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Thank you for stopping by and inquiring about the possibility of us working together. I am an international executive, business and leadership coach, strategist, advisor, consultant, facilitator, and speaker committed to developing high performing leaders from fast-growing startups to Fortune 500 companies.

My passion for helping others succeed, lead, and thrive is reflected in my work with some of the most talented global leaders committed to making a difference and impact globally.

My dynamic worldview after living in six countries (Europe & the USA), speaking six languages, traveling to 47 states and over 40 countries, and working with highly diverse teams from over 100 countries allows me to generate tremendous value and results to my clients and audiences. This would be impossible without my Master of Science in Leadership and Organization from the University of Denver with a focus on Strategic Innovation & Change and Organizational Development & Training and undergraduate degrees in Business & Global Business Management and Education.

Further, I am the published author of #1 International Best Selling book, The World Messenger: From Fear To Greatness: Business, Sports & Life Lessons and Founder of Legacy Leader Institute, a premier leadership coaching platform that is highly respected by academics, athletes and business leaders worldwide. In addition, I am Forbes Contributing Writer & Coaches Council Member and board advisor for several non-profit global initiatives.

Who do I assist toward achieving exceptional results? Passionate, Driven and Committed Leaders and Executives seeking a trusted partner for their organization, team, and/or talent!

How? By: A. Developing or Improving Organizational Culture and Effectiveness B. Increasing or Further Developing Executive, Leadership, and High-Performance Impact, Transformation and Influence C. Improving Decision-Making Skill-Sets and Strategy Implementation D. Strength-Based Leadership Solutions

Game On Champion!

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Cindy Scibetta-Butts

Barrington, Rhode Island, USA
I help high growth small to mid-sized companies in the IT and Software Development space quickly ramp up to exceed expectations.
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Grow with Strengths - Growing People Growing Companies As an HR professional of a rapidly growing company in 2010, I fell in love with the philosophy of Strengths. I decided to lead the efforts in building a Strengths-based organization and never looked back. I was surprised at some of the things I saw early on in the process. Very quickly, people built strong relationships at work where they gave each other the benefit of the doubt. Over time, they challenged and supported each other more. We wove Strengths into the onboarding, performance systems, and everyday conversations and meetings - people and teams grew stronger, listened more effectively, and asked for help more. We built a culture that was so strong and obvious, both internally and externally. It helped our recruiting and retention. Managers became Coaches for their teams and gave feedback in real time.

What I believe to be true: When we pause to give each other the benefit of the doubt, we open up the opportunity to connect, understand and find the true value in ourselves and others.

I take the time to get to know each individual on the team - and we all dive in together. My style is energetic and thoughtful. I believe that we learn through practice and we have a lot of fun while we’re learning. I’ve been fortunate to do work that I’ve really loved for over 30 years in HR, talent development, coaching, employee engagement, and wellness.

Here's what I do well - please let me know if I can help you and your business. 1. Develop managers into great coaches that win. 2. Build a nimble organization poised for growth and change. 3. Build the culture you want to get the results you want. 4. Keep the great talent that you worked so hard to acquire.

Here's what people are saying about working with me as a coach or facilitator:

Cindy and I worked together from 2013-2017. In that time she exposed me to the wonderful world of StrengthsFinders. It was part of our on-boarding to take the assessment and learn about our strengths. As I learned more about the strengths I have, Cindy was there to help guide me and my team through team building workshops to see how these strengths worked together across the team. Cindy is very knowledgeable in StrengthsFinders and the work we did in her workshop changed the course of our team dynamic for the better. We were able to communicate more kindly to one another and utilize our strengths appropriately in the tasks and projects we were assigned. Cindy's work is beneficial to any team whether they are in rough waters or not. They will come out better than before with Cindy leading the boat.

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Wendy Bird

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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An International Social Impactor since 2002, Wendy knows the meaning of ‘Honor the Struggle’. She is gifted with natural charisma, passion and a vast array of life experiences from her work in Philippines, Thailand, India and Cambodia where she taught micro-enterprise training to disadvantaged women.

Her advanced EQ allows her to gracefully communicate a universal message of empowerment to audiences all over the world. Speaking straight from the heart on key themes such as leadership, social change, overcoming obstacles and women's empowerment, she capably inspires, encourages, reassures and energizes all who hear her speak.

A Certified High Performance Coach through the High Performance Institute - Wendy gets to the heart of her clients with her vast experience, intuitive questions and deep insights. Taking clients on a journey to level up their life sixty minutes at a time through weekly sessions allows every individual the opportunity to live in a sustained level of joy, productivity, clarity, purpose and passion. Working with Wendy in this capacity IS life changing. Whether utilizing her services for personal one on one coaching, group coaching or inviting her to present on her core subjects at your events, Wendy will not disappoint!

Wendy crafts her messages so every presentation is original, and directly addresses the heart of the organization or theme of the event, as well as the audience which is present. She has successfully worked with corporate and social businesses, non-profits, academic institutions, and community and service organizations. Her phenomenal life experiences combined with her powerful delivery has received overwhelming accolades from her international clients, colleagues and fans, time and time again.

If you are struggling with overwhelm and time constraints and desire greater clarity, higher levels of purpose and stronger connections or if you simply want to know the 'how' behind having sustained levels of joy, productivity, energy and purpose then my High Performance coaching program is for you- why not find out? Take the strategy assessment at (click on the blue box) !


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Michelle Hammons

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA
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I help professional women all over the world with finding their purpose. I help them take their vision, dreams, and goals and bring clarity, focus, and action through one on one coaching, group coaching and overseas retreats to exotic locations.

Women who work with me have gone from being overwhelmed or stuck to achieving their wildest dreams in just a few short months.

You are my ideal client if you:

Struggle to find time and energy to get everything done

Have a hard time setting goals and sticking to them

Your energy level not what it used to be

Know you need to focus on your health, but you keep putting it off

Feel overwhelmed by all of your To-Dos

Need to tackle your finances, and you are avoiding this area of your life

Want more influence over your relationships?

Deep down you know you need to make some changes, but you don't know where to start

- I can support you, let's talk!

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Bianca Capo

U.S. and Globally., North Carolina, USA
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I am a Team Performance Specialist and Strengths-based Human Potential Coach to businesses, organizations, and leaders engaged in their self-development in order to elevate their potential and transition to the next version of themselves as a more effective leader.

I am connected to my why, and help others clarify and root in theirs. My goal is to evoke the potential in others. This is why I start by hacking Talents. I was drawn to the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment when I discovered its powers to give people a roadmap to their highest self and how to have more satisfying relationships, careers, and well-being. It is all connected, it works, and it's science-based.

If life is a game, how do we play it? If life is a challenge, how do we meet it? If life is an opportunity, how do we capture it? If life was meant to be a significant journey, how do you step up to create and live with purpose?

We need access to all our "inner-tools" to live our best life. Understanding how to "hack" your biology and psychology to meet the challenge of living a productive life, fight back the effects of stress, and self-lead is key to effective leadership and the quality of the journey. This is why my program is different.

All training, coaching, and retreats for Strengthen-TheTeam™ | StrengthenHER™ | Strengthen-TheLEADERSHIP™ | Strengthen-TheSalesTeams™ and LeadershipBIOHACKING™ integrate evidence-based strengths psychology, emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing principles, alongside the neuroscience of multiple brain integration, and mindfulness to equip leaders, teams, and organizations to improved relationships, results, and revenue.

I can facilitate creating company culture shifts improving engagement and retention. In the end, I specialize in how to access your "superpowers" to elevate self-leadership and create intentional results propelled by increased well-being. If an organizations (or individual's) leadership training and development program do not consider the symbiotic nature of the mind-body connection, it will have limited results. The potential will not be achieved.

My business mission statement: To provide our corporate and individual clients with the most powerful, innovative, and applicable strengths-based development program, improving ROI, relationships, and well-being to boldly influence, execute, and purposefully live.

My personal talent contribution statement (my talent's expertise): I am a catalyst powered by the vision to create and live a significant life by making a difference in people's lives. I facilitate and equip the perseverance and clarity in others, evoking their confidence, personal truth, and creativity to clearly see their opportunities, igniting the creation of a strengths=led purpose-driven life.

I am certified as: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Strengths Strategy Inc., Certified Strengths Coach Institute for Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach Bulletproof™ Human Potential Coach ChFC®, Chartered Financial Consultant® mBIT Certified Coach, (Multiple Brain Integration Technique)

Our training and coaching are tailored and can include: ~ Defining personal purpose and mission ~ Self-leadership and well-being to elevate performance ~ Leveraging and growing talents to strengths ~ How to influence people via strengths ~ How to empower and develop others ~ Facilitating change and decisions ~ Assume a coaching mentality to manage conflict effectively and foster authentic high-performing teams ~ A personalized health and well-being plan using bio-hacking techniques via the latest in health, nutrition, and neuroscience.

Contact us for packages to start your journey...

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Maggie Harris

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We are all familiar with the phrase "When a door closes, a window opens." For many, it’s just rhetoric - usually from some well-meaning friend or family member. For me, it is the absolute truth that led me to become an inspired and transformational coach.

I’d always been that kid in whom others could confide and I remember being astonished when people would share their fears and insecurities. I saw (and see) so much in people – things they don’t see are haven’t ever realized. And I told them so!

Fast forward to college where I majored in Communications and then onto a career in Advertising and Marketing. Somewhere along the way, I realized that the part of my job that I loved the most – and where I was most successful – was in relationship building and talent development. In fact, it sometimes felt as if I was the only person who realized how critical the people were to the success of the organization.

So, in 2016 I left a 29-year career in Marketing and Advertising and decided to do what I loved more than anything and I became a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and Consultant.

I was first introduced to Strengths in 2002 when I was part of a team who brought it to the Advertising agency where I worked. I fell in love. I worked with Strengths for the next 14 years and when I left the agency world in 2016, I knew that it was my calling.

My consulting and coaching focus is in three areas:

1. Leadership (Individuals): I work with leaders of organizations to understand their talents and help them turn those talents into Strengths. Each client is different and requires different approaches. Strengths is the cornerstone, along with creating positive habits and incorporating the principles of Emotional Intelligence.

2. Leadership (Teams): The very best leaders know their strengths and their limitations. The most effective leadership teams are made up of individuals who complement each other and are not only self-aware but know how to self-regulate. The beauty about working with Leadership teams is the positive effect the work can have on an entire organization.

3. Organizations with 10-150 people: From my early years of working with Strengths, I have been worked with teams. Team dynamics is one of my passions and I have been successful at working to identify team strengths and how people can not only be aware of what others bring to the table but accept and embrace the differences. I help create highly engaged teams which lead to higher productivity, positivity, and profit.

My 30 years in Marketing and Advertising provide me with a perspective that many companies appreciate because I have first-hand experience of what many of them face daily. Organizations that are highly creative, high-energy and matrixed are among my most successful clients.

I have worked with Marketing, Advertising and PR companies as well as manufacturing, non-profit and higher education. I prefer small and mid-size companies where I can really get the know the people and understand the mission.

My top five Strengths are Harmony, Positivity, Maximizer, Developer, and Connectedness. I love what I do, and I am fortunate to do what I do best every day.

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Allyn Bader Barclay

Elizabeth, Colorado, USA
Coach, Consultant and Trainer focusing on Team Building, Leadership Development, helping individuals during a life or career transition and working with partners and couples.
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I have coached and mentored individuals and teams for over 25 years. I'm passionate about helping individuals develop their personal goals and working together to develop strategies for you to achieve those goals. With over 25 years of management experience I strive to help individuals become trusted and empowered leaders of others. Being a manager or team leader makes such a dramatic impact on individual contributors. You have the power to make people's jobs enjoyable or miserable. I love to work with new and seasoned managers helping them to develop positive and successful teams. I offer multiple workshops from Leadership Development to Sales Development all based on Clifton Strengths. My workshops are customized for each organization based on their employee development needs. As a Certified Project Management Professional, I work with project managers to develop and strengthen their teams using Clifton Strengths. Successful projects are based on strong teams and Clifton Strengths is a perfect foundation for new and existing teams to appreciate team members individual strengths and to build and become successful teams. For individual coaching, we start with a 50 minute complementary introduction session after you have completed the Clifton Strengths assessment. We talk about ways we can work together to help you understand and develop your unique talents. For individuals trying to find the right career or individuals who are transitioning from a career to a purposeful retirement, I can help using Clifton Strengths to discover your next direction in life. I offer special programs for non-profit organizations providing workshops for your staff, volunteer board or key volunteers. I offer in person and virtual coaching programs and workshops.

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Santor Nishizaki

Los Angeles, California, USA
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Dr. Santor Nishizaki is Gallup-Certified StrengthsFinder Coach and the Founder and CEO of the Mulholland Consulting Group, LLC., whose mission is to help organizations increase generational awareness and create a happier workplace. His company specializes in coaching, training, and consulting organizations from the private and public sectors that are interested in growing their Millennial and Generation Z employment engagement, as well as team-building, interpersonal skills, and leadership development using a Gallup StrengthsFinder approach.

Santor has published domestic and international articles about Millennials in the workplace, mentoring, and leadership and is currently writing a book (to be released next year) about working with Generation Z.

Also, Santor is writing a "how to" guide for first-time and emerging leaders by interviewing over 100 Millennial leaders from multiple industries, including Fortune 500 companies, winners of Forbes 30 Under 30, Inc 30 Under 30, Entrepreneur’s 27 Under 27, CNN Heroes, government, nonprofit, and educational organizations.

In addition to Santor’s coaching and training experience, he is an MBA professor who teaches subjects such as leadership, diversity in the workplace, marketing, management, global supply chain, and entrepreneurship. Lastly, Santor has corporate experience beyond academia, more recently working as a project manager in Shanghai, China for Walt Disney Imagineering and a supply chain manager for a NASA Center.

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Sue Ellen Sweeney

Keene, New Hampshire, USA
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Biography: How I serve clients: As a Dreambuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant certified through the Life Mastery Institute, I can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose. For over 30 years I have been a professional nurse serving individuals, families and communities in varied settings and organizations, guiding and accompanying them in achieving their holistic health and life goals. I have offered my skills, presence and support which have enlivened US military soldiers and officers, congressman and senators, faith community, business and cultural leaders, students in higher education, and many individuals and families in all walks of life, guiding them through normative life transitions and through life crises. My greatest growth and joy has been in the parenting of six beautiful children, now grown and living meaningful lives, contributing their unique gifts to life!

My journey in becoming a transformational life coach and LifeMastery consultant: In my life I have journeyed through many transitions, both joyful and painful. In contemplating the meaning and purpose in all of it, the question has been the most powerful in helping me to integrate and move forward in my life has been: "Who Am I?" This question leads to more questions and ultimately to connection to true purpose and meaning.

I believe life is fully lived in asking and living the questions, making intentional life-empowering decisions, then setting new and amazing goals and taking action! In asking myself powerful questions throughout my life and experience and learning teachings given to me through the Life Mastery Institute, I have become clear that I am a healer and guide for others through life transitions, and leading them to new possibilities.

I know the power of God (Spirit, LIFE, infinite intelligence, love) in me and through me. I know, as my mentor Mary Morrissey says, "that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition." I am. And you are. As a life coach and professional educator and speaker, I offer inspiring workshops to audiences around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual aliveness. I would LOVE to serve YOU! I am thrilled as I witness amazing transformations in my clients' lives!

Combining this background with the proven DreamBuilder technology, I am now helping clients anywhere they are in the world achieve extraordinary results, accelerating the manifestation of their vision! I work with people over the phone and through teleconferencing to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

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Keith DeVore

Gilbert, Arizona, USA
I help government employees improve their leadership skills, empower their employees, find joy in their work, and level up their success.
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I am a government leadership coach that focuses on positive transformation for my executive clients.

I want to empower you to live your best life. I have been fortunate to experience the power of coaching and as a John Maxwell certified coach, trainer, and speaker I help clients and organizations find their passion, improve their performance, and unlock their ultimate potential.

My goal is personal improvement. I believe human potential is limitless and everybody has the ability to improve their life. Getting a masters degree from Northwestern University I thought that I had achieved my ultimate goal. I came to understand I was an excellent researcher, a great writer, and a work in progress presenter. When I graduated I thought I had reached the peak of my performance. It turns out, I wasn't even close.

For individuals, I am able to unlock your passion in life. I value your growth and it is my only goal to see you grow and improve your results. By attending focused coaching sessions, I can help you find your purpose in life by creating a detailed, specific plan. My goal is to get you from where you are, to exactly where you want to be.

For organizations, I grow people so they can grow the organization. The only way to improve an organization is to improve it's people. I hold 6 week sessions that will bring your team together, guide them to achieve ultimate performance, and crystalize a clear vision of what their roles are on the way to powerful career engagement.

I am so excited to be your coach, speaker, and trainer and I look forward to helping you and your organization reach the pinnacle of success.

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Elaine M. Chugranis, Ph.D. is the President and Founder of ARISTA Educational Consulting, LLC. She is a skilled educator with a track record of excellence in facilitation, instructional design and keynote speaking who specializes in leadership and customizable education strategy for leading brands, organizations and corporations.

As a former Vice President of Global Education for a Fortune 500 company, Elaine has executed the creation and delivery of best-in-class education programs. She has extensive experience in creating custom educational workshops, events and long-term strategy resulting in a curated experience to build brand equity and drive business results.

With more than 20+ years in the learning and development space, Elaine has solidified herself as an inspired and authentic partner, offering boutique educational solutions and building a reputation for partnering with organizations confronted with managing change.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish and Italian and a Master’s degree in Education, both from the University of Virginia where she graduated with distinction. She also holds a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership from New York University where she was a Departmental Fellow and received a Dissertation of the Year Award nomination. Elaine holds certifications from Fierce, Inc. and is a Gallup-Certified CliftonStrengths Coach.

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Brian Kelly

Herndon, Virginia, USA
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I work with developing women and minority leaders and your teams to improve your performance and relationships so you may fulfill your human potential and interdependently thrive.

I develop strong, diverse human leaders and teams who create better business and people results. The best clients for me are those leaders and teams committed to improving one or more of the following: leadership, engagement, teamwork, performance, productivity, diversity, and energy/well-being.

My business mission statement: To inspire women and minorities to more fully see and live your human greatness, celebrating your uniqueness as you create the soul-fulfilling story for your life reflected in your thriving relationships and impact on others.

My personal talent contribution statement is: "I am like a wind turbine, purposefully and powerfully lifting you up and forward. I shine the spotlight on your unique brilliance, and inspire new levels of energy and performance within you, as you joyfully, confidently embrace who you are and boldly actualize your human potential and your dreams."

Typical areas of growth for clients leading to better results and relationships are:

- Self-awareness - Self-confidence - Self-acceptance - Relationship with yourself - Relationship with others - Understanding your needs and others' and how to meet them - Influencing others - Clarity of purpose - Capability (and willingness ) to be more vulnerable - More effectively applying your strengths

Human Leadership™ is at the heart of my work. Human Leadership™ is: - humble - inclusive - strengths-focused - interdependent - confidently vulnerable - driven by a larger, shared purpose beyond profits - values and cultivates each person's uniqueness and contributions - accepts and celebrates our differences and our shared humanity - strives for excellence and creates the space for belonging by modeling interdependence.

Specialties: - Developing Human Leaders - Leadership Development - Career Advancement - Career Transitions - Team Development and Performance

Credentials: ICF Certified Coach Strengths Strategy Certified Coach People Acuity Certified Coach C-IQ Enhanced Practitioner (Conversational Intelligence)

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Holly Teska

Wind Lake, Wisconsin, USA
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Holly has assisted organizations and their people for more than 25 years in conquering the organizational and individual challenges that surface in today’s fast-paced business & personal environments. Her passions and expertise include: coaching all levels of leaders; effective communication; building strategic understanding and impact; establishing and growing relationships, influence and effectiveness; supporting women in leadership; and managing careers. Holly has her own Coaching and Consulting business and supports LAK Group's Coaching and Development Practice as Managing Principal. Prior to joining forces with LAK Group, Holly led the North America Leadership Coaching practice and the Talent Management Project Management Office for a division of a $20 billion global Fortune 500 company for over a decade. A life-long resident of the Milwaukee area, Holly enjoys time with family and friends and is active in her community. On weekends you will often find her in the craft studio where she finds the balance and creativity that fuel her passion for helping others to become the best versions of themselves through coaching.

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LEADOLOGY is a leadership consulting group focused on the science of flourishing and elevating your managers north of neutral. Our methodology guides people through a journey of self-discovery using the proven tools of positive psychology and strengths-based learning. With increased self-awareness, managers begin to lead with their strengths, and cultivate the strengths of team members to raise performance to new levels.

Leadology founder Carrie Skowronski personally develops and delivers customized programs, training, and coaching, and works with a network of exceptional trainers to scale delivery for larger organizations with multiple locations.

Carrie excels at helping people step into their strengths and cultivate their talents to become inspirational leaders who achieve goals and overcome challenges with confidence. Using evidence-based tools, techniques, and research, she connects with participants with an energy that keeps them engaged, committed, and feeling empowered.

Carrie has more than 20 years’ experience in corporate Human Resources and Management Development. Her certifications include Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP), Gallup StrengthsFinder, Situational Leadership, Franklin Covey’s 5 Choices, Emotional Intelligence (EQi), Conflict Dynamics, Lateral Thinking, and Mind Gym.

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Jennifer Miller, PhD

Washington, District of Columbia, USA
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High energy, innovative Talent leader with excellent knowledge of current trends and practices across Talent Management/Human Capital. Builder of impactful talent processes in multiple industries; strategy expert.

Track record of accomplishments developing/executing strategies that strengthen organizational capabilities to ensure business leaders have the right talent at the right time. Proven success with designing selection and assessment strategies that identify and deliver qualified candidates who are closely aligned with culture, mission and values across skill levels ranging from staff to C-Level positions. Workplace coach who excels at spotting individual talent and developing people/teams.

Candidate, employee, and customer focused hands-on leader who sets the bar high, builds strong working relationships across organizations and challenges the status quo to influence outcomes. A quick learner who is flexible and rapidly adapts to changing environments, requirements, and project deliverables.

Passionate about Employer Brand development, assessment and selection methodologies, and driven by both data and process improvement mindsets. Skilled at ATS optimization and leveraging technology to ensure efficient recruiting, onboarding and talent management processes.

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Nikki Murphy

Trophy Club, Texas, USA
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I remove barriers in your business so you can WIN THE DAY!

Whether you are an entrepreneur, building the next big thing, a team leader or established business owner, you can be the HERO by investing in the innate talents of your team.

Just three simple steps to begin moving forward:

- Complete a short Assessment

- FREE 45min call to discuss your specific needs

- Let’s Engage you team!

Create 23% or greater increases in your employee engagement. CALL NOW!

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Thomas Oyan

Pleasant Hill, California, USA
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My passion is enhancing the performance of individuals and teams so business can achieve their strategic goals and objectives.

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Xander Cladder

Bilthoven, Utrecht, NLD
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I’m a certified management consultant specialized in coaching Entrepreneurs and Executives. To me, Strengths are very cool but only if there is more to do than just naming and explaining the themes. I've done hundreds. My favorite part of the game is in the Aim-it!

I love mid-sized companies to grow aggressively by digging for talents, searching for engagement-blockers and 'making up' unbelievable goals and working hard on them. I want my clients to succeed.

I’m a Gallup certified and a People Acuity certified Strengths coach (Specialist) who loves to talk about the strengths and the ambitions of my clients.

If you aim high enough, I might get very excited too.

But let's first meet (online). Please feel free to schedule a little time together... Expect some impactful questions.

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Jayashree Venkataraman

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, IND
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Jayashree's outstanding career spans two decades in advanced and emerging markets of US, India and China as a technology leader. Her expertise in delivering engineering and operational excellence for global giants like Microsoft and GE and her intrinsic coaching skills come together powerfully for Appreiz.

She has an innate ability to delve into the heart of what enthuses talent, especially in an era of social platforms driving people engagements.

Her acumen in defining strategy, managing operations and mentoring, which played a key role in the growth and effectiveness of Microsoft IT in India, empowers Appreiz with a gamut of features that are insightful, exciting, and talent motivating.

Jayashree led the first pan India Hackathon in Microsoft and was also one of the top 25 finalists across the world. This gave her the drive to turn entrepreneur.

Jayashree is also the co-founder of 160 Hours. This modern company aims to revolutionize the way businesses address workforce challenges by offering man hours that can be bought.

She is also the founder of MOJOKarma, a software product company. She is an Executive Coach with training from Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, the world's No 1 leadership thinker and #7 business thinker

Jayashree has always believed in coaching and mentoring young women and contributed time and energy to it. She was the Hyderabad hub leader for GE Women’s Network and also started the Women in IT initiative in Microsoft IT India. She has been a panelist in Grace Hopper Conference India several times.

She is coauthor of book Project Leadership by Management Concepts .

Jayashree believes in giving some of her time and energy in giving back to society. She is active Rotarian and she has been board member of her Rotary Club every year. She is one of the core team volunteer for DaanUtsav (Joy of Giving Week)– India’s biggest festival of giving which started in 2009.

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Tracy Bullock

Tempe, Arizona, USA
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Tracy Bullock brings 30 years of business development experience to her Sandler Training business. She builds and delivers programs for companies of all sizes in Tempe and across Arizona, spanning multiple industries, from Construction Trades, Medical, Restaurant, IT/Software, and Consumer Product Goods.

During her 30-year career with Procter & Gamble in business development, she developed Sales & Management teams, grew individuals’ performance, and coordinated cross-department strategic planning with top customers in the U.S. and globally. Her experiences add depth and connection to the needs of our local businesses, as well as the owners, executives and individuals she coaches.

Tracy is currently on the Boards of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce and iCommand. She leads the Tempe Chamber Coffee Connection leads group, is an active member of the Women in Business Council, and helps facilitates the Mentoring program. Tracy was presented a Lifetime Achievement Award, Top Female Executive, and noted as a Top 101 Industry Experts for her work in Global Management Training Development by Cambridge’s Worldwide Who’s Who.

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I’m a speaker strategist and keynote coach committed to developing elite speakers who stand out in their industry as the "go-to experts" for major conferences and global events. I’ve worked as an executive coach, professional speaker and event organizer for over 25 years. As a corporate consultant, I’ve led over 2,750 professional development programs in public speaking, leadership and train-the-trainer to over 85,000 leaders and their high-performing employees at some of the world’s top companies (Panasonic, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Google, Twitter, Square,, Lyft). I’m also Head of Speaker Coaching for TEDxSanFrancisco, one of the top TEDx events in the world.

I have a genuine passion for helping others and I only work with clients who are committed to making a difference in the world. I have a deep commitment to Diversity and Inclusion and decades of experience coaching and advising cross-cultural business ventures. I’ve delivered more than 300 keynotes at conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and I’ve worked in 25 countries for extended periods of time. I spent six years overseas living in Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America and I continue to work across cultures today.

Some of my other experiences include teaching Networking and Business Development at Stanford Law School; and Communication, Management, and Global Effectiveness courses at California State University, Long Beach. I started my career working as an international recruiter and a Business Communication teacher and coach.

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My career began over 30 years ago with Hewlett-Packard, followed by stints with Nabisco, The Covey Leadership Center, Iomega and The Sales Performance Group. Determined to achieve higher results, I launched my own consulting practice in 2002. From the outset, my passion has been helping people and organizations achieve significant results. At the heart of al my work is the principle of continuous improvement.

For many years I was heavily involved in training and leadership development. I taught thousands of business professionals the key principles and tools of personal and organizational effectiveness. It didn’t take long, however, to see that the anticipated changes weren’t happening. Learning powerful principles in a classroom setting rarely translated to noticeable changes on the job. However, good training on it’s own was not enough. Something important was missing.

In recent years, I’ve added professional coaching into all my work. The results have been nothing short of phenomenal. One thing has become crystal clear. Powerful insights can be gained in large group settings but application is best done one-on-one. Professional Coaching is a catalyst for applying proven principles and powerful insights in each person’s unique situation. Without question, coaching is the most powerful change process I’ve ever utilized.

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Joanna Wiesinger

Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA
A results-oriented catalyst who inspires leaders and their teams to act and empowers them with practical tools to bring their best.
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Dr. Joanna Wiesinger is a results-oriented catalyst who inspires leaders and their teams to act. She empowers them with practical tools to grow stronger and go faster after their goals for greater impact.

Joanna has delivered her Strengths message to hundreds of clients throughout many different organizations, like Northwest Metroport Chamber of Commerce, Northwest ISD, Sparrow Partners, Dr. J Exceptional Medicine, Urbanology Designs and many other strong teams. She combines a mix of Gallup research, hands-on activities, and practical stories to help her clients integrate strengths and bring their best to others, at work and at home.

As a keynote and conference speaker, Joanna is a warm, insightful, and an engaging story teller who inspires leaders to thrive with their strengths daily.

Joanna is a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach, a Ph.D. chemist, and a co-author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, Turning Talents Into Strengths: Stories of Coaching Transformation.

When not working, you can catch Joanna thriving with her strengths as she reads, travels, and dreams of snowy slopes where she can ski with her husband and 3 adult kids.

Visit for leader, team, and organizational coaching programs. And while there, join the Thrive Community for support and Strengths-based resources.

"THRIVE. LEAD. CONTRIBUTE. A better you. A better team. "

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Brent Boeckman

Austin , Texas, USA
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I am a passion-driven individual who is focused on helping you develop exceptional employees, leaders, and high-performing cultures. My mission is to maximize organizational effectiveness by maximizing the people within it.

With over a decade of experience in talent development, sales, and sales enablement, I have a proven track record of unlocking individual potential. I was the winner of the Microsoft Global Sales Demo Award in 2013, 4x President’s Club achiever at Verizon, Microsoft, and Malwarebytes, as well as the recipient of the CLO Learning in Practice Award in 2018. I have worked closely with early-stage startups, small businesses, multi-billion dollar corporations, and individually with tech innovators such as Steve Ballmer (prior CEO of Microsoft).

I’m not only passionate about solving problems, but I’ve done it before. Let’s create lasting results that will help your business thrive.

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Cynthia Stewart

Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA
I coach and consult business leaders in diverse and challenging environments.
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Hello! I'm so glad you're taking this step to consider how to grow yourself and embrace your bold future. I am honored to journey with people as they reach new peaks. I'd love to talk with you about your dreams and how to achieve them for yourself, your team and your organization. Please reach out to me and let's talk.

My passion is helping to drive human performance excellence. I coach and consult leaders, teams and organizations to reach their peak and leave a legacy. I love guiding people and groups in targeting their strengths to achieve phenomenal results and a greater sense of achievement and well-being. I also love helping leaders shape their vision and put legs on it to exceed all expectations. I formed my company EverMore Services to help companies create cultures of engagement where people thrive and achieve amazing things for their communities.

I served for several decades as a director and internal consultant for a multi-billion dollar corporation leading collaborative teams in innovating the work. Together we saved in excess of $147 million dollars, and achieved top tier performance in safety, customer service, and operations. To master my strengths and contribute my highest and best, I pursued my MBA, along with certifications as a Six Sigma Black Belt, Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence, and Open Book Leadership. I also served as a state-level Baldrige Examiner for performance excellence.

I am privileged to be nominated and awarded the Small Business Administration's 2018 Women In Business Champion for the State of Oklahoma for my mentoring and coaching work with women business owners.

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Kai Taylor

Porirua, Te Whanga-nui-a-Tara, NZL
If you want help with a challenging situation, get your team to perform or be ready for that next career move, we can achieve that together. That's what I'm good at! Let's talk!
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Hello there!

Are you worried about making the numbers or that your company isn't changing fast enough? Are you worried about who the next disruptor or competitor entering your market is? Do you have an upcoming presentation in which you have to present a convincing vision and respective strategy of how to make success happen? Have you just started a new role and want to get 'runs on the board'? Is your team 'challening' and not delivering on its set targets? Is your next career move concerning you? Do you have difficulties with your manager, a peer or a staff member? Those are the precisely the problem areas my previous coaching clients have asked for help with - and which we solved successfully together.

My coaching approach is based on tried and tested models, which we together modify and apply as required. I firmly believe in having fun while growing, learning, developing and achieving! My guiding inspiration stems from the wonderful coaching clients I work with as well as from my ongoing professional development in the fields of Neuroscience, Psychology, commercial business management. I hold a Postgraduate Certificat in Organisational Coaching and Leadership (2017) and my most recent paper was at Berkely University of California: 'Mindful Awareness'.

The benefits of working with me are that 1) you and your development are always at the centre of my focus; 2) if you are genuinely committed, I guarantee that together we can help you achieve your goals; and 3) while learning often 'hurts' [remember when you learned how to roller skate?], there is plenty of enjoyment in the discovery involved too.

How much does it cost you at the moment to keep having your 'issue'? What value would you gain, if you would have that 'issue' resolved?

My professional background is in international corporate management, senior public sector roles and since about 10 years as a self-employed Coach.

It would be an honour and pleasure to assist you to reach the goals that you want to achieve.

I'm located in New Zealand and the time difference can be a real bonus. By using Skype or Google hangout our physical locations are entirely irrelevant. If you want to learn more about me, check out my website:

Chose if you want to take the next step and get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you! Kai

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Dave Richards

Prescott, Arizona, USA
I help leaders and top performers make the changes they need to make in order to unlock explosive results in their business and lives.
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Driven by a passion for investing in leadership development, Dave has more than 25 years of executive sales and management experience. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated a unique ability to build successful sales teams, develop high performance leaders, and employ motivational metrics resulting in sales production of over $5 billion in residential lending. Dave attributes his success to an unparalleled dedication to assisting others daily by demonstrating value, belief, and unconditional love for people. He combines a contagious enthusiasm with a mastery of motivational techniques to refine the art of connecting with people—collaborating to accomplish personal and corporate visions and goals.

Building upon a passion for leadership and a belief in the John Maxwell personal leadership solutions, he incorporates key components of the program into his individualized coaching and consultancy. Since 2015 he has performed as an Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team. Dave had the honor to accompany John to Paraguay in 2016 and train over 15,000 leaders in the launch of the Transformation Paraguay Movement. He is a Certified Behavior Coach with Personality Insights that specializes in improving effective communication and connection to maximize teamwork and leadership development.

Today Dave utilizes his training, skills, and passion to provide individualized coaching to pastors, business owners, executives, and top sales professionals from distinctly diverse market segments and businesses. Dave specializes in combining recruitment and retention of top talent with strategic plan development and execution—creating a leadership pipeline for his client companies. He is a sought after speaker and coach.

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Susan Surtel

Toronto, Ontario, CAN
I help teams in the biotech and pharmaceuticals industries learn how to leverage their strengths so that they can increase productivity
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Susan Surtel is a learning professional and consultant with over 20 years’ experience designing and delivering training sessions. Using the StrengthsFinder methodology, she helps organizations cultivate high-potential employees by effectively leveraging strengths to build emotional intelligence, manage weaknesses, maximize productivity, improve communication, and improve employee engagement. The goal is to create engaged and productive employees and high-performing strengths teams.

Companies that use the StrengthsFinder methodology enjoy:

• 12% increase in productivity for teams. • 8.5% increase in profitability for teams that receive strengths feedback. • Employees who are six times as likely to be engaged in their jobs.

Susan has delivered training and consulting for companies in biotech, pharmaceuticals, health care, nuclear, non-profit, retail, and educational institutions.

For more information:,

Strengths Canada LinkedIn Page:

Company Facebook page:

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Suzanne LaPierre

Acton, Massachusetts, USA
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I believe each person is an expert in his or her life and work. And with the right support and focus, a person can identify and use his or her natural talents, thoughts, feelings, and patterns to produce extraordinary results in life, career, and relationships.

I began my career as the owner/operator of a small business which later led me to the franchise industry where I trained, mentored, and coached multiple business owners to maximize their business profitability and leadership capabilities.

I entered the medical diagnostics field in 2007 where I continued to raise enterprise-wide, organizational effectiveness for global organizations.

Coaching, performance, engagement, individual and team development are my passions and specialties.

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