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Allyn Bader Barclay

Elizabeth, Colorado, USA
Coach, Consultant and Trainer focusing on Team Building, Leadership Development, helping individuals during a life or career transition and working with partners and couples.
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I have coached and mentored individuals and teams for over 25 years. I'm passionate about helping individuals develop their personal goals and working together to develop strategies for you to achieve those goals. With over 25 years of management experience I strive to help individuals become trusted and empowered leaders of others. Being a manager or team leader makes such a dramatic impact on individual contributors. You have the power to make people's jobs enjoyable or miserable. I love to work with new and seasoned managers helping them to develop positive and successful teams. I offer multiple workshops from Leadership Development to Sales Development all based on Clifton Strengths. My workshops are customized for each organization based on their employee development needs. As a Certified Project Management Professional, I work with project managers to develop and strengthen their teams using Clifton Strengths. Successful projects are based on strong teams and Clifton Strengths is a perfect foundation for new and existing teams to appreciate team members individual strengths and to build and become successful teams. For individual coaching, we start with a 50 minute complementary introduction session after you have completed the Clifton Strengths assessment. We talk about ways we can work together to help you understand and develop your unique talents. For individuals trying to find the right career or individuals who are transitioning from a career to a purposeful retirement, I can help using Clifton Strengths to discover your next direction in life. I offer special programs for non-profit organizations providing workshops for your staff, volunteer board or key volunteers. I offer in person and virtual coaching programs and workshops.

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Keith Dorscht

Colorado Springs, ,
I create enjoyable, satisfying, lasting relationships. Watch your marriage and family turn around as I guide you through a brain based heart level process that can create immediate positive change and set you on course to experience healthy relationships.
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Tell me what you are looking for and I will help you (re)discover it. Faithfulness, communication, trust, fun, passion, closeness, forgiveness... I have helped thousands of marriages and families experience these and more.

Keith Dorscht is a registered psychotherapist specializing in marriage and family relationships. Keith has lead 500+ marriage intensives and coached an additional 20,000hrs with families. Keith is a pioneer in multi-generational counseling working with entire families across generations.

Keith's clientele has included professional athletes (NFL, MLB, Olympic), high profile lawyers, psychologists, mega-church pastors, business leaders and the likes of you and your neighbors.

Few can claim to have the amount of experience helping marriages and families that Keith has had. This means he has likely seen situations a lot like yours 50-75 times.

Keith is the creator of The Communication Cure/Meaningful an online resource that builds strong relational connections through guided face to face conversation. Meaningful Talk has been used in the Army, Air Force, County, schools and churches with great success as an at-home tool that creates therapeutic results.

Because of his success and unique resources, Keith has been interviewed on national television, in Oprah Magazine, ABC online, local television and numerous radio and internet programs.

Keith has an office in Colorado Springs, CO. He delivers a large portion of his counseling services online (Zoom) using techniques for connecting clients with each other without the need of his physical presence. Keith also travels to clients if necessary to provide the most effective counseling for their situation.

Keith Dorscht is a husband of 23 years and the father of six children. He is a Canadian now a US resident living in Colorado. In Canada, Keith worked in children and adult mental hospitals as well as churches. He is an ordained minister with a Master of Theology degree.

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I help individuals and teams develop their natural talents into strengths for success at work and home.
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I love to help individuals, families, and work teams connect using the Communication Cure, the CliftonStrengths assessment, and other powerful tools. I am particularly passionate about digital wellbeing, because of the key role that healthy tech habits play in our connection with others. I encourage you to connect through my coaching, retreats, social media and other communication channels.

As a coach and communicator, I draw from my many roles, including wife and mom, serial entrepreneur, home educator, and even a (no longer practicing) lawyer. I am of course drawn especially to the super mamas who long to keep their relationships close and real, while balancing all that we expect of ourselves. However, the solutions to that yearning can also engage and supercharge anyone from professional work teams, to students, to couples, to multi-generational families.

As a Soar Strengths Evangelist I help professional coaches scale their business and impact through community, masterminds. and workshops.

Let's schedule a chat soon!

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Barbara Greenberg

Phoenix, Arizona, USA
I launch teens and young adults through high school, through college and to their first career.
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Barbara Greenberg, M.S., Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach ​ Barbara Greenberg, M.S. is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach who has been coaching teens and adults for over 25 years. Before founding Launch, Barbara founded Kids Who Care, Inc., a nonprofit specializing in Service-Learning and mentoring for children and teens. Barbara was an Outplacement Consultant for Right Management/Manpower Group; Director Training and Organization Development for MEDIQ/Prn and Management Consultant for MARS, Inc. In addition, Barbara has always been active in the business and non-profit sector, with organizations like Swift Youth Foundation, CASA, Prevent Child Abuse Ohio, and the ASU Gammage Theater. Clients appreciate Barbara’s strategic vision and down-to-earth, practical approach to managing all types of personal and organizational issues. Barbara is a dynamic instructor, facilitator and coach, skilled in creating unbiased, open, and inspiring learning environments. Barbara earned her B.A. in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University and M.S. in Group Process and Group Psychotherapy from Hahnemann University. Barbara completed the Arizona Education Policy Fellowship Program at Arizona State University – a 10 month in-service leadership development program that emphasizes diversity and ethics.

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Andi Burgis

Liberty, Missouri, USA
With the assistance of horses, I help people develop emotional intelligence, connection, and communication in order to build strong, effective, trusting relationships.
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Since she first began designing and facilitating experiential learning programs in 1990 and starting her own company in 1996, Andi has developed the exceptional ability to move people from learning to action. Able to effectively relate to people and quickly establish trust, she is known as an invaluable mentor and leader of transformation and growth in the lives of the people she teaches. Today she focuses on providing customized people development formats including personal and professional coaching and equine facilitated learning for individuals, couples and business teams. Andi offers that the more embodied the learning , the higher the transfer into ones life. Work with the horses, challenge courses and other experiential based formats is her expertise.

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George A Garza

San Antonio, Texas, USA
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Serial entrepreneur. In business for over 30 years. Gallup Certified Strengths Coach.

Clients include:


Chamber of Commerce

Small to Medium Business

One on One C-Suite Coaching

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Darren Kanwischer

Calgary, Alberta, CAN
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I am a Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths coach based in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA. I've owned my own business for over two decades, and I added CliftonStrengths coaching a number of years ago with my PRAXY coaching partners.

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Michael Gifford

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40+ year recovering addict, trained in community building with M Scot Peck and The Foundation for Community Building and started the Say Yes Foundation in 1987. We focus on what we desire instead of where we've been, or 'what has happened to us.' Also trained and certified as a Color Code Trainer in 2000.

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Katherine Houston

Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Empowering leaders and managers to create change and individuals to be the best versions of themselves.
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Katherine Houston brings 30 years of executive leadership and entrepreneurship. Before founding Strengths Consulting, she developed an expertise in accounting and operations and served as an executive in multiple industries. Katherine is passionate about unlocking individual potential to become our best selves, improving the dynamics in every relationship, and creating strategies for success.

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Tassadit Cherfaoui

Strasbourg , Bas-Rhin, FRA
Career Coach and Leadership Advisor
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Human Capital Development Consultant, Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation – US, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Ericksonian Hypnosis and Meditation Certified Practitioner. With my expertise in Human development by behavioral psychology and people management by leadership, I apply this approach both in business and in personal life.

I’m also an experienced trainer specializing in multi-level communication, leadership development and interculturel Facilator. I appreciate to support individuals and organisation in the field of human consciousness development, coaching and personal accompaniment.

The exceptional combination of passion, interpersonal skills, and management expertise have made me an outstanding nonprofit leader and coach. I’d be more than happy to support you in any situation or project be. Your interest is my priority !

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Marsha Berkson

San Diego, California, USA
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I have the pleasure of helping people uncover their special talents. Through one-on-one coaching and creative techniques, I facilitate my clients’ personal and professional growth. And I enable organizations to evolve and prosper by enhancing the effectiveness of their leaders and team members. The work isn’t transactional – it’s transformational.

My approach is customized and multi-dimensional, combining 10 years of entrepreneurial experience with certification in organizational effectiveness and strengths coaching.

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Candy Jasper

Kuna, Idaho, USA
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I am a Strengths consultant specializing in Strengths, EQ and Personal Accountability.

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Payal Karnik

Singapore, South East, SGP
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With over 10 years of experience in the Talent Development industry with international luxury brands like Conrad Hotels and Marina Bay Sands under LVSC, Payal has worked with thousands of people in areas of self-mastery, team interactions and leadership effectiveness. As a life coach, she has partnered with individuals spread across industries like Hospitality, IT, Shipping, Media, Casino, Medical and more via in-person and video conversations in the area of personal and work efficiency, career guidance, mid-life crisis/finding life purpose, relationship harmony and conflict resolution.

Payal leads individuals and corporate professionals to strategically aim their natural talents in the direction of achieving best results, and further guides them to build a strong team culture of highly engaged and productive professionals. She focuses on removing the internal blockages to re-introduce her clients to their best version and soar greater heights. Her approachable persona coupled with consistent and firm guidance fosters a safe environment for individuals to be transparent and action-driven in their interaction.

Payal’s additional credentials as a Pranic Healer, Specialist Diploma holder in Business Psychology and a Degree in Hospitality adds on to her ability to connect with people by understanding human mind and behavior. Her optimistic energy and persuasive quality is known to inspire and influence positive change in others. Find out more about the solutions offered at to leverage your untapped potential and thrust your way forward to success.

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Todd Maas

Bloomington, Minnesota, USA
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My name is Todd Maas and I am the Founder of Relatus Consulting in Minnesota. As a Strengths coach, I specialize in Relational StrengthsFinder Experiences for Individual and Teams. You can visit for more information.

StrengthsFinder History:

I was introduced and started working with StrengthsFinders in 2001. Ever since that time, I have been using StrengthsFinders as a way to help students, adults, co-workers, and organizational leaders realize their greatest opportunity for growth and success is understanding their talents.

When it comes to my coaching:

At one point, I thought I was good at taking people from Point A to Point B. Then after watching me work another StrengthsFinder Consultant said:

You don't take people from Point A to B. You take them from Point A to Point F. You see people exactly where they are and then where they can go in the future!

I think it is my Relator Talent Theme that has popped in and out of my Top 5 that colors the type of experience people receive when they work with me. I look forward to the honor of working with you.

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Dr. Carl S. Moore is currently the Assistant Chief Academic Officer at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC). He also serves as Certificate faculty in Temple University’s Teaching in Higher Education Certificate program.

Carl is committed to continued growth as a leader. Which has resulted in him being well versed in positive psychology and certified as a StrengthsFinder Coach and to administer the Myers Briggs Typology Indicator (MBTI). He is continuously drawing from and polishing his skillset as a frequently an invited speaker and consultant on inclusion, leadership, and faculty development and teaching and learning related topics.

Carl has a Doctorate in Urban Education from Temple University and a Masters of Arts from

The Ohio State University in Higher Education Administration. His dissertation investigated how exemplary college faculty employ Universal Design for Learning principles in their teaching practices. Carl has been teaching for over 15 years. Along his path he has served as maintained appointments across the faculty classification gamete serving in Instructional, Adjunct, and Tenure-Track faculty roles. He has also created and instructed a variety of courses in education at The Ohio State University, Temple University, Cabrini College, and Arcadia University in both face-to-face and online formats.

For the past several years Carl has dedicated his career to advancing the field of faculty and leadership development. He has done so by serving as a Department Chair at UDC, Assistant Director of the Teaching and Learning Center at Temple University, Co-Chair of the POD Network Conference, and as a Middle States Commission on Higher Education peer reviewer. Alongside his career in academic affairs Carl has also served in a number of student services leadership roles charged with enhancing student success. These roles entailed work in advising, retention, multicultural affairs, and TRIO programs. As a self-described "techie" and advocate for institutional innovation, the sum of his passions lie in discovering hi-tech and/or no tech ways teams and institutions can increase alignment for greater innovation and effectiveness.

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