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Every person has super powers. Do you know yours? Young people need to discover and develop their super powers. Success Coaches for Students guide young people along The 3 Pathways to Change the World.
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Being a good father, husband and follower of Jesus Christ are important values in my life. My wife Joanne is the co-founder of Effective Parenting and we have 2 adult children, Dave and Tim. Dave is married to Amanda and they have 2 young children, Madison and Nathan. My most important coaching has been and is being done with these folks!

I've also invested 30+ years in coaching young people in sports, youth ministry and leadership development on campuses around New York and New Jersey. (InterVarsity Christian Fellowship) I'm also a trained and certified Parent Coach with the National Center for Biblical Parenting. I have had many opportunities to mentor, coach and train young people. I now plan to invest the rest of my life in coaching teens, tweens and the adults who love them through and The 3 Pathways.


BAAS from the University of Delaware

Graduate Study at Regent College Vancouver

Graduate Study at Princeton Theological Seminary

Certifications and Accreditations:

Certified Parent Coach with Dr. Scott Turansky Prof. at Concordia University

Job History:

1978-2012: Campus Minister, Area Director and Assistant Regional Director, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

2012-2018: Director of Development, National Center for Biblical Parenting

2014-2018: Parent Coach

2016-Present: Full-Time Coach and Evangelist with

Coaching Clients:

Teens and Tweens




Coaching Methods:



Intergenerational Experiential Events

Company Name: The 3 Pathways


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I make sure your salespeople are not practicing in front of prospects!
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I was born and raised and currently reside in the beautiful state of New Hampshire with my family. Hiking, fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, golfing, spending time at the beach and hustling into Boston (45 minute drive) are some of the activities I enjoy most. I also found immense joy coaching and coordinating youth sports prior to and through the years of my children's' involvement. Soccer, basketball, baseball and softball were the sports of choice.

I have been thriving as a Type 1 diabetic since 1991 and have a strong desire to leverage the Soar platform to connect and mentor other diabetics going through the daily grind of being both sufferer and caretaker of a chronic disease.

I felt it was time to combine my 32 years of sales and sales management experience with my love of coaching in the form of Sales 10 Coaching. The 10 representing perfect, Olympic excellence, the often unattainable, but strongly desired.

Please feel free to reach out as I have a passion for meeting like-minded people and learning new perspectives.


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Building Leadership through Strengths for Leaders and Teams.
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Coaching leaders, team members and whole organizations is a passion of mine cultivated by close to 30 years of study, practice and service. As both a graduate and faculty member of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a retired commissioned officer in the United States Army, I have a very unique perspective on leadership and development that has since been refined through my work as a campus leadership educator as well as my continuing education at the College of William and Mary and the University of Kansas. In addition, I serve as the President of the National Collegiate Boxing Association which requires significant volunteer effort in non-profit leadership and athletics.

My leadership philosophy is shaped by theory, which I have both studied and taught, and by significant experience. I believe in leveraging talent to maximize success and engagement and therefore prefer to coach using a lens provided by the Clifton StrengthsFinder Assessment. I am Gallup Certified since 2016 but coaching with Strengths for many years prior to that. In addition to a Strengths-based approach to leadership, I also formulated the Mission First, Team Always (MFTA) Leadership philosophy which seeks to balance the competing demands of orienting to results versus people. Therefore, my coaching will focus both on individual self-awareness and improvement as well as increasing organizational performance through a culture of excellence and engagement.

I am also very passionate about athlete and team leadership development. I coach a collegiate boxing team and lead a non-profit collegiate athletic governing body. In addition to that, I am a leadership coach for several intercollegiate athletic teams and use Strengths/MFTA coaching as a tool to increase athlete and team engagement and performance. Our athletes are better prepared to handle the rigors of practice and competition while also preparing them for a life beyond their sport in which they immediately step comfortably into leadership roles and make significant impacts to their new organizations. Four teams that I have worked with recently just won Mid-American Conference Championships.

I offer a wide variety of coaching opportunities that range from individual calls or in-person sessions to team/organizational workshops and seminars to creation of organizational leadership development strategies and keynotes. I bring to bear Strengths and Mission First Team Always approaches to development of leaders and groups.

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I help senior & emerging leaders become more effective by improving their interpersonal (soft) skills
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Professional Bio:

John is an experienced leader, facilitator and certified coach with over 40 years of senior leadership and management experience. John started his sales career at 16 years of age selling Fuller Brush door-to-door. At 18, John became the youngest store manager Kinney Shoes of Canada had ever appointed. Over the years John has experienced various sales management experiences from retail to direct sales, selling both tangible and intangibles.

John has held senior operational positions with national organizations achieving significant recognition for his results. Along with his coaching practice John is currently an Adjunct Professor at the Faculty of Management, University of British Columbia, Okanagan, and travels internationally including Europe and the Middle East facilitating leadership workshops. John describes himself as a continuous learner, motivated to learn more so that he can better help others achieve their goals.

John’s clients have included senior and emerging leaders in various industries including major utilities, Sports, Hi-Tech, entertainment, fitness, construction, retail and direct sales along with coaching other coaches and training professionals.

John holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership from Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada and along with various certifications in management and leadership is a:

 Certified Coach by Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching

 Professional Certified Coach, credentialed by the International Coaching Federation

 Certified Executive Coach, certification from Royal Roads University, Victoria, Canada

 Certified LPI360 & Leadership Challenge Coach (Kouzes & Posner, Wiley)

 Certified Global Leader of the Future 360 Assessment (Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching)

 Certified Instructor and trainer in SOCIAL STYLES & Versatility, interpersonal communications model

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help business owners, leaders and teams reduce stress and maximize success
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Kyle Pertuis is a seasoned Professional Executive Coach and Leadership Development Consultant with a 25-year track record in planning and facilitating programs designed to optimize business growth, leadership development, personal effectiveness and employee engagement. His entrepreneurial and consulting experience have helped both established companies as well as start-ups. Key areas of focus include successfully planning and launching programs for the benefit of leadership, organizational and cultural development, transition and succession planning, executive and leadership coaching, and overall strategic planning.

Kyle holds the designation of PCC (Professional Certified Coach) through the International Coach Federation and is the Founder and Head Coach of MindFit Coaching, Inc. in New Braunfels, TX. He also serves on faculty, as a domestic and international Lead Trainer for the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), in support of their leading global coach’s training program.

Ultimately, his coaching style is rooted in his passion to support and assist people in creating positive and lasting change in their business and personal lives. As Founder of MindFit Coaching, Inc, he works primarily with Business Owners, Leaders, Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs enabling them to maximize their highest potential and performance levels.

Kyle’s leads by his motto: Helping Leaders be Better people. By helping organizations realize the long-term value of investing in their people, Kyle has served as a catalyst in the transformation of managers, executives, c-suite leaders, business owners and professional athletes. Overall, his work spans multiple industries including Building & Construction, Retail, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Health Care, Oil and Gas, Banking and Technology, and Professional Sports. His impressive client list includes: Ameriprise Financial Services, UBS Financial Services, NASA/ Johnson Space Center, Goodwill Industries, Google, Pro Axis Therapy, BHP Billiton and many other privately held businesses.

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I empower leaders to align their purpose with action so that, together, our actions will inspire the next generation to achieve beyond their wildest dreams.
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HUSTL proudly exists to empower individuals and organizations by helping them align their purpose and action so that, together, our actions will inspire the next generation to achieve beyond their wildest dreams.

What's at stake for you in this great journey we call life?

Executive Summary

A humble student of the art and science of great leadership, Brandon has spent his career leading global operations, developing high performing leaders, and empowering elite teams from the board room to the fields of friendly strife and beyond.


In addition to his role as Founder and President of Hustl, Brandon works as an adjunct coach, speaker, and facilitator with the Center for Creative Leadership, the Center for Character and Leadership Development, and the Profession of Arms Center of Excellence. Brandon is also a pilot in the Colorado Air National Guard and non-profit board member. He previously served in the Air Force Active Duty and Reserves and at the highest levels of national politics, and has also led operationally as an instructor pilot, college football coach, and advisor to C-Suite executives and elected officials. Brandon and his wonderful wife are proud parents of 3 active young children.

Industry Experience

Brandon has worked with diverse leaders in Education, Defense, Education, Sports, Non-Profit, Small Business, Aviation, Technology, Economic Development, Government, B2B Sales, Healthcare, Hospitality, and others.

Coaching Approach

Brandon’s values-based approach to coaching empowers leaders by helping them identify and embrace unique purpose in their life and work, and by supporting intentional action which aligns with their purpose. He challenges leaders to explore innovative solutions and believes that clear vision and well-defined goals help leaders navigate their unique leadership journey. Brandon’s coaching utilizes both subjective and objective assessments that help improve awareness of oneself and one’s surroundings, and through this increased awareness Brandon encourages leaders to leverage a strengths-based leadership approach in their organization and life.

Recent Coaching Assignments

* Full-spectrum leadership coaching of our nation’s top young leaders at the U.S. Air Force Academy focusing on Organizational, Team, Interpersonal, and Personal leadership and followership, with an emphasis on Character Education and Organizational Culture.

* CEO of international organization whose needs included organizational culture development and individual behavior modification to correct his role in the existing toxic culture.

* "Rising Star" of a high-growth company who was being groomed to lead an elite global team of diverse technical experts.

Education, Publications, and Professional Affiliations

M.S. in Leadership (Duquesne University); B.S. in Social Science (U.S. Air Force Academy); Colorado Springs Leadership Institute (Center for Creative Leadership); Certified Executive Coach (Center for Creative Leadership); Certified Character Coach (U.S. Air Force Academy)

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Market Me Too Founder and CEO, Kathleen E.R. Murphy is known for radiating enthusiasm, positive energy and her highly creative problem solving and entrepreneurial approach to working with individuals, athletes and sports teams and companies of all sizes who are seeking far better or different results via coaching.

Ms. Murphy’s marketing career has spanned more than 20 years, and has been focused on technology and start-up companies in a variety of industries. She is a globally recognized performance and motivational coach, marketing management consultant, blogger, inspirational speaker and social commentator. Additionally, she is a Certified Gallup Strengths Coach, and a highly sought after mentor in the exclusive US Women Unlimited Executive Mentor Program. She has also mentored (5) Babson College MBA students.

Kathleen grew up in Lexington, MA and graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in Journalism and minor in psychology, and has been published in Advancing Women, AskTheExpert, The Huffington Post, i4Business, Money, Readers Digest, Recruiter and Thrive Global.

Ms. Murphy recently published her first business book called Wisdom Whisperer. She has also been a featured guest on a number of popular business television and radio shows, and credits her family lineage of inventors and entrepreneurs for shaping her career path. To learn more about her services and how she can help you or your company, please visit 

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I'm a strength expert and vegetative trainer. I help people, sports athletes and youngsters finding and activating their talents so they can transform, perform og find more happiness. I also help companies with recruiting and develop Millennials in their businesses always from a talent-based perspective. I also do keynote speaks.

One of my tools is a strengths analyze and vegetative training. With the vegetative training I remove all disturbances from body and mind and knowing your strengths I give you a new set-point.

Vegetative training

Vegetative refers to our vegetative system, that is, our hormone balance, immune system and autonomic nervous system. In your body and mind you have disturbances created by thoughts, feelings, congestion or past injury experiences that are not resolved and as the body still recalls. The disturbances limit your performance and thus the ability to top-perform. During the vegetative exercise, you expand your body from the inside through a self-regulating ability we are all born with so that the disturbances can be removed. Exercise takes place on a briquette focusing on breathing under the guidance of Bettina Waede and without touch and talk.

I ready to work with you - most of my training is online.

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I support people in developing self-confidence and self-awareness, enhancing productivity and fulfillment while creating a conscious culture in companies, teams, groups!
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Dr. Nelson received her doctorate in Pathology from University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Her doctoral research focused on the development of thermally-stable, orally-available prodrugs to treat African trypanosomiasis.

After graduate school, she relocated to the Boston area and started her career in the biotech industry. As a scientist, Lisa co-authored several peer-reviewed publications and is listed on an issued US patent.

She spent more than a decade working as scientist and marketing expert within the biotech/pharma sector. In a career that spanned several companies throughout the U.S., Lisa was often called upon to present scientific data and serve as spokeswoman for products. Between 2015-2018, she accrued more than 1,500 hours as a subject matter expert, marketing, and strategy consultant working with a variety a client companies with the NemetzGroup, LLC.

Following her biotech/biopharma career, Lisa trained at the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). She is a Certified Professional Coach, an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, and a certified Cor.E dynamic transition coach.

In 2018, She founded SeaChange Coaching, LLC, and established the #ownyourstory movement.

Lisa devotes her practice to helping clients create transformative change in their lives and companies. She is also an Ironman University Certified Coach and works with triathletes to achieve their dream of completing an IRONMAN® race.

Lisa obtained her Associate Credential Coach (ACC) from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) in 2019, reflecting a remarkable commitment to coaching clients early in her new career.

When not writing or coaching, she can be found swimming, biking, running, and playing east of San Francisco with her partner and two (very spoiled) rescue dogs.

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Exceptional Business Developer
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I've consulted with over 200 companies to create explosive growth and build phenomenal road maps to success.

Director of Way of Life Fitness Camps

Executive Producer and Consultant for Global Entertainment Management

Owner/Director of Pacific Funding Partners

Executive Director of Continental Mortgage Capital Inc.

Sports Physician for Holland Chiropractic and Sports Medicine

Please feel free to contact me today: or 619-535-9835

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I help teenagers through the adolescent years.
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I was born in northern New Jersey in the suburbs of New York City. My mother passed away when I was 5 years old. Growing up without her was difficult. Thankfully I had many adults in my life who cared about me and went out of their way to help me thrive. I was profoundly impacted by Young Life and the amazing leaders who pursued me in high school and college. I've been working with teen agers since 1994.

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Never forget that on any day you can step out the front door and your whole life can change forever. These are the words I live by everyday of my life and I want to help you see the big picture of life so you can take advantage of each and every day!
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I am a recent graduate of Xavier University, where I completed my Masters in I-O Psychology. I completed my thesis by explaining the effects of Exercise and Self-Reported Workplace Stress to show how exercise reduces employees’ stress and increases job satisfaction, productivity, and motivation in the workplace. Previous to attending Xavier University, I received my B.A.S. in Psychology and Human Resource Management and minored in Dance and American Sign Language.

Specialties: I-O Psychology, organizational change management, consulting, talent developer, research consultant, analyze scientific software, educate, train, formulate and implement training programs, conduct research studies of organizational structures, identify training and development needs, assess employee performances, advise management concerning personnel, choreography, dance, fitness, personal training.

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Paul helps senior executives set goals, solve problems, and get things done
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Paul's clients appreciate his empathy, insight, and practical business experience. Paul has a BS from MIT, and a PhD in Personality and Developmental Psychology from Harvard where he served as a Teaching and Research Fellow in the Social Interaction Laboratory. His executive coach training is through the Center for Executive Coaching.

Paul’s executive experience includes serving as Operations Manager for an AT&T subsidiary, and VP of Talent and Organization Development for MicroE Systems. Paul has been a member of the Hub Angels Investment Group. He currently serves on the Advisory Board of Wildlife Acoustics.

Paul is married to Julia Schlam Edelman, a physician and author. They have two adult sons. Paul likes sports, travel, reading, and music.

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I teach people to step in to their power and live their best life.
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My journey began in 2007, when I moved to Chicago. I was struggling - with life, health, wasn't pretty. At 22, I was slowly shedding weight after hitting the 200lb mark, despite being active, when I was 19-20 years old. Deep down I knew something wasn't right - I was constantly sick, miserable with my life, and completely lost.

I was lucky enough to find a practitioner that was able to give me some very high level health answers - but the real journey began when I chose to heal the wounds of my past. You see, like many... my life up until that point was far from perfect.

I grew up in an emotionally and often physically abusive home. By the time I was 18 I had been sexually assaulted by a family member, and again over a period of years by my martial arts coach. The people that were supposed to keep me safe and help me grow had betrayed me. My soul felt this pain, and was crying for help, healing, and transformation. My body and emotions reflected this pain in every aspect of my being.

Over the last 15 years, I've been blessed enough to heal those wounds. I've connected with some amazing people, and practitioners that have changed my life in more ways than I could have imagined, and I've become passionate about helping others find their health - mental, physical, and spiritual.

Through a lot of intense work I've reconnected with my spiritual gifts, cultivated a strong relationship with source energy, and stepped in to my truth as a light worker.

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I work with business leaders on their Builder Talents and CliftonStrengths for growing business
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I have always wanted to coach, going all the way back to high school. I knew I didn't want to coach high school sports, but I wanted to coach people in being the best they could be. I was introduced to CliftonStrengths in 2014 and knew this was my calling. If I'm not coaching people in their business, I'm out riding my bicycle exploring my thoughts as I ride. I find lots of joy in sharing what I call my "word pictures" to help them understand their builder talents and their use of their CliftonStrengths.

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I coach individuals, teams and organizations to discover their power and edge, leverage innate talents and achieve extraordinary results together.
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My passion has been studying leadership and high performance mindset through coaching collegiate athletics and leading teams in secondary and higher education. My drive is to learn how to empower and build my leadership capacity so I can be best version of myself and, in turn, to coach and inspire others do the same.

I am a person who leads with my innate talents of: Individualization, Strategic, Relator, Achiever, Woo. I bring authentic energy, passion, skill, insight, encouragement, and humor. I provide leaders and teams world-class resources and professionally prepared, dynamically delivered training experiences that accelerate personal and professional transformation.

I inspire leaders to be extraordinary. Everything I do is designed to catalyze growth in others and propel them towards high performance and the BEST version of themselves, so they can achieve excellence in their personal and professional lives.

As co-owner of Summit Coaching & Consulting Group, we coach others to discover their greatest power and potential that resides in the distinct, predictable ways we think, feel and act. We coach individuals, teams and companies to realize their most natural path to excellence based on each person's individual talents.


- Strengths-Based High Performance coaching = 1:1, Teams, Entire Organizations

- Leader-Building, Team-Building, Organization-Building

- Keynotes

- Corporate Training, University Teaching and Training on Leadership

- Organizational Change, High-Performing Teams

- Strengths-Based Selling

I look forward to connecting with you soon.




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I help teenagers identify their strengths, learn how to have a meaningful connection with their parents and work on character development.
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I taught school for 14 years and coached baseball and basketball for 15 years. I actually started coaching when i about 11 or 12 years old. Most of the kids in my neighborhood where I grew up were 3-5 years younger than me, so I took them under my wing and taught the how to play sports.

As a Youth & Family coach I love seeing the results from coaching. Helping young people find their strengths and purpose and see the family working together instead of having conflicts.

Personal Bio: I have been married to my wife for 24 years. We have two children and two grandchildren. We live in Southwest Florida. I had many different jobs throughout my life and owned several home service businesses. It wasn't until I was 38 years old that I decided to pursue my passion of teaching. I went back to school for four years and started teaching at the age of 43. I loved being a teacher and that's why I decided to become a coach. I'm also a kayak fishing guide.

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Helping leaders take risks for organizations to acheive
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Paul started his career in quality assurance, sharpening his attention to detail, and progressed into project and program management roles that integrated technology with system-wide functions and processes. He also managed website and business intelligence software implementations using various development methodologies. In 2012, his program team was awarded Harvard’s Bright Ideas award for creating the most innovative career website for Veterans Affairs (VA). Given Paul’s ability to operate on both the technology and people side of change, he led several large-scale change management efforts for federal agencies. More recently, he worked as an internal change management practitioner for a financial services firm working to create movement towards an organization-wide Governance, Risk, and Compliance cloud technology.

With these experiences, Paul has a unique ability to deliver and translate technology to the people side of business in a way that is easily understood, conveyed in a timely fashion, and directly maps back to new behaviors, business processes, and organization goals.

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Sport Science Coach - I help athletes maximize their potential beyond the prescribed training from their team coaches through specified and individualized training
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Brad Anderson grew up in the middle of the Rocky Mountains in Butte, Montana. He met Jason Madden freshman year of high school and Jason immediately sparked Brad’s interest in weight training. Brad instantly saw his performance increased in football and wrestling while weight training with Jason. Once Jason and Brad signed up for the United States Marine Corps interest in enhancing cardiovascular training continued. Brad signed up to be a Reconnaissance Marine and served a tour in Fallujah, Iraq with 2nd Reconnaissance BN. After six years in the Marines and reaching the rank of Sergeant, Brad returned to Montana and went to the University of Montana for a bachelors in exercise science.

During Brad’s studies at UM, he was either a subject or researcher in studies involving recovery and carbohydrates in high temperature environments, the effects of Red Bull on military physical fitness tests, the effects of altitude on wild land fire fighter performance, cortisol levels, stress, and performance of wild land firefighters, and the effects of interval training on VO2 max tests.

Brad interned and was an assistant strength and conditioning coach for 2 years for the University of Montana football team. Brad learned how to coach athletes, teach and coach olympic lifts, program and periodize programs, teach and coach sprint form, and the science of strength and conditioning.

At the end of Brad’s time at UM, he was accepted to East Tennessee State University in the Coaching and Sport Performance Master’s program. Brad learned under top strength and conditioning researcher Mike Stone and Olympic athlete and D1 strength and conditioning coach Meg Stone. Brad learned advanced meal planning from PhD student Mike Israetel. Brad was involved in research of athlete performance and periodization, health factors and weight training, rate of force production and powerlifters, maximal strength and rate of force production in individuals doing bodybuilding, and vibration and its effects on maximal jump height.

Brad was the assistant strength coach for the ETSU baseball team and helped manage training for them. Brad was the head strength and conditioning coach for the Daniel Boone High School Softball Team. The softball team was ranked 50th in the nation by ESPN’s Powerade poll, went 50-6, were the state runners-up, set the state record for most homeruns in a season, most homeruns in a state tournament, and had 4 seniors go on to play D1 softball.

Since leaving Daniel Boone, Brad has been privately training athletes, bodybuilders, and people wanting to be more healthy. Brad is very excited to bring scientific training that has historically been enjoyed by the elite and high level athletes to everyone.

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Helping business owners maximize their mindset, processes, and results
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Keith lives in Orem, Utah with his wife and 5 children. He loves to spend time with his family and vacation to new areas. He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, sports, and going on dates with his wife.

Mr. Weaver has practiced as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Attorney. He has served as a CEO, COO, Director of Operations, Director of Training, and Program Director, among other roles. Coach Weaver also holds several certifications including certification in the Strategic Mindset Process®, a unique and proven process to help business owners grow their business while balancing their lives.

Coach Weaver has been through the struggles that small business owners go through every day. Having owned 7 businesses (some started from scratch and some purchased), he knows how owners think and act. Coach Weaver had to learn some things the hard way, while other skills he developed with the help of mentors, teachers, and coaches. He has experienced the life of a business owner and worked to improve his businesses with strategic processes, mindset, and practice.

Coach Weaver blends his business and counseling skills to provide client-focused coaching/consulting. Coach Weaver has a passion for helping successful leaders committed to continuous improvement be more of who they are, dream bigger dreams, and accomplish more than they realized was possible. As a business coach, he helps businesses and professionals accelerate develop and achieve more.

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I build winning teams in the corporate, non-profit and sports community. Unite. Overcome. Win.
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MY VISION is a world where everyone courageously searches their heart, pursues their dreams with excellence, honor, and self-respect, inspiring others along the way.

MY MISSION is to reveal and honor the strengths of everyone I meet.

MY PURPOSE is to help individuals and teams accomplish what they were put onto this earth to achieve.

I am headquartered in Michigan and I work with clients from Geneva to Colorado Springs to Singapore and India.

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Show Monica Murray's bio

Monica is an Executive Coach with Fortune Management, where she coaches teams on implementing tools and strategies customized to meet the individual needs of the practice. This includes customized programs targeted on excellent communication, scheduling for increased production, financial policies, accountability, and building a strong hygiene department. As a former client of Fortune Management, she believes in the teachings and that it is crucial for a practice to build a strong relationship with their patients by being EXTRAORDINARY.

A past Global speaker and educational consultant, Monica has presented a wide range of topics to audiences throughout the world. She presents a variety of educational programs, while initiating and maintaining collaborative working relationships with dental and dental hygiene key opinion leaders and professional associations.

Outside of her career aspirations, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking, traveling, and staying active through hiking, mountain biking, kickboxing, water sports, and snowboarding.

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Show Larry Clements's bio

I am a jack of all trades and master of several.

* Ex-82nd Airborne Military Intelligence Desert Storm Vet

* Degree of Psychology UT Austin

*Dale Carnegie School of success graduate

*Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving Decision Making Certified



*Black Belt in two traditional arts and an expert in modern combatives as well as mind / body wellness arts.

*Comptia CTT+ Trainer of Enterprise Level Technology

*Success Coach

*Leadership Development Coach


*Held Chair positions in two of my own firms.

*2nd Degree Reiki

*Medical Qigong Practicioner and trainer


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I coach individuals, teams, and organizations to reach their full potential on the field and in the board room.
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Riley Jensen is currently the Mental Performance Coach for Weber State University Athletics. He is the director for Sport and Performance Psychology for Team X Alpine Ski Team. He is currently a Mental Performance Coach for USA Archery (Para), Westminster College Basketball, Westminster College Volleyball, Rowmark Ski Academy, Peak Ski Academy, The Dunk Camp, Juan Diego Baseball, East High Basketball, Hillcrest Basketball, Alta Wrestling, Copper Hills Lacrosse, and Olympus Lacrosse and Soccer. Riley tutors various individual athletes from the pro, collegiate, and high school ranks. Riley works with corporate athletes from the Utah Jazz ticket sales and sponsorship team, Boston Scientific, Michelin, Wise Company, Fusion Imaging, Tiny Hero Foods, Inwise Title, and NorQuinn.

Riley has a unique enthusiasm and ability to teach the concepts of resilience, confidence, positivity, grit, and personal mastery. He is available to athletes at all levels, all sports, for coaches, organizations, and businesses. He is perfect for motivational seminars designed to help individuals, teams, and businesses reach their maximum potential.

Riley has been playing or coaching high school and collegiate football for more than 27 years. Over the past (8) years he has been part owner and co-founder of the Mountain West Elite sports camps which operate in several states.

Riley started as a quarterback at an NCAA D1 school (USU), was named 1st team junior college All-American QB (Snow College, where he was recently named to the Snow College Football Hall of Fame), coached football at a Division 1 program (NC State), and has coached several successful Salt Lake City area high school teams (Cottonwood, Olympus, Alta).

Riley earned a B.A. from Utah State University and completed his MS in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Utah. He studied under the world-renowned tutelage of Dr. Nicole Detling, and interned with the University of Utah’s football and tennis teams.

Riley currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. When Riley is not working, he enjoys hiking and time spent his wife Georgann, and their two children Alexis (6) and Jack (4).

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