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Travis Guse

Williamsburg, Virginia, USA
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My name is Travis Guse and my passion as a coach is to empower emerging adults and the organizations they work for to be their best through Strengths-based coaching solutions.

My primary focus is working with organizations that are seeking to better engage both Millennials and now Gen Z for the sake of their mission and purpose. With our growing economy, retaining employees is becoming more challenging for organizations. With more jobs, employees have more choices for work than they did a decade ago. As a result, employers face increasing competition for high-talent performers. Emerging adults are seeking for organizations to invest in their development in a holistic approach both personally as well as professionally. Those organizations that make this a priority will find that emerging adults with be significantly more engaged in their work, especially when they can discover how the best of who they are connects with the organization's mission. Not only that, they will have a better chance of retaining them. To this end I offer Strengths-based leadership development coaching, team-building workshops, training managers to be effective coaches, and assisting in career direction.

As an ICF certified Life and Executive Coach and a Gallup Strengths Coach, I have been coaching individuals and organizations to discover and live out the best of who they are in life since 2008. I also offer ICF certified coach training to raise up internal coaches within organizations. Currently I am earning my doctorate in the field of Coaching with a focus on empowering Millennials to discover and live out their meaning and purpose in life. I have also contracted with government organizations to do Strengths team-building workshops, and currently have SAM & DUNS registration.

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I help people experiencing Life’s Big Changes and Challenges develop their strengths and increase their resilience
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Whether you’re a student making a big decision about your future, or someone who’s a little farther along in life and dealing with change or an unexpected health issue, you have the opportunity to thrive.

Maybe you’re not sure what’s unique about you, or how best to use what you have to manage the experiences you’re having. Maybe you just want more out of life but aren’t sure what it is or how to get there.

I help people assess their wellbeing, identify and develop their strengths, and create action plans and accountability systems to move from just surviving to thriving.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with lots of people using this strengths-based approach to wellbeing. Over a five-year period, I provided strengths coaching to more than a hundred students. Many of these students started college not knowing what was special about them, but at our college they were given the opportunity to discover and develop their strengths. Retention and student success improved, and many of these young people are now attending graduate school, working in meaningful careers, and experiencing high levels of wellbeing.

I've also worked with cancer survivors, and other people dealing with a big change like retirement or the loss of a job. By identifying and developing their strengths, and clarifying their goals, I’ve seen people experiencing health challenges and big changes begin to thrive through a focus on their strengths.

And lastly, here’s a story about how a strengths-based approach to wellbeing worked for me. In 2015, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and I spent the next year in treatment. At first I couldn't imagine how I would manage. But because of my experience as a strengths coach, I knew that I'd be more powerful more engaged if I used my strengths. So I created a plan to use my Relator, Futuristic, and Maximizer strengths to build relationships with other patients and the nurses in the infusion room, and together we designed our healthy futures. It wasn't always easy, but I know that I was stronger and more resilient throughout that year because I focused on using my strengths. Twelve months later, the Doctor described me as NED - no evidence of disease - and I was free to resume my life. I'm different now, and much more clear about my life. As a result of my cancer journey, I've also become very clear about the power of using our Strengths to experience wellbeing.

If you're experiencing changes or challenges in your life, or aren't sure about what's next for you, I believe I can help you with your next steps. Here are a few of my qualifications:

Coaching Credentials: Certifications from Gallup and the College of Executive Coaching Education: Ed.D. Educational Leadership, M.A. Communication, B.S. Business Administration Experience: IBM, Organizational Development, Training and Facilitation, 12 years in the Maricopa Community College System. Regular presenter at regional and national conferences on the topic of strengths and wellbeing Personal: Wife, Mom, Step-Mom, loves yoga, the outdoors, and the beauty of Arizona

Please contact me for a conversation about how I might help you. I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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Cindy Scibetta-Butts

Barrington, Rhode Island, USA
I help high growth small to mid-sized companies in the IT and Software Development space quickly ramp up to exceed expectations.
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Grow with Strengths - Growing People Growing Companies As an HR professional of a rapidly growing company in 2010, I fell in love with the philosophy of Strengths. I decided to lead the efforts in building a Strengths-based organization and never looked back. I was surprised at some of the things I saw early on in the process. Very quickly, people built strong relationships at work where they gave each other the benefit of the doubt. Over time, they challenged and supported each other more. We wove Strengths into the onboarding, performance systems, and everyday conversations and meetings - people and teams grew stronger, listened more effectively, and asked for help more. We built a culture that was so strong and obvious, both internally and externally. It helped our recruiting and retention. Managers became Coaches for their teams and gave feedback in real time.

What I believe to be true: When we pause to give each other the benefit of the doubt, we open up the opportunity to connect, understand and find the true value in ourselves and others.

I take the time to get to know each individual on the team - and we all dive in together. My style is energetic and thoughtful. I believe that we learn through practice and we have a lot of fun while we’re learning. I’ve been fortunate to do work that I’ve really loved for over 30 years in HR, talent development, coaching, employee engagement, and wellness.

Here's what I do well - please let me know if I can help you and your business. 1. Develop managers into great coaches that win. 2. Build a nimble organization poised for growth and change. 3. Build the culture you want to get the results you want. 4. Keep the great talent that you worked so hard to acquire.

Here's what people are saying about working with me as a coach or facilitator:

Cindy and I worked together from 2013-2017. In that time she exposed me to the wonderful world of StrengthsFinders. It was part of our on-boarding to take the assessment and learn about our strengths. As I learned more about the strengths I have, Cindy was there to help guide me and my team through team building workshops to see how these strengths worked together across the team. Cindy is very knowledgeable in StrengthsFinders and the work we did in her workshop changed the course of our team dynamic for the better. We were able to communicate more kindly to one another and utilize our strengths appropriately in the tasks and projects we were assigned. Cindy's work is beneficial to any team whether they are in rough waters or not. They will come out better than before with Cindy leading the boat.

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Kristen Coffield

Alexandria, Virginia, USA
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I am Kristen Coffield the founder and owner of The Culinary Cure, a consulting business and information website. I am dedicated to helping busy, overwhelmed professionals improve their health and increase their energy through in-person training sessions, workshops, seminars and coaching.

Who work with:

•Corporations that want to create or improve their wellness strategy/program to increase company retention, morale, health, and productivity

•Busy professionals that want to take their health and wellness to the next level to increase their energy levels, productivity, and fulfillment

•Companies that want to increase job satisfaction by promoting a thriving, healthy, and fun culture

•Busy professionals that want a customized plan outlining exactly how to achieve their health and wellness goals

How I work:

•Corporate wellness programs

•Nutrition/meal prep workshops and seminars

•Motivational workshops and seminars

•Online group nutrition coaching

•Personalized shopping, cooking and eating plans

•In-person and online personal coaching sessions

I teach people how to harness the power of food and habit, take control of the controllable, and live healthier, happier lives. Teaching the power of a plant-based diet for enhanced wellness and disease prevention; and creating powerful culinary habits to profoundly influence longevity. The Kitchen Intervention is my signature program for addressing the root cause of peoples frustrations with shopping, cooking and eating healthier. It is a process that reboots the kitchen to be a powerful partner in wellness transformation, eliminating useless habits and mindsets around food and cooking, and creating new health-supporting ones.

The Culinary Cure: Live Younger, Longer and Better: A simple formula for creating the wellness you want will be released in early 2019. The book demystifies the confusing world of wellness and teaches strategies for creating new life supporting habits, and mindsets to use food to achieve your biggest goals.

You can catch my monthly culinary wellness segment on Good Morning Washington, ABC7/News Channel 8, where I inspire and motivate viewers to take charge of their health with easy plant based recipes and nutrition tips. Kristen’s Simple 7 Day Eating Plan, articles, videos and recipes can be found on my website

I have been featured in DC Refined, Great Day Washington, in multiple publications, am a columnist, speaker and want to inspire you to live like you mean it and age like you want to! Get a FREE copy of my Live Like You Mean It Playbook at

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Bianca Capo

U.S. and Globally., North Carolina, USA
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I am a Team Performance Specialist and Strengths-based Human Potential Coach to businesses, organizations, and leaders engaged in their self-development in order to elevate their potential and transition to the next version of themselves as a more effective leader.

I am connected to my why, and help others clarify and root in theirs. My goal is to evoke the potential in others. This is why I start by hacking Talents. I was drawn to the Clifton StrengthsFinder assessment when I discovered its powers to give people a roadmap to their highest self and how to have more satisfying relationships, careers, and well-being. It is all connected, it works, and it's science-based.

If life is a game, how do we play it? If life is a challenge, how do we meet it? If life is an opportunity, how do we capture it? If life was meant to be a significant journey, how do you step up to create and live with purpose?

We need access to all our "inner-tools" to live our best life. Understanding how to "hack" your biology and psychology to meet the challenge of living a productive life, fight back the effects of stress, and self-lead is key to effective leadership and the quality of the journey. This is why my program is different.

All training, coaching, and retreats for Strengthen-TheTeam™ | StrengthenHER™ | Strengthen-TheLEADERSHIP™ | Strengthen-TheSalesTeams™ and LeadershipBIOHACKING™ integrate evidence-based strengths psychology, emotional intelligence, health and wellbeing principles, alongside the neuroscience of multiple brain integration, and mindfulness to equip leaders, teams, and organizations to improved relationships, results, and revenue.

I can facilitate creating company culture shifts improving engagement and retention. In the end, I specialize in how to access your "superpowers" to elevate self-leadership and create intentional results propelled by increased well-being. If an organizations (or individual's) leadership training and development program do not consider the symbiotic nature of the mind-body connection, it will have limited results. The potential will not be achieved.

My business mission statement: To provide our corporate and individual clients with the most powerful, innovative, and applicable strengths-based development program, improving ROI, relationships, and well-being to boldly influence, execute, and purposefully live.

My personal talent contribution statement (my talent's expertise): I am a catalyst powered by the vision to create and live a significant life by making a difference in people's lives. I facilitate and equip the perseverance and clarity in others, evoking their confidence, personal truth, and creativity to clearly see their opportunities, igniting the creation of a strengths=led purpose-driven life.

I am certified as: Gallup Certified Strengths Coach Strengths Strategy Inc., Certified Strengths Coach Institute for Integrative Nutrition Wellness Coach Bulletproof™ Human Potential Coach ChFC®, Chartered Financial Consultant® mBIT Certified Coach, (Multiple Brain Integration Technique)

Our training and coaching are tailored and can include: ~ Defining personal purpose and mission ~ Self-leadership and well-being to elevate performance ~ Leveraging and growing talents to strengths ~ How to influence people via strengths ~ How to empower and develop others ~ Facilitating change and decisions ~ Assume a coaching mentality to manage conflict effectively and foster authentic high-performing teams ~ A personalized health and well-being plan using bio-hacking techniques via the latest in health, nutrition, and neuroscience.

Contact us for packages to start your journey...

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Sue Ellen Sweeney

Keene, New Hampshire, USA
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Biography: How I serve clients: As a Dreambuilder Coach and Life Mastery Consultant certified through the Life Mastery Institute, I can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your soul’s purpose. For over 30 years I have been a professional nurse serving individuals, families and communities in varied settings and organizations, guiding and accompanying them in achieving their holistic health and life goals. I have offered my skills, presence and support which have enlivened US military soldiers and officers, congressman and senators, faith community, business and cultural leaders, students in higher education, and many individuals and families in all walks of life, guiding them through normative life transitions and through life crises. My greatest growth and joy has been in the parenting of six beautiful children, now grown and living meaningful lives, contributing their unique gifts to life!

My journey in becoming a transformational life coach and LifeMastery consultant: In my life I have journeyed through many transitions, both joyful and painful. In contemplating the meaning and purpose in all of it, the question has been the most powerful in helping me to integrate and move forward in my life has been: "Who Am I?" This question leads to more questions and ultimately to connection to true purpose and meaning.

I believe life is fully lived in asking and living the questions, making intentional life-empowering decisions, then setting new and amazing goals and taking action! In asking myself powerful questions throughout my life and experience and learning teachings given to me through the Life Mastery Institute, I have become clear that I am a healer and guide for others through life transitions, and leading them to new possibilities.

I know the power of God (Spirit, LIFE, infinite intelligence, love) in me and through me. I know, as my mentor Mary Morrissey says, "that each one of us is far more powerful and contains more potential than any circumstance, situation or condition." I am. And you are. As a life coach and professional educator and speaker, I offer inspiring workshops to audiences around the country as well as transformational in-depth coaching programs that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning and spiritual aliveness. I would LOVE to serve YOU! I am thrilled as I witness amazing transformations in my clients' lives!

Combining this background with the proven DreamBuilder technology, I am now helping clients anywhere they are in the world achieve extraordinary results, accelerating the manifestation of their vision! I work with people over the phone and through teleconferencing to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

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Eduardo is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach with over 20 years of experience in designing and delivering educational programs and training for organizations. His innovative curricula integrate collaborative technologies to support conversations around the topics of leadership development, strategic planning, and inclusive working environments. He believes that great leaders are great listeners. This mantra guides his approach to tailoring programs for the unique needs of his clients.

With a cross-cultural background and varied career path that includes education, technology, health and government, Eduardo quickly establishes trust and builds rapport with individuals through shared experiences.

Eduardo’s methodology begins by creating an environment that fosters collaboration and empowers participants to take ownership of the learning process. He also offers perspectives that drive individuals as well as teams closer to the results they desire.

By combining his Ideation, Futuristic and Activator talent themes, he energizes his clients/participants to turn their visions into actions. While his sense of humor keeps them engaged and delighted.

Along with being a Gallup Certified Coach, Eduardo also works as a Senior Consultant in Organizational Transformation for Grant Thornton LLP. In his current role, he supports portfolio management for the Department of Veteran Affairs’ IT Office.

Eduardo earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Harvard University, a certificate of study in Instructional Design from University of Massachusetts, and a Masters in Adult Learning from Johns Hopkins University Graduate School of Education.


Coaching Expertise: Career, Education, Enterprise Business, Government, Healthcare, Keynotes, Leadership, Life Coaching, Managers, Non-Profit Organizations, Personal Development, Small Business/Entrepreneurs, Students/Youth, Teams, Technology, Wellbeing

Coaching Method: Coaching Packages, Corporate Training Programs (e.g. Your Location), In Person, Individual (In-Person, Phone or Skype), Keynote Speaker, Online Video Conference (e.g. Skype), Phone, Seminars & Retreats, Workshops

Coaching Language: English, Español - latinoamerica

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I help individuals and teams develop their natural talents into strengths for success at work and home.
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I love to help individuals, families, and work teams connect using the Communication Cure, the CliftonStrengths assessment, and other powerful tools. I am particularly passionate about digital wellbeing, because of the key role that healthy tech habits play in our connection with others. I encourage you to connect through my coaching, retreats, social media and other communication channels.

As a coach and communicator, I draw from my many roles, including wife and mom, serial entrepreneur, home educator, and even a (no longer practicing) lawyer. I am of course drawn especially to the super mamas who long to keep their relationships close and real, while balancing all that we expect of ourselves. However, the solutions to that yearning can also engage and supercharge anyone from professional work teams, to students, to couples, to multi-generational families.

As a Soar Strengths Evangelist I help professional coaches scale their business and impact through community, masterminds. and workshops.

Let's schedule a chat soon!

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Ravi Rade

Buffalo Grove, Illinois, USA
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Leadership & Career Coach | Mindfulness Emotional Intelligence (SIY Teacher) For Growth-Hungry Professionals And Teams. Transformative coaching to advance your career and achieve financial success. Self-reflective conversations to dream big, create a plan and take action. My clients get clarity, become super confident and get rid of self-doubt, fear, and laziness. They start seeing their world with an empowering perspective, resulting in bold actions with a strong commitment to follow through.

I work with directors, managers, and highly specialized, talented experts.

Most of my clients hold leadership positions in FORTUNE 500 corporations and are from all over the world.

My ideal clients are growth-hungry, self-improver and goals-driven professionals.

Twice a month, 45-minute one-on-one self-reflective coaching sessions by phone. I ask thought-provoking, probing questions to help you find resonant solutions. I talk for 5 minutes, clients talk for 40.


The best way, experience yourself the power of coaching by setting up a FREE sample coaching session. Contact me to receive an invitation for a complimentary coaching session. Most likely, you get big value out of just this one free session.

Connect me/ send message at

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Darren Kanwischer

Calgary, Alberta, CAN
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I am a Gallup-certified CliftonStrengths coach based in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA. I've owned my own business for over two decades, and I added CliftonStrengths coaching a number of years ago with my PRAXY coaching partners.

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Najat Alruwaily is an Interior Design graduate that has a personal interest in self-development and considers it a lifelong journey. She is a firm believer that self-development has an effective impact on an individual, their relationships and ultimately their community on a wider scale.

Najat’s self-development journey unexpectedly directed her to start a career in Coaching after attending a StrengthsFinder workshop, which led to her Strengths Coach certification in 2017. Her top 5 Themes are Connectedness, Empathy, Responsibility, Learner and Individualization. A year after her certification and delving deeper into her own Themes, her Empathy Theme sparked her interest in Emotional Intelligence and eventually she gained an EQ-i 2.0 & 360 Certification in 2018.

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Joshua Bailey

Mesa, Arizona, USA
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As a business strategist, Joshua repeatedly demonstrates that he is a catalyst for innovation and breakthrough. Unrestrained by convention and driven by a desire to bring the best minds and talents together, Josh embraces his passion for empowering individuals and organizations by taking them to the next level.

Mr. Bailey works with Entrepreneurs, Sales Professionals, Business Owners, Service Professionals, authors, speakers, and corporate executives to:

• Shorten sales cycles

• Open up closed doors

• Dramatically increase the number of referrals you get

• Accelerate revenue opportunities

• Attract bigger deals


Joshua James Bailey is currently the owner of the JJB Consulting Group, on the board of advisors for a Business Growth Firm, the Phoenix Business Cycle, based in Lehi, Utah. He sits on the board where he was previously a managing executive of Beverly Hills marketing and publicity firm Icon Builder Media, board member of a Manhattan-based publishing company Silver Torch Press, advisor and strategist for David T Fagan companies, co-founder CreativeFive catering & restaurant development company, co-founder digital marketing SAAS over 3,500 white label marketing agencies managing projects for its clients.

An online marketing solution and conversion specialist, he is passionate about revolutionizing how small businesses grow. He is also a master trainer and coach who specializes in educating businesses on integrating traditional and digital marketing, as well as how to leverage company assets to maximize marketing performance. Raised in an entrepreneurial family with experience and background in many industries from commercial construction, boat dealership, gun store, ranching, telecommunications and restaurants, he has been able to contribute and grow all sizes of businesses, from startup to enterprise.

His goals are to: empower people to create wealth, create better systems and automation to free up time for families and individuals and liberate them from the fear and frustration that these uncertain times can cultivate. He has and will continue to be part of profitable projects throughout his career, and he loves to connect people to what can help them accomplish their goals, projects, and dreams.

Joshua is deeply involved with Boy Scouts of America, the Church of Jesus of Latter Day Saints, and the communities in which he lives. He and his beautiful wife Tiffanie have a Girl Named Calypsi Rogue, a boy, Dublin Trail, a girl, Cairo Syrus, a boy, Stellar Jive, a girl, Golden Pixie-Clover, and hopefully more on the way.

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Emili Bennett

Granger, Indiana, USA
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As a leader who is passionate about empowering professionals with tools to ramp up their careers, I speak and coach nationally about how to be engaged, empowered, and how to thrive in a multi-generational workforce using the power of Strengths-Based Leadership. My signature content on wellness in the workplace helps professionals navigate the realities of integrating life and work with practical action steps and resources.

Through action-based coaching and self-reflection, I take my clients to the next level in their careers through their strengths and their need for work life harmony. I empower clients to take what’s good and make it greater using CliftonStrengths, leadership development best practices, organizational development trainings, and wellness research.

Beyond my Gallup coaching certification, I am also a certified interpreter for the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, I hold a master's degree in organizational development leadership, I hold a certification with Precision Nutrition, I am an ICF member, and I am a candidate for the International Consortium of Health and Wellness Coaches.

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Adrianne Gleeson

Paducah, Kentucky, USA
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Adrianne began her professional career in public accounting, earning her CPA license while auditing

corporate and non-profit clients. She has spent the last 13 years building a career in accounting, directing

the financial activities in both the public and private sectors. Responsible for identifying and tracking key

performance indicators, she’s been responsible for developing budgets and financial reports to support

decision-making at the executive level.

Along the way, she had the opportunity to earn her Professional Human Resources designation, amassing a

wealth of experience as an HR professional. Collective bargaining, benefits administration, policy

development and compliance were all central components of her early experience. But it was her efforts in

recruitment and selection that gave her exposure to her passion - identifying what makes individuals unique

and helping them become the best version of themselves.

Her dual roles in Accounting and Human Resources have given her a unique skill-set and a comprehensive

understanding of the seemingly contradictory challenges businesses face increasing revenue, productivity

and profitability.

Over the past two years, Adrianne has been leading corporate initiatives in employee wellbeing and working

with individuals and teams, developing a coaching style rooted in emotional intelligence and heavily

supported by her analytical and strategic insights. As a newly certified Gallup Strengths coach, she is

excited to take this next step in her own development, leveraging her experiences to help new clients reach

their full potential.

Adrianne’s Top 5: Learner | Achiever | Input | Analytical | Individualization

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Kari Rauh

Peoria, Illinois, USA
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Drawing on my expertise and the latest research in body-soul-spirit wellness, I intentionally connect clients and colleagues to the people, talent, innate skills, and educational resources that enable them to develop and grow. My experiences as a practitioner in healthcare, business and educational contexts have been motivated by a hunger to equip others to thrive. We are stronger together, and I consider it one of life's greatest blessings to see others rise and become the people they were created to be!

I utilize tools and strengths-based perspectives to help clients "find their flow". I love using CliftonStrengths, the VIA Character Inventory, DiSC, and the Enneagram. I also have a special interest in nutritional psychology and optimizing the health of the central nervous system (brain/gut) for peak performance. Life is too short to be any less than who you were created to be, and I love helping people feel AWESOME as they carve out their "place" in the world. I also am crazy passionate about Lindy Hop swing and think that social dance might be the key in resolving most of the world's problems.

t's time to shine!

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Monique Catoggio

Miami, Florida, United States, Florida, USA
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Monique Renee Catoggio is a seasoned Executive Coach and Strengths-Based Leadership Trainer, helping leaders holistically rise to their highest and best selves. Known as "the go-to professional for Strengths-based training and leadership development," she's been called to work some of the finest companies and non-profit organizations, including Marriott International, MasterCard, Sonos, Bank of America, Florida International University, Gulliver Schools, and many others. Ultimately, Monique is a fearless advocate for helping awaken leaders to the fullness of their lives. When she's not leading trainings, she is coaching the Executive MBA Students at Florida International University, and is the Leadership and Negotiations Faculty for the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Program at Miami-Dade College and Babson College. Monique has deep passion for whole-person well-being and also supports her clients with the many tools that the wisdom of Chinese Medicine provides, including 5 element work and Feng Shui. She lives in Miami, Florida with her 14-year old daughter, Nia, her Labradane, Ocean, and her husband, Billy "C", underwater filmmaker, founder and co-host of TV-show, ScubaNation. They also are proud parents to Jacob, 19, a Sophomore at Middle Tennessee State University, and future Music Producer.

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Deborah Bucci

Greenville, South Carolina, USA
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Deb Bucci RN, MA CWC-PCC, is the Principal Coach for Live Well Strategies. She has owned and operated her consulting business for over 10 years. Previously has 30 years’ experience working as a nurse, educator and consultant in healthcare, human resources, fitness, training and organizational development. She has worked for multi-hospital systems in wellness and has taught at the university level. She has consulted in human resources, education, leadership development, program development, quality and marketing. In addition, as an exercise physiologist, Deb has owned two fitness facilities and served as mid-south district manager for Jazzercise.

Deb received a nursing degree from Owens Technical College, B.S. in Human Development from The Ohio State University (Go Bucks!), M.A. in Health and Exercise Science from Furman University and is currently completing a doctorate in Human and Organization Development.

Deb is a certified wellness coach with Wellcoaches™, Certified MBTI Coach, Gallup Certified Strengths Coach and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) from the International Coaching Federation.

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Cassandra Schmigotzki

Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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Lost 110 lbs on the journey to improve my overall health and wellness and gained my passion & purpose to help other women feel better and healthier in their own skin.

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Payal Karnik

Singapore, South East, SGP
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With over 10 years of experience in the Talent Development industry with international luxury brands like Conrad Hotels and Marina Bay Sands under LVSC, Payal has worked with thousands of people in areas of self-mastery, team interactions and leadership effectiveness. As a life coach, she has partnered with individuals spread across industries like Hospitality, IT, Shipping, Media, Casino, Medical and more via in-person and video conversations in the area of personal and work efficiency, career guidance, mid-life crisis/finding life purpose, relationship harmony and conflict resolution.

Payal leads individuals and corporate professionals to strategically aim their natural talents in the direction of achieving best results, and further guides them to build a strong team culture of highly engaged and productive professionals. She focuses on removing the internal blockages to re-introduce her clients to their best version and soar greater heights. Her approachable persona coupled with consistent and firm guidance fosters a safe environment for individuals to be transparent and action-driven in their interaction.

Payal’s additional credentials as a Pranic Healer, Specialist Diploma holder in Business Psychology and a Degree in Hospitality adds on to her ability to connect with people by understanding human mind and behavior. Her optimistic energy and persuasive quality is known to inspire and influence positive change in others. Find out more about the solutions offered at to leverage your untapped potential and thrust your way forward to success.

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Umut Guzel

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
Strength & Conditioning is an excellent option for someone who prefers a 1:1 coaching relationship as their primary form of training or for people with variable schedules - including athletes, executives and stay-at-home mothers.
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Bahcesehir University Master of Arts - MA Field Of Study Sport and Fitness Administration/Management 2015 – 2017

Ege University Bachelor of Science - BS Field Of Study Sports and Exercise 2007 – 2012 Faculty of Sport Science

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