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Are you looking for a practical and actionable way, to accelerate your own transformations holistically and completely, not just at work? My exec coach role is to infuse the process with straight talk and take advice out of the realm of ambiguity.

I am committed to educate and elevate the F2000, startups, nonprofits, and individuals alike to create leadership that counts. My products and practices are born from contrarian thinking, pushing the envelope, and a lifelong sense of strong advocacy. With 24 years of leading and working on behalf of small, medium, and F500 corporations, as well as non-profits, I have become an expert in the talent ecosystem, including the technologies, and predicting workforce trends. This combined with the energy, passion, and incredible network that I've cultivated along the way has put me in a unique position to consult and advise companies, along with thought leaders, innovators, and evangelists of all kinds, to up the ante towards the way we work and lead the voice of the new talent movement. I am a member of the advisory boards for Reboot Accel, Opolis, Shiftgig, VNDLY, and LNQ Systems.

The Stop Settling mission is to help leaders of all kinds experience the wildly positive impact of having it all by working holistically and Settling Smart. You can find my method detailed in my book, Stop Settling, Settle Smart (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MWYMP8Y).

What is Stop Settling®? Although there are many facets to life, each varying and changing, you as a person must go through them all as a whole. To piece-meal yourself and your time between the many sections of life is disrespectful of your aspirations, your happiness, and your health. We must rethink and redesign work-life "balance", it's a myth! Harmony beats balance every time. And, harmony requires conscious and voluntary trade-offs on how we spend our most precious asset, time.

Stop Settling is a method, mindset, quiz, and ultimately, a movement. The Stop Settling method helps individuals and organizations identify when and where they're unconsciously settling in the various facets of their life. These five facets are categorized as Career (Work), Generations (Family), Circle (Friends), Society (Community), and Vitality (Wellness). Let's face it, the way you prioritize each of these facets will be situational and relative to each person. And that's okay, they are meant to be. These facets are a way to organize and prioritize what is important to you.

The Birth of Stop Settling The Stop Settling movement was born of a perfect storm of convergence. After saying yes to someone at the expense of one of my major goals, I realized that I was done settling. I could no longer blame my discontent on external factors. The issue was me. My whole life of believing that I was a corporate person, that I didn't have the "it" factor to become an entrepreneur, that I was meant to be second-in-command, doing the bidding of others regardless of my values. My belief that, even though I had the heart and the passion, I was not good enough to start a business, has to end. I had to dispel the myth that it was irresponsible of me, as a single mother, to venture out on my own. The truth was that I didn't have the courage to go out on my own. The situation I was in was an accumulation of my decisions to compromise my values to feel safe. So, I exited my corporate job and founded my own company, Phoenix5th. Now, I have the "it" factor, but in truth, it doesn't really matter anymore. What matters is that I am where I want to be, doing the work I love, and ideally, helping people every day.

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Dana Look-Arimoto is a leadership and executive coach, the founder of Phoenix⁵, the inventor of Stop Settling®, and Author of Stop Settling, Settle Smart. A Silicon Valley Business Journal Woman of Influence and an SIA Global Power 150 for Women in Staffing, Dana has shifted from her twenty-plus years of leading small to F500 corporations within the Talent Ecosystem. Today, she is a full-time coach, speaker, and strategic advisor, working with like-minded teams to up the ante toward the way we work and lead the voice of the new talent movement. Sitting on five advisory boards for start-ups, nonprofits, and disruptors, she helps them anticipate “what’s next” and accelerates Smart Settling transformations for leaders, and therefore companies.

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