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Paul started his career in quality assurance, sharpening his attention to detail, and progressed into project and program management roles that integrated technology with system-wide functions and processes. He also managed website and business intelligence software implementations using various development methodologies. In 2012, his program team was awarded Harvard’s Bright Ideas award for creating the most innovative career website for Veterans Affairs (VA). Given Paul’s ability to operate on both the technology and people side of change, he led several large-scale change management efforts for federal agencies. More recently, he worked as an internal change management practitioner for a financial services firm working to create movement towards an organization-wide Governance, Risk, and Compliance cloud technology.

With these experiences, Paul has a unique ability to deliver and translate technology to the people side of business in a way that is easily understood, conveyed in a timely fashion, and directly maps back to new behaviors, business processes, and organization goals.

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Sport Science Coach - I help athletes maximize their potential beyond the prescribed training from their team coaches through specified and individualized training
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Brad Anderson grew up in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Butte, Montana. He met Jason Madden freshman year of high school and Jason immediately sparked Brad’s interest in weight training. Brad instantly saw his performance increased in football and wrestling while weight training with Jason. Once Jason and Brad signed up for the United States Marine Corps interest in enhancing cardiovascular training continued. Brad signed up to be a Reconnaissance Marine and served a tour in Fallujah, Iraq with 2nd Reconnaissance BN. After six years in the Marines and reaching the rank of Sergeant, Brad returned to Montana and went to the University of Montana for a bachelors in exercise science.

During Brad’s studies at UM, he was either a subject or researcher in studies involving recovery and carbohydrates in high temperature environments, the effects of Red Bull on military physical fitness tests, the effects of altitude on wild land fire fighter performance, cortisol levels, stress, and performance of wild land firefighters, and the effects of interval training on VO2 max tests.

Brad interned and was an assistant strength and conditioning coach for 2 years for the University of Montana football team. Brad learned how to coach athletes, teach and coach olympic lifts, program and periodize programs, teach and coach sprint form, and the science of strength and conditioning.

At the end of Brad’s time at UM, he was accepted to East Tennessee State University in the Coaching and Sport Performance Master’s program. Brad learned under top strength and conditioning researcher Mike Stone and Olympic athlete and D1 strength and conditioning coach Meg Stone. Brad learned advanced meal planning from PhD student Mike Israetel. Brad was involved in research of athlete performance and periodization, health factors and weight training, rate of force production and powerlifters, maximal strength and rate of force production in individuals doing bodybuilding, and vibration and its effects on maximal jump height.

Brad was the assistant strength coach for the ETSU baseball team and helped manage training for them. Brad was the head strength and conditioning coach for the Daniel Boone High School Softball Team. The softball team was ranked 50th in the nation by ESPN’s Powerade poll, went 50-6, were the state runners-up, set the state record for most homeruns in a season, most homeruns in a state tournament, and had 4 seniors go on to play D1 softball.

Since leaving Daniel Boone, Brad has been privately training athletes, bodybuilders, and people wanting to be more healthy. Brad is very excited to bring scientific training that has historically been enjoyed by the elite and high level athletes to everyone.

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I am a jack of all trades and master of several.

* Ex-82nd Airborne Military Intelligence Desert Storm Vet

* Degree of Psychology UT Austin

*Dale Carnegie School of success graduate

*Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving Decision Making Certified



*Black Belt in two traditional arts and an expert in modern combatives as well as mind / body wellness arts.

*Comptia CTT+ Trainer of Enterprise Level Technology

*Success Coach

*Leadership Development Coach


*Held Chair positions in two of my own firms.

*2nd Degree Reiki

*Medical Qigong Practicioner and trainer


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I coach individuals, teams and organizations to discover their power and edge, leverage innate talents and achieve extraordinary results together.
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My passion has been studying leadership and high performance mindset through coaching collegiate athletics and leading teams in secondary and higher education. My drive is to learn how to empower and build my leadership capacity so I can be best version of myself and, in turn, to coach and inspire others do the same.

I am a person who leads with my innate talents of: Individualization, Strategic, Relator, Achiever, Woo. I bring authentic energy, passion, skill, insight, encouragement, and humor. I provide leaders and teams world-class resources and professionally prepared, dynamically delivered training experiences that accelerate personal and professional transformation.

I inspire leaders to be extraordinary. Everything I do is designed to catalyze growth in others and propel them towards high performance and the BEST version of themselves, so they can achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.

As co-owner of Summit Coaching & Consulting Group, we coach others to discover their greatest power and potential that resides in the distinct, predictable ways we think, feel and act. We coach individuals, teams and companies to realize their most natural path to excellence based on each person's individual talents.


- Strengths-Based High Performance coaching = 1:1, Teams, Entire Organizations

- Leader-Building, Team-Building, Organization-Building

- Keynotes

- Corporate Training, University Teaching and Training on Leadership

- Organizational Change, High-Performing Teams

- Strengths-Based Selling

I look forward to connecting with you soon.




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