. She leads the Tempe Chamber Coffee Connection leads group, is an active member of the Women in Business Council, and helps facilitates the Mentoring program. Tracy was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award, Top Female Executive, and noted as a Top 101 Industry Experts for her work in Global Management Training Development by Cambridge’s Worldwide Who’s Who.

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David Barski

Park City, Utah, USA
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Empowering global and multicultural team leader yielding tangible results by leveraging intentional approaches to process excellence through use of data and visualization. Rigorous problem solver with a focus on identifying and solving for underlying issues to implement sustainable solutions. Leveraged practical experience, confidence, relational and communication skills to yield cross-organizational buy-in and influence action.

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Michelle Smirnoff

San Francisco, California, USA
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Talent Acquisition & Development Strategist with more than 20 years of optimizing performance, transforming culture, and driving employee engagement strategies both in-house and as a consultant. Skilled at storytelling and incorporating LEAN/Six Sigma, Agile and NPS methodologies into organizational initiatives for maximum outcomes.

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Ravi Rade

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
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Leadership & Career Coach | Mindfulness Emotional Intelligence (SIY Teacher) For Growth-Hungry Professionals And Teams. Transformative coaching to advance your career and achieve financial success. Self-reflective conversations to dream big, create a plan and take action. My clients get clarity, become super confident and get rid of self-doubt, fear, and laziness. They start seeing their world with an empowering perspective, resulting in bold actions with a strong commitment to follow through.

I work with directors, managers, and highly specialized, talented experts.

Most of my clients hold leadership positions in FORTUNE 500 corporations and are from all over the world.

My ideal clients are growth-hungry, self-improver and goals-driven professionals.

Twice a month, 45-minute one-on-one self-reflective coaching sessions by phone. I ask thought-provoking, probing questions to help you find resonant solutions. I talk for 5 minutes, clients talk for 40.


The best way, experience yourself the power of coaching by setting up a FREE sample coaching session. Contact me to receive an invitation for a complimentary coaching session. Most likely, you get big value out of just this one free session.

Connect me/ send message at

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Arnold Allred

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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I am intrigued by culture and have spent a large portion of my career in an international setting. I have consulted in Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Philippines and the Caribbean and find great joy in meeting new people. I firmly believe that there is great joy in life, and understanding talent gives us the keys to become better versions of who we already are. My talents have blessed me with developing skills for working with people, helping them to find their potential and reach it.

I feel great about life when I can train, instruct, or tutor an individual or a group. I love being aware of others’ feelings, thoughts, and needs to guide them into and through partnerships. I consider various ways to sustain the connections between individuals and groups helping them discover reasons to support one another. I have a passion for educating and helping people discover what they do best in life.

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Stephanie K. Eberle

Stanford, California, USA
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I offer over 2 decades of expertise in Higher Education, Psychology, and Business. Through teaching, coaching, and executive consulting, I have additional specialization in: Academia, Biotechnology, Communication, Management Consulting, Finance, Law, Policy, Scientific Research, and Technology. Finally, I am especially recognized for my work on human factors in the workplace, assertiveness, and public speaking.

How can I help you and/or your team thrive?

Through executive coaching and individual career counseling, I empower people to get out of their own way so that they may define who they are and where they want to go. I approach each client as the individual they are, leading them through discussions and exercises to set and follow goals effectively. Finally, I create inclusive environments for all races, genders, ethnicities, abilities, religions, and sexual orientations.

Issues we can address together:

- Executive Coaching: change management, team building & cohesion, conflict resolution, team communications & values clarification, goals clarification, executive branding, diversity training, and strategic planning. This includes presentations, 1:1 coaching, team coaching, retreat planning, and any combination of the these with any-sized team.

- Individual Counseling: self-esteem issues, public speaking, TED talk preparation, interview preparation, personal branding, social media presence, identifying ideal careers & workplaces, preparing for reviews, resume/CV review, and negotiation.

Education, Training, and Experience

Masters: Community & Agency Counseling; Bachelors: Psychology/Sociology double major

Training: MBTI and Strengths Finder certified; Interpersonal Dynamics coursework, Stanford Graduate School of Business

Experience: job development programming at nonprofits; 18 years at Stanford career communities; executive coaching with tech, nonprofit, and science organizations.

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Anne Lipsitz

North Kingstown, Rhode Island, USA
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I love a good story, meeting new people, and helping be the bridge that gets them where they want to go. I find each fascinating and I am always curious to learn more. We all have a story--why you’re working at a certain job, why you chose to study a particular major, or the passions that get you excited. After graduating in journalism, speech, and public relations, I found success learning about people and products and using writing and presenting as a way to positively influence results.

Most of my 25 year corporate career at MetLife, Dun & Bradstreet, and Cox Communications has been spent influencing and educating others through sales, public relations, marketing, or management. Five years ago, I transitioned to higher education where I helped students develop their personal brand, write engaging résumés, and prepare for interviews. I found whatever role I was in I gained the most satisfaction when I was helping someone else be their personal best!

That’s why I love being a career and transition coach. Whether you're a student entering the job market for the first time or seasoned professional wanting to reinvent yourself, my strengths lie in learning your story and helping you package yourself in a polished, professional manner.

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Over 20 years of Human Resources experience coaching and working with leaders, teams and individuals.

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Matthew Randall

Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, USA
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Have you ever wished for a coach with the ability to make things simple and the heart to walk you through the process?

My promise is to help you to identify and leverage your strengths in a way that is authentic and provides immediate value.

I know my stuff. I get to know you and your career trajectory, and ask lots of questions. I listen well. I like clarity, simplicity, and practical solutions.

My superpower is creating structure and order out of chaos. I am easy to work with, and I love what I do.

Benefits of working with me:

- Clarity on goals, objectives and priorities.

- Building an enduring personal brand that propels your career forward.

- Making fewer mistakes.

Specialties: executive coaching, personal branding, career strategist, instructional design, presentation and facilitation, sponsor relationship development, coaching, managing multiple priorities, work life balance, clarity, accountability

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Phillip Athens

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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The Growth Coach is the world's leader in business coaching, sales coaching, and entrepreneurial education. We are dedicated to helping business owners improve their businesses and their lives. By helping owners slow down, reflect, and plan, we give our clients the road map to design and build a highly profitable business that runs smoothly and is worth a fortune when it's sold.

My nearly 20 years journey as a professional leader in the US Army and other arenas has led me to The Growth Coach. Every champion gets to the top with a team. The head of that team is a great coach. I stand ready to coach you and your team to the next level.

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Alexander Wollboldt

Philippines|Germany, Pambansang Punong Rehiyon, PHL
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Alex has been in Finance since 2001 handling different positions varying from Head of Accounting and Controlling, Director, Treasurer and General Manager of Finance and Administration and has worked in Germany, Japan and the Philippines. He is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach as well as a Certified Management Accountant (ICMA, Australia), Certified Management Consultant (CMC®), with a Master’s degree in International Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid (HASC, Almeria/Spain), the German academic degree Dipl. Wirtschaftsjapanologe (FH) (graduate in International Management and Japanese at HS Bremen - University of Applied Sciences, Bremen/Germany).

Born and bred in Germany, this German-Japanese descent who speaks fluent German, Japanese and English, aims to bring his expertise in the corporate world and provides a strength-based development program also in combination with existing performance management tools such as Balanced Score Cards as to help companies lower attrition rate, increase engagement of Managers and Staff and boost loyalty not only from employees but from Customers as well which can result in significantly increased productivity and profitability. On top of that, his top 5 themes of Connectedness/ Futuristic/ Belief/ Responsibility/ Maximizer, innately push him to provide his services to Non-profit Organizations.

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Vandi Theriot

Angleton, Texas, USA
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19 years of HR executive experience in various industries from mental healthcare, NASA aerospace, finance / credit unions and manufacturing. Expertise in empowering cultures, leaders, teams and kids using strength based coaching.

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Becca Pollock

Mansfield, Texas, USA
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I love coaching and being a partner for others who are seeking a different direction. If you value someone who will listen to you and create a customized set of offerings based on your needs, you will like working with me. Sometimes people need a thought partner and other times they need more direction or tools to help them learn more about themselves to get to a breakthrough; I'm equipped to meet all of those needs. I am especially skilled at helping those of you who believe that your work can be service, a ministry, or a way of making the world a better place. I am a graduate of Gallup's Faith Strength Advisor program. I've taken the Strengsthfinder 2.0 assessment multiple times and other themes that round out my Top 10 and add to my coaching strengths include Responsibility and Individualization. I take my work seriously and I'm great at seeing what is unique about you. I have many years of experience successfully navigating large corporations and I work full time as a coach in a healthcare system in addition to my passion project of coaching others like you. I understand what it is like in the pressure cooker. You can learn more about me and my practice at my website and you can also look me up on Linked In

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Iyad UaKoub

Burlingame, California, USA
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"I am an HR leader, talent recruiter, and meaningful work coach.

I have a "very particular set of skills" - I will look for you, I will find you & I will help you find your calling."

I Love working at the overlap of People, Data and Technology. I Coach & Connect People, I Create & Curate Resources, and I Design & Deploy Strategies.

Iyad is an HR Business Partner Manager at the largest vaping portfolio company in the world. Before that, he Led Human Resources, Enterprise Recruiting, and University Recruiting at ThousandEyes. He served as a Career Educator, Pre-Major Advisor, and Manager of Branding & Digital Communities at BEAM, Stanford Career Education. Before joining Stanford, he led the operations and communications team at Purdue University’s Center for Career Opportunities where he designed & implemented strategic data and technology interventions that boosted the center’s efficiency, effectiveness, and collective intelligence.

+13 years of experience driving organizational development, human resources, technology & data programs with multinational organizations such as Stanford University, Purdue University, United Nations, EU, the World Bank, ILO, Fortune 500, US Government and non-profit organizations in the US and globally. I take the path that maximizes my potentials for positive impact on individuals and communities

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Suzanne LaPierre

Acton, Massachusetts, USA
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I believe each person is an expert in his or her life and work. And with the right support and focus, a person can identify and use his or her natural talents, thoughts, feelings, and patterns to produce extraordinary results in life, career, and relationships.

I began my career as the owner/operator of a small business which later led me to the franchise industry where I trained, mentored, and coached multiple business owners to maximize their business profitability and leadership capabilities.

I entered the medical diagnostics field in 2007 where I continued to raise enterprise-wide, organizational effectiveness for global organizations.

Coaching, performance, engagement, individual and team development are my passions and specialties.

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Taylor Halverson

Springville, Utah, USA
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Dr. Taylor Halverson accelerates learning for individuals, teams, and organizations.  He finds joy in innovatively creating value for others.  He is a prolific author of more than 200 articles and books.  Learning materials that he has developed have been used by hundreds of organizations throughout the world inspiring and empowering hundreds of thousands of individuals.  Dr. Halverson is an engagingly enthusiastic networker and connector.  He has worked for many years in the professional development industry advising high-powered individuals and organizations to identify who they are, where they want to be, and how they’ll get there.  Dr. Halverson is an entrepreneur who has consulted with dozens of early-stage companies and served on the executive committees of several non-profits.  His creative output includes launching the BYU Creativity, Innovation, and Design group, an organization of more than 80 faculty members, and founding a technical team that creates 3D immersive visualizations of important historical sites.  He regularly teaches inspiring design, innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship courses and workshops.  Dr. Halverson holds PhDs in two separate fields (World civilization; and technology, design, and learning), giving him unusual interdisciplinary depth and breadth.  He listens intently and synthesizes complex material to make it understandable, engaging and applicable.

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Paul Axelrod

San Francisco, California, United States, , USA
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Business is Personal. Personal is Business.

With over 15 years of transformational leadership training under her belt, dual coaching certifications in Strengths Strategy and Awake Coaching, Kate Pintor brings the clarity and creativity necessary for relationship business owners to catapult to their next level.

Having spent over 8000 hours coaching individuals and teams, Kate has effectively activated her executive and entrepreneurial leaders to climb out of their own "wheelchairs" to six figures, just as she did in only four years. Her passion stems from her own story of transformation, and brings a unique perspective, hope and even urgency to the personal development journey.

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Shane Roberson

Richmond, Virginia, USA
I help organizations and leaders cultivate thriving organizational culture.
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Shane Roberson has over 20 years of executive leadership and management experience. He has worked with small business owners, CEO’s, corporate executives in Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, hospitals and various executives in the federal government. He has built and managed teams with the mission of the organization as the chief objective.

Professionally, his passion is to help Executives build a thriving and healthy culture. To this end, he developed a systematic approach to crafting an organizational culture where people can belong, contribute, and make a difference. He helps individuals, groups, and organizations cultivate an intentional organizational ethos that will pave the way for organizational success.

Shane is a gifted speaker, author, thought leader, executive advisor and keen observer of organizational dynamics. He serves as an executive coach, conducting leadership assessments and development, team development, strategic planning, and workshops on identified aspects for the needed development of staff at all levels.

Recently, he designed, developed, and teaches a Master’s program in Transformational Leadership for Belhaven University.

Prior to joining TAG, Shane served on non-profit boards, leading and managing non-profit organizations and coaching people in their individual development as they seek to utilize their talents in their life. Shane earned his Master’s Degree from Princeton and a Doctorate in Leadership in the Emerging Culture, focusing his dissertation on Collaborative Leadership.

Shane and his wife, Jennifer, and three girls, Jessica, Amanda, and Emma live in Richmond, Virginia. He loves running, coaching lacrosse, volunteering and staying active.

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