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Creating drama free workplace teams that get results.
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I turn difficult, painful, empty circumstances into loving enjoyable marriage and family relationships using my unique brain-based heart level approach.
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My coaching experience profoundly affects the success of your coaching sessions! The sheer fact that I have practiced in my strengths for 27,500 hours means I have seen situations like yours 30, 40, 50 times and I am at the 'top of my game' ready to serve you. Though every client's needs and hopes are unique, my strengths, skills, knowledge and experience provide me the confidence to know I can help your relationships!

My resources and presentations have been well received by the US. Army, Air Force, county governments, churches and schools. I have been interviewed on national television, radio and magazine.

I have an office in Colorado Springs, CO. but deliver a large portion of my services online (via Zoom) using techniques for connecting clients with each other without the need of my physical presence. I am happy to travel to clients if necessary to provide the most effective support for their situation.

I have been married to Nancy for 23 years and the father of our six children. I am a Canadian now living as a US resident in Colorado. In Canada, I worked in children and adult mental hospitals. I am a registered psychotherapist in the state of Colorado and am an ordained minister with a Master of Theology degree. I will respectfully coach you from a faith or faith-neutral position based on your request.

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I love helping teams and business professionals maximize results and enhance impact through a my half-day Strengths Discovery workshops!
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I'm excited to help young business professionals and corporate teams reach their greatest potential. As a Strengths Strategy Certified Coach, I am equipped with the tools and skills to help facilitate powerful personal discovery and transformation that leads to higher performance. My goal as a coach is to create a safe space for you to discover how to keep your strengths out of toxicity and in the A+ Zone.

If you are anxious to discover and connect to your unique purpose, leverage your strengths to deepen your impact, and improve your overall well-being and happiness, I want to work with you!

As a consultant at VF Corporation (Vans, Timberland, The North Face, etc), I facilitated team-building workshops with executive and retail teams across the US. While the Director of HR & Operations at Safe Harbor Crisis Center, a nonprofit providing advocacy and shelter service to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, I rolled out a strengths-based curriculum and provided one-on-one coaching to advocates and administrative staff. As the Talent Manager at Reckitt Benckiser (Lysol, Mucinex, Durex, etc), I've provided coaching and team-building consulting to cross-functional teams in the CPG industry. As an independent contractor, I've provided coaching and workshop facilitation to individuals and teams all over Utah and North Carolina.

I am an LGBTQ+ activist, recruiter, employee engagement specialist, training designer, performer, public speaker, facilitator, millennial, video content creator, singer, athlete, fundraiser, nonprofit board member, and life coach.

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Personal Coach for Students, Teams and Small Businesses - Launch to Success!
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Motivating, activating and launching teens and young professionals through college and to their first careers! Expert at identifying strengths, skills and abilities to build resilience and coping skills for life. Learn more at

Team and small business expert, 25 years experience in employee training and organization development. Creating momentum and orchestrating change. Learn more at

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Human & Organizational development for you and your team.
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M. Ed. in Positive Coaching & Graduate Certificate in Positive Psychology, University of Missouri

B.S. in Family Science & Human Development; secondary major in Gerontology; and a minor in Leadership Studies, Kansas State University

Awards & Recognition:

Rising Professional, College of Health & Human Science, Kansas State University, 2019

Board of Trustee, Topeka & Shawnee County Public Library, 2019

Dean of Student Life Award, Kansas State University, 2014

Dorothy Shaw Leadership Award, Alpha Delta Pi, 2014

Job History:

2015-2017: Executive Director of Heartland Visioning (Quality of Life Branch of Chamber of Commerce)

2016-2017: Manager Leadership Greater Topeka

2014-2015: Coordinator of Membership LeadingAge Kansas

Coaching Clients:

Individuals in times of transition





Gerontology related fields

Coaching Methods:

Organizational Development Projects

Team Strengths Sessions



Company Name: O'Shea Strengths Coaching


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Working with church leaders and their congregation to find their passion and purpose and successfully grow an engaged church.
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• University of Dallas, Advanced Biblical Studies, School of Ministry

• Bachelor of Science Communication, minor Business Administration, Clarion University

• Gallup-Certified to lead Discovery© Course Workshop

• Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths© Accelerated Coaching Certification

• Equip to Equip - A Living Your Strengths Coaching CliftonStrengths© Certification

Certifications and Accreditations:

Certified in Nonprofit Management, Brookhaven College,

Master Trustee designation, Servant Leadership, Texas Association of School Boards,

Blue and Gold Information Officer for United States Naval Academy,

Elected Office:

Elected 4 times, serving a total of 12 years on Coppell ISD School Board, 4 years as President, 2 years a Secretary

Awards and Recognitions:

Commandant Award from United States Naval Academy

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As a StoryBrand Certified Guide, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, and experienced Marketing and Communications professional, I use the

power of story and proven methods backed by the Gallup organization to develop and implement messaging and leadership development strategies

that help individuals and teams do what they do, better. Whether it is an onsite workshop, a motivational keynote, or ongoing coaching - I can help you get that extra degree you need to help you solve the problems that are holding you back from winning in the marketplace.

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I help busy and caring parents design their Dream lifestyle blueprint so they can raise healthy happy children and thrive in their career and in relationships while living in connection in mutual respect.
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I am passionate about helping people to be their best selves in all areas of their lives. I value family and know how important this is to you and how challenging it can be to balance all the responsibilities and transitions that family life can bring. I have raised six amazing children who are now grown and 'launched' and are contributing and enjoying life in ways that are meaningful to them. My experience in parenting has been my greatest learning and I have learned through my successes and my failures. My education and experience as a nurse, with masters preparation as a clinical nurse specialist in family health nursing and work in a wide variety of settings has prepared me to offer you the support, teaching and accountability that will transform your life, helping you to live the life you are dreaming of and may currently believe is impossible.

As a Dreambuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant certified through the Life Mastery Institute, I can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose.

Life is fully lived in asking and living the questions, making intentional life-empowering decisions, then setting new and amazing goals and taking action! You will transform you life and experience amazing results in this process!

The power of God (Spirit, LIFE, infinite intelligence, love) lives in and through you as a spiritual being in this human experience. As my mentor Mary Morrissey says, "that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition." As a life coach and professional educator and speaker, I offer inspiring workshops to audiences around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual aliveness. I would LOVE to serve YOU! I am thrilled as I witness amazing transformations in my clients' lives!

Combining this background with the proven DreamBuilder technology, I am now helping clients anywhere they are in the world achieve extraordinary results, accelerating the manifestation of their vision! I work with people over the phone and through teleconferencing to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

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Every person has super powers. Do you know yours? Young people need to discover and develop their super powers. Success Coaches for Students guide young people along The 3 Pathways to Change the World.
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Being a good father, husband and follower of Jesus Christ are important values in my life. My wife Joanne is the co-founder of Effective Parenting and we have 2 adult children, Dave and Tim. Dave is married to Amanda and they have 2 young children, Madison and Nathan. My most important coaching has been and is being done with these folks!

I've also invested 30+ years in coaching young people in sports, youth ministry and leadership development on campuses around New York and New Jersey. (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) I'm also a trained and certified Parent Coach with the National Center for Biblical Parenting. I have had many opportunities to mentor, coach and train young people. I now plan to invest the rest of my life in coaching teens, tweens and the adults who love them through and The 3 Pathways.


BAAS from the University of Delaware

Graduate Study at Regent College Vancouver

Graduate Study at Princeton Theological Seminary

Certifications and Accreditations:

Certified Parent Coach with Dr. Scott Turansky Prof. at Concordia University

Job History:

1978-2012: Campus Minister, Area Director and Assistant Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

2012-2018: Director of Development, National Center for Biblical Parenting

2014-2018: Parent Coach

2016-Present: Full-Time Coach and Evangelist with

Coaching Clients:

Teens and Tweens




Coaching Methods:



Intergenerational Experiential Events

Company Name: The 3 Pathways


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Helping Individuals, Couples and Families recognize both their strengths and the strengths in others
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- Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

- Personal Development, Marriage and Family Life Coach

- Co-owner of

- Member of the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square

- Drama Director/Teacher at Arches Academy

- Studied Musical Theater and Acting at BYU

- Mompreneur of 8 incredible children (Alarm clock, banker, censor, chauffeur, cheerleader, chef, cheif justice, chore deligator, coach, concierge, confidant, correctional officer, crossing guard, cerfew warden, diplomat, disc jockey, entertainer, expectation manager, fashion stylist, hair dresser, homework advisor, housekeeper, hygene consultant, internet safety monitor, inventory manager, juggler, loan officer, lost-and-found attendant, magician, nurse, paramedic, party planner, peace keeper, personal assistant, purchasing agent, recreation director, referee, reference librarian, relationship specialist, repair person, shephard, shipping receiving agent, snuggler, teacher, transportaion coordinator, travel agent, waitress, zoo keeper)

- Grandma to 4 adorable grandchildren (Kitchen open 24 hours, dessert comes first, bedtime negotiable, no parents allowed, unconditional love, sleepovers welcome, play lots of games, endless hugs and kisses, what happens at Grandmas stays at Grandmas).

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Unlocking the latent potential inside you! I help individuals uncover, embrace and develop their CORE identity to be PURPOSEFULLY EFFECTIVE in life
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I was qualified and trained as an Engineer; completed a certification in engineering material assurance, continued further education and completed a post graduate diploma in Marketing and plus a string of other certifications thereafter. Interestingly, life gave me opportunities to work in diverse fields from engineering to sales and marketing; then stepped foot into the insurance and banking industry. In the mix of it, I ventured to becoming an entrepreneur and operated 2 retail businesses. It is as if my diversification is still too narrow, I landed myself a position in the education industry.

Some may say "rolling stone gathers no moss"; yet the moves was mostly by invitation because someone recognized the value I can bring to their organisation, mostly to raise team productivity and efficiency and develop the individual members in the teams. My effective zone is in harnessing the efficiency and effectiveness of individuals and processes. The outcome of identifying, understanding and empowering personal core effective zones fuels the individual to gain greater confidence in themselves. The collaborative sum of these individuals establishes a highly effective team.

"I gathered no moss" in the sense that I stayed sharp and relevant with what I do best and not remained stagnant climbing "the ladder" for the sake of the climb. With the more than 30 years of work experiences and having successfully navigated through each of the work fields, I concluded that my core passion is with human capital. Regardless which organisation I worked in, the prime motivation and my prize is to bring out the best in each of the individuals and teams, and to see the individual flourish!

YOU have that latent potential inside that may be waiting to flourish, waiting to break forth so you can become the authentic you. When your inner- life is balanced and enriched, the rest of life's elements will align towards completeness. Life is a journey; and it's never too late to jump on board to discover and re-orientate towards life's PURPOSEFUL EFFECTIVENESS.

Founder and Principal Coach at PHi1.6 Coaching and Development | Certified Gallup Strengths Coach | Accredited Prepare-Enrich Coach

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Helping individuals and organizations around the world develop their innate strengths and maximize their unique talents.
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Experienced Program and Product Manager helping businesses and learning organizations through the digital transformation. Vision and expertise in programs and events, digital media (webcast, podcast, event capture), online learning experiences, event technology management, learning and development, emerging learning technologies, program, product and marketing management, technical readiness events, digital and social media strategies, streaming media, marketing and communications, community building, event content management, instructional technology and learning sciences and strengths-based coaching. Worked at Microsoft for over 18 years in Program Management. Connect on LinkedIn at

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I help individuals and teams develop their natural talents into strengths for success at work and home.
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I love to help individuals, families, and work teams connect using the Communication Cure, the CliftonStrengths assessment, and other powerful tools. I am particularly passionate about digital wellbeing, because of the key role that healthy tech habits play in our connection with others. I encourage you to connect through my coaching, retreats, social media and other communication channels.

As a coach and communicator, I draw from my many roles, including wife and mom, serial entrepreneur, home educator, and even a (no longer practicing) lawyer. I am of course drawn especially to the super mamas who long to keep their relationships close and real, while balancing all that we expect of ourselves. However, the solutions to that yearning can also engage and supercharge anyone from professional work teams, to students, to couples, to multi-generational families.

As a Soar Strengths Evangelist I help professional coaches scale their business and impact through community, masterminds. and workshops.

Let's schedule a chat soon!

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I am a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach for new "grownups" who need help discovering who they are and where they are going.
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Are you curious about what your Top 5 talents are according to the CliftonStrengths Assessment? Knowing mine has been SO useful in my career, marriage, and parenting. I use my STRATEGIC to create plans (and alternative options), IDEATION to add creative spice into our lives, LEARNER to grow my skills, ACTIVATOR to get things started quickly, and FUTURISTIC to create and focus on a beautiful vision for our days ahead. These are my strongest talents and by using them over and over again everyday I am turning them into my “superpowers”. Reach out to me and I will send you instructions on how you can get a Top5 CliftonStrengths Assessment Code for just $15.

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Strengths coach for teams, managers and individuals. I help people discover what's right and wonderful about them and leverage their strengths to be the very best version of themselves!
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I am a Gallup certified Strengths coach have an MA in MFT.

I have coached over 140 people in StrengthsFinder techniques and I'm just getting started! It is my greatest joy to help individuals and teams deepen their understanding of their dominant themes and provide them with resources and coaching to help realize their full potential of living in their Strengths.

As a faith-based coach, I also work with church leaders and their teams to find their passion and purpose to successfully grow an engaged church.

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I desire to empower people to live to their full potential and create a community of love and acceptance in marriage, family and business.
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BA Rutgers University

Majors - Economics, Accounting

Minor - Computer Information Systems


Strengths Strategy Certified Coach

Strengths Mastery Certification


Board Member, Atlanta Theatre-to-Go

Site Coordinator, Regnum Christi Family Missions

Team Leader, Walking With Purpose - Good Shepherd Church

Job History:

1994-Present Actor - Theatre, Film & TV, Commercial, Industrial, V/O

2001- Present Nebula Performing Arts - Director/Instructor

2015-2018 Cornerstone School - Technology & Drama Teacher

2012-2014 St. John Bosco Academy - Teaching Assistant

2003-2011 Pinecrest Academy - Technology& Drama Teacher

2000-2003 Holy Redeemer School - Teaching Assistant

1996-2000 Norcross First Baptist Preschool - Teacher

1989-1996 McBurney Corporation - Systems Analyst/Project Manager

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Realize your potential and greatness with Strengths!
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I'm a Brooklyn girl born and raised enjoying an amazing life with my husband and our two children.

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Experience Financial Freedom
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With over 35 years of experience in financial coaching and consulting, Greg helps individuals, families and businesses understand what financial freedom is and how to attain it.

After graduating from South Dakota State University with a Master’s Degree in Counseling, Greg pursued his career as a financial coach. He has also taught money management and leadership principles at the college level and to military groups.

As the author of the book, “Financial Freedom, Finding What Works for You,” Greg has been featured in numerous interviews on radio and TV throughout the country. In addition to his financial coaching practice, he has been certified as a coach in Steven Covey’s, “Seven Habits of Highly Effective people.” Greg incorporates Covey’s core principles in helping clients establish healthy money habits and a positive money mindset.

Greg’s combination of formal education, experience, and independence from financial institutions allows Greg to serve his clients with objectivity and their best interest in mind.

Greg lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife and family. He enjoys being an active member of his community.

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I have the pleasure of helping people uncover their special talents. Through one-on-one coaching and creative techniques, I facilitate my clients’ personal and professional growth. And I enable organizations to evolve and prosper by enhancing the effectiveness of their leaders and team members. The work isn’t transactional – it’s transformational.

My approach is customized and multi-dimensional, combining 10 years of entrepreneurial experience with certification in organizational effectiveness and strengths coaching.

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Individuals come to a standstill because of inner resistance. I help them remove these blockages which automatically unveils their true essence and allows them to achieve instant breakthrough.
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With over 10 years of experience in the Talent Development industry with international luxury brands like Conrad Hotels and Marina Bay Sands under LVSC, Payal has worked with thousands of people in areas of self-mastery, team interactions and leadership effectiveness. As a life coach, she has partnered with individuals spread across industries like Hospitality, IT, Shipping, Media, Casino, Medical and more via in-person and video conversations in the area of personal and work efficiency, career guidance, mid-life crisis/finding life purpose, relationship harmony and conflict resolution.

Payal leads individuals and corporate professionals to strategically aim their natural talents in the direction of achieving best results, and further guides them to build a strong team culture of highly engaged and productive professionals. She focuses on removing the internal blockages to re-introduce her clients to their best version and soar greater heights. Her approachable persona coupled with consistent and firm guidance fosters a safe environment for individuals to be transparent and action-driven in their interaction.

Payal’s additional credentials in Energy Science, Business & Counselling Psychology, as well as experience in the Hospitality industry adds on to her ability to connect with people by understanding human mind and behavior. Her optimistic energy and persuasive quality is known to inspire and influence positive change in others. Find out more about the solutions offered at

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I help executives with strength leveraging, self awareness, and achievement strategy
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I’m a coach, consultant and founder of Dr. Carla Inc. I am passionate about helping people cultivate their dreams, strengthen their mindset and propel into their purpose in life and business.

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I cultivate individuals and teams to thrive in both their personal and professional lives.
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BBA University of Michigan-Flint


Gallup Certified Strengths Coach

Job History:

2018-Present: Cultivate and Thrive, Independent Coach

2017-Present: Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Community, Director of Outreach

2012-2017: Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Community, Business Administrator

2007-2012: Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston, Internal Auditor

2004-2007: Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Secretary

2000-2004: Meijer Inc, Receiving Area Team Leader


Currently serving on the Galveston-Houston Archdiocesan Stewardship Committee.

Served in Church ministries since 2004, including lead positions.

Served on a committee for area Chamber of Commerce.

Coaching Clients:




Volunteers for placement

Coaching Methods:




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I help men or women reach their full optimization level. Creating balance in all areas of life.
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My name is Clint Walton, I have lived in southern California all of my life. I am married to my gorgeous wife Ashlie for eleven years and she is the absolute love of my life. After seeing such a huge impact coaching was for both of us, we wanted to help show people how their best image in their own eyes is completely obtainable. I love coffee and traveling the world, to obtain new experiences and outlooks on how each and every one of us is completely different.

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I help people get "unstuck" and figure out where they want to go and the best way to get there.

As a happily married wife, mother of two sweet girls, and member of the senior leadership team at a large institution, I'm no stranger to the daily challenges of balancing work and life. Born and raised in central New Jersey, I'm also no stranger to the increasingly "busy" lifestyle, compacted by the growing demands, pressures, and distractions that come from living in the "always on" digital age. For this reason, my closest friends and family come to me to "feel normal again," gain perspective, and determine a way forward. We only have one life to live, one body to nourish, and one family to invest in. Let's use our time wisely and live intentionally so that our lives align with our values and what's most important to us. Life's too short to live any other way.

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I help leaders create strong relationships at work and at home.
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Dr. Alyssa Adams is a personal and executive coach to the high achieving, highly sensitive person. Her practice is virtual and she is available to work with clients from all over the world. Her unique blend of leadership experience in the federal government, clinical psychology and coach training, extensive neuroscience background, and humor-driven, creative approach, make her a dynamic and effective coach.

Book a free initial call to discuss your needs and challenges >>

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I am a technical leader with a background in web architecture, development, and user experience design. I am passionate about building the capacity of teams, individuals, and systems. I have a proven record of leading and growing teams large and small and delivering projects that delight users and satisfy stakeholders. Using radical candor and regular face-to-face interactions, I coach my direct reports into growing toward what they long to be and help them increasingly add value to their projects.

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I encourage and inspire more faith and more fullness.....Jesus wants to make us whole and holy in His love...I am here to help you flourish in your next phase of transformation.
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I partner with leaders in a new organization or new role to ensure success in work and life
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Shannon R. Rios Paulsen, M.S., LMFT has spent the last 18 years assisting organizations in developing their most important asset, their employees. She has achieved this through her positions of HR Manager, Organizational Development Consultant, Training Manager and Executive Coach. Shannon’s passion is assisting employees to achieve their highest potential in work and life. She is deeply respected and trusted by her clients. She is known for her ability to coach individuals and organizations to perform at their highest potential.

Shannon has served as a catalyst for change in multi-national organizations. She has worked with the following organizations: Cargill, Zurich North America, Allianz, Noble Energy, The Ambling Companies, General Motors, Barilla, The Kohl’s Company, Columbia Bank, Rate One Mortgage, SAP, US Foodservice, The Children’s Hospital Denver, The Chamberlain Group, The Anderson’s Inc. and the Ken Blanchard Companies. She has led teams in union and non-union environments.

In 1997 Shannon created and implemented a strategic 360 degree feedback process for the world’s largest privately held company with 120,000 employees at that time. She officially began her coaching career in 1998 when she initiated a large-scale coaching effort within her organization (Cargill) focused on retaining high-performing employees. She trained over 150 managers and employees in the coaching process within the organization. Shannon started her own coaching/consulting organization in 2003. Shannon created a customized 360 process that allows her clients to receive invaluable feedback to assist them in performing at their highest level. She also focuses on the new employee’s entry into the organization and maximizing employee engagement and performance through her Right Start Strategy. She is certified in Booth 360 and Lominger 360.

Shannon earned her B.S. in Industrial Psychology from Concordia University Wisconsin, Mequon, WI. She also holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology from University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. She received her coach training from The Coaches Training Institute (CTI). Shannon also holds a licensure in Marriage and Family Therapy. She has an extensive love for world travel and has traveled solo to many countries. She lives in the mountains near Denver, CO with her husband from Sweden and their two children.

Coaching Experience

More than 3500 hours and over 18 years

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With the assistance of horses, I help people develop emotional intelligence, connection, and communication in order to build strong, effective, trusting relationships.
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Since she first began designing and facilitating experiential learning programs in 1990 and starting her own company in 1996, Andi has developed the exceptional ability to move people from learning to action. Able to effectively relate to people and quickly establish trust, she is known as an invaluable mentor and leader of transformation and growth in the lives of the people she teaches. Today she focuses on providing customized people development formats including personal and professional coaching and equine facilitated learning for individuals, couples and business teams. Andi offers that the more embodied the learning , the higher the transfer into ones life. Work with the horses, challenge courses and other experiential based formats is her expertise.

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I help motivated empty nesters find clarity and direction in their own life and relationships, so that they can embrace their next chapter with purpose and excitement.
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